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Are Pachamama Dave Armstrong & Communion for Adulterers Mike Lewis "Proximate to Heresy"?

- [ T]reat[ing] ALL papal statements as if they are infallible... is proximate to heresy because it rejects the precise formulation of the conditions of infallibility as laid out in by Vatican I... by essentially saying that the pope is infallible regardless of conditions . - Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD - The pope cannot promulgate heresy, according to Vatican I . - Dave Armstrong [ ] - Mike Lewis ... systematically defends [Francis] the pope . - Dave Armstrong[ ] - [Francis's] Fratelli Tutti is a bizarre doc, e.g., "We clearly state" is not a papal definition. "Tutti", Amoris Laetitia, Abu Dhabi, etc., will be burned by a future pope/council. I hope Pell's return might put some steel in the spines of Burke, Schneider, et al. Call an impe
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Flashback: Did "Shea & Armstrong... Adopted the Democrat Party Platform"?

  February 26, 2021 Back on October 25, 2019, LifeSiteNews reported the words of Francis: "I would like to say a word about the pachamama statues that were removed from the Church of Traspontina." (LifeSiteNews, "Full transcript of the Pope's comments on pagan 'Pachamama' statues," October 25, 2019) The National Catholic Register's contributing writer Dave Armstrong (according to the journalism website is in a dilemma because either he is calling his beloved Francis a liar or he is saying statues which Francis called "the pachamama statues" are not what he called them, but instead "a strong case can be made that the naked images "represent the [naked] Blessed Virgin Mary": "There is a strong case to be made that they [the naked images Francis called "pachamama statues"] represent the [naked] Blessed Virgin Mary." (, "'Pachamama'