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"I Thank You, as a Priest, on Behalf of the Universal Church for your Book."

"I went through every single page and in full honesty it is just great. Hidden Axis is more than superclear and straight to the point. Every single paragraph is very rich and full of insights and information...God bless you, Fred Martinez, and I thank you, as a priest, on behalf of the Universal Church for your book." Rev. Fausto Zelaya studied in Rome and was ordained with a pontifical indult from Pope John Paul Click here for Credit Card and Amazon Order of Fred Martinez's book "Hidden Axis": Click here for Martinez's book by check or money order click: To see other articles go to:

"Nietzsche's Disciples Included Freud and Jung"

"Nietzsche's Disciples Included Freud and Jung" This book successfully exposes certain aspects of the culture of death both within Church and Society. The first few chapters examine the underlying reason for abortion and what our response ought to be from the president down - that we ought to present women considering abortion with the whole truth, and we ought to give women who are suffering from post abortion trauma every assistance, particularly as they are at risk of considering a second abortion. A fascinating chapter is on Nietzschean psychoanalysis. So many words we use today can be traced back to Nietzsche: charisma, lifestyle and, above all, values. Since, according to Nietzsche, there is no absolute truth, we must be committed to what we feel are values in a meaningless world. Nietzsche's disciples included Freud and Jung. Jungian spirituality has certainly infiltrated the church. Martinez notes that John Walker Lindh became a Muslim after his father divorce

The Holy God of the Left

The Hidden Axis of Evil By W. J. Rayment "The Hidden of Evil" explains the mind-set of the pro-abortion lobby and the tools used to manipulate the electorate into backing the abortionist agenda. As Fred Martinez points out, there is a vicious cycle. A person who has killed her child by abortion is more likely to continue to support the abortion agenda because she wants to justify her drastic past decisions. To become pro-life is to admit guilt. This issue has inflamed modern Catholicism because it has personally touched so many members of the church. Like divorce, abortion is a fact conveniently side-stepped and often ignored by the American church, even while the Vatican continues to adhere to traditional values. Beyond abortion, Fred Martinez takes on the issue of Gays in the priesthood. The American left-wing press has real problems of credibility on this issue because their agenda has been obvious for so long. For the left-wing media, established religion is anathema bec