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Didn’t the episcopal consecrations of 1988 cause a schism?

  Catechism of the Crisis in the Church PART 30 Fr. Matthias Gaudron The Final Chapter This selection concludes the “Catechism of the Crisis.” It is a continuation of last month’s questions concerning the Society of St. Pius X, the episcopal consecrations, and relationships with Rome. 98) Didn’t the episcopal consecrations of 1988 cause a schism? Schism is the rejection in principle of the pope’s authority, and not a simple act of disobedience. But the Society of St. Pius X acknowledges the authority of the pope, and its priests pray for him at every Mass. The episcopal consecrations, which exteriorly constituted an act of disobedience, did not give rise to any schism. Besides, the reasons given above fully justify this apparent disobedience to the pope. Isn’t it contradictory to protest one’s recognition of the pope’s authority while resisting him? A man might say to his father “You are not doing right” without telling him “You are no longer my father, I
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“Necessity Knows No Law” On Extreme Cases and Uncodifiable Necessities

“Necessity Knows No Law” On Extreme Cases and Uncodifiable Necessities   Alon Harel and Assaf Sharon... ... In the Summa Theologica Aquinas addresses the case of necessity by focusing on the limits of legislation. Aquinas asserts that: The lawgiver cannot have in view every singl e case, he shapes the la w according to what happens more frequently by directing his atte ntion to the common good. Wherefore, if a case arises wherein the observance of that law would be hurtful to the general welfare, it should not be observed. 11 Furthermore, Aquinas recognizes that cas es falling into this category are not “legislatable” and adds that:   He who in a case of necessity acts besides the letter of the law does not judge of the law but of a particular case in which he sees that the letter of the law is not to be observed.    Last, Aquinas stresses that agents operating under these exceptional circumstances are not accountable to the law as in ordinary cases.

Lefebvre argued that his actions had been necessary because the traditional form of the Catholic faith and sacraments would become extinct without Traditionalist clergy citing in his defense canons 1323 and 1324 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law

Lefebvre argued that his actions had been necessary because the traditional form of the Catholic faith and sacraments would become extinct without Traditionalist clergy to pass them on to the next generation. He called the ordinations " opération survie " ("Operation Survival"), citing in his defense canons 1323 and 1324 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law, the first of which says that "a person who acted coerced by grave fear, even if only relatively grave, or due to necessity or grave inconvenience unless the act is intrinsically evil or tends to the harm of souls" is not subject to penalty for violating a law or precept, while the other says "the perpetrator of a violation is not exempt from a penalty, but the penalty established by law or precept must be tempered or a penance employed in its place if the delict was committed ... by a person who thought in culpable error that one of the circumstances mentioned in can. 1323, nn. 4 or 5 was p

Abp. Marcel Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X By Michael Davies,   The Church has been compared to a house, the House of the Living God, and that house is built upon a rock, the rock of Peter. If we are to be Catholics we must be in communion with the successor of Peter. It makes no difference what we think of the Pope,e. St. Thomas, commenting upon this verse, remarks: Paul who was Peter's subject, rebuked him in public on account of the imminent danger of scandal concerning the faith, and , as the gloss of St. Augustine says: "Peter gave an example to superiors that if at any time they should happen to stray from the straight path they should not disdain to be rebuked by their subjects." Where obedience to any superior is concerned, St. Thomas Aquinas gives us these principles as a rule of thumb. If our superior commands us to do something that is wrong, we have a duty to disobey. If a superior makes an unjust command we have a right to disobe

Accessus Accessus - “Nede hath no law”: The State of Exception in Gower and “Nede hath no law”: The State of Exception in Gower and Langland Langlan

1 “Nede hath no law”: The State of Exception in Gower and Langland Conrad van Dijk Concordia University of Edmonton, In his book State of Exception , the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben traces the idea of the exception of the law from Roman law to the modern state. In the process, he touches on the maxim necessity has no law ( necessitas legem non habet ), an adage that suggests that in exceptional circumstances the law is temporarily suspended. Agamben argues that in the Middle Ages this maxim was used only to “justify a single, specific case of transgression by means of an exception.” 1 Aquinas, for instance, suggests that the sovereign may grant dispensations from the law. Gratian discusses anomalies where the Mass is performed in an unconsecrated place, or where a person has been made a bishop but is subsequently discovered to be unsuitable. Such examples show that the argument from necessity was used only in exceptional circumstances:   Necessity

Pope Benedict says Catholics can't Vote for Gay Marriage/Pro-abortionist like Obama

October 14, 2008 Pope Benedict and the Three Non-negotiables of the Catholic Faith 8/5/2008 8:37:00 PM Please fast and pray for the upcoming election. This is a speech by Holy Father which he gave to the Europeans in 2006,where he talks about 3 non-negotiable beliefs of the Catholic Church, which fit perfectly for people contemplating who to vote for in this upcoming election. To read the entire document, see link below. Pope Benedict XVI: "As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, the principal focus of her interventions in the public arena is the protection and promotion of the dignity of the person, and she is thereby consciously drawing particular attention to principles which are not negotiable. Among these the following emerge clearly today: - protection of life in all its stages, from the first moment of conception until natural death; - recognition and promotion of the na

Bernie Sanders: "Not my View that Joe [Biden] is Corrupt"

October 19, 2020 In January, Bernie Sanders said, "It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way." The Daily Beast, earlier in the year, reported: "Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) apologized to former Vice President Joe Biden after one of his campaign surrogates wrote an op-ed alleging that Biden has a 'big corruption problem.' 'It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way. And I’m sorry that that op-ed appeared,' Sanders told CBS News on Monday evening. The op-ed, written by law professor Zephyr Teachout and published in The Guardian , claims that Biden “has perfected the art of taking big contributions, then representing his corporate donors at the cost of middle- and working-class Americans.” “It is the kind of transactional politics Americans have come to loathe,” Teachout wrote" [

I wish I could Attend daily TLM & how I survive the NO Masses

August 29, 2019 I love attending the Mass of Masses: the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). I, also, love attending daily Mass, but because of work and time constrains I am forced to go mostly to Novus Ordo (NO) Masses on weekdays. I am in paradise at the Sunday TLM, but I must go to purgatory for the weekday NO Masses. The way I survive the NO Mass is by pretending I am at the TLM. I make zero responses and am silent at the entirety of the NO Mass. I pray the Our Father and creed silently. At the NO Mass I don't shake hands, but if someone comes to me then I will respectfully nod to them if they are next to me and are attemping the apparent other central moment, for many, of the NO Mass: the handshake. I pray my rosary, silently, before the readings and often during what apparently many NO priests symbolically seem to think is the central part of the NO Mass: the homily. I knee during the Holy Consecration when Our crucified Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ

Flashback: Can Catholics Trust Romney, the White Obama?

February 06, 2012 If Romney is the GOP Presidential Candidate, I will not vote for him. Why vote for a white Obama. Fred Romney shifted on 'conscience' issue ’05 contraception stance similar to Obama’s now C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League said Mitt Romney has a ‘very mixed record’ on the contraception issue. By Tracy Jan Globe Staff / February 3, 2012 E-mail| Print| Reprints| Text size – + E-mail E-mail this article To: Invalid E-mail address Add a personal message:(80 character limit) Your E-mail: Invalid E-mail address Sending your articleYour article has been sent. WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney accused President Obama this week of ordering “religious organizations to violate their conscience,’’ referring to a White House decision that requires all health plans - even those covering employees at Catholic hospitals, charities, and colleges - to provide free birth control. But a review of Romney’s tenure as Massachusetts governor shows that he once to

"Only one person was murdered in cold blood that day, and it was a patriotic, flag wearing, America loving veteran"

Catholic Monitor commenter Aqua: "Trump supporters have not ever, not even once, rioted or committed acts of violence on behalf of their candidate. Communist Antifa groups exist *only* for the purpose of committing acts of violence, arson, assault, chaos. Trump supporters stand for the Rule Of Law and a return to traditional American values - America First. “Amber waves of grain”. Communist politicians create PsyOp narratives using their Black Shirts for muscle and visual aids, unashamedly calling for the end of AmeriKKKa through violence and chaos. “Burn this sh## down”! Only one person was murdered in cold blood that day, and it was a patriotic, flag wearing, America loving veteran. Anyone can do the math as to who was behind this communist facilitated PsyOp charade on Jan 6. It wasn’t my fellow patriots. It’s just not how we roll." []

Francis Effect: "Counterrevolution[ary]" Traditional Latin Mass Attendees have "seen Unprecedented Growth during his Papacy" that may Overthrow the Novus Ordo Mass

December 01, 2019 New York Daily News reported that the fifty year-old Novus Ordo Mass is destroying the Catholic Church in America "[s]ince the 1960s, Mass attendance has plummeted, from around 70% of U.S. Catholics every Sunday and Holy Day." Ironically, however, the anti-Latin Mass Francis has inadvertently caused "a counterrevolution of sorts" that may overthrow the Novus Ordo Mass: "Fifty years ago this weekend, the Catholic Church debuted a new version of Mass following reforms made by the 1960s’ Second Vatican Council. From the use of vernacular language instead of Latin, to the priest facing the people instead of the tabernacle, the changes became mandatory at all parishes on the First Sunday of Advent 1969." "... The resurgence of the traditional Latin Mass started before Francis, but has seen unprecedented growth during his papacy, a counterrevolution of sorts that some (both admirably and critically) call an alte

Help your Family Connect in the Kitchen?

January 14, 2008 New Year – New Beginnings! If your family is feeling stressed, why not resolve to make a commitment to eat regular meals together? Research proves that children who eat with their parents five or more times a week are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Coming together to prepare and share meals not only allows you to slow down and enjoy healthy food, it also helps you to build stronger relationships with the people you care about the most. Looking for tips and recipes to help your family connect in the kitchen? Fr. Leo’s new book Grace Before Meals: Recipes for Family Life is full of the information you need to strengthen your bond. []  

Why Europe is Dying and Why the US is Next?

November 18, 2006 Please read Paul Cameron's letter below to see why as the US continues along the Gay agenda we are not far behind Europe. Fred Traditionally, good citizens did three things:1) produced more stuff than they consumed.2) obeyed laws and customs.3) raised children in marriage. An ever-growing fraction of citizens are choosing not to have children, thereby ‘leaching’ off the efforts of those who do. Among this fraction, homosexuals stand out. Winning social approval in spite their sexual activity, they gain an important exemption – they don’t have to do the hard work of producing and raising children because they just don’t feel like it . They would rather follow their sexual desires, or pursue alternatives open to the unencumbered. Homosexuals participate in and reinforce the notion that sexuality is primarily, if not exclusively, recreational. They exemplify the ‘childless by choice,’ and as such, constitute both an index and a cause of childle

Radical Assault Against Fatherhood

January 13, 2008 By Michael D. O'Brien A longish post-script to my newsletter sent out a few days ago. I address this especially to my fellow fathers of families. This morning I re-read an old Zenit news report that quoted from a talk given in the year 2000 by then-Cardinal Josef Ratzinger. It's about fatherhood and the radical assault against fatherhood in societies dominated by materialism. Cardinal Ratzinger refers to both overt tyrannies and to the subtler, potentially more dangerous new totalitarianism of the Western world, and identifies them with the realm of the "Beast of the Apocalypse." He says that God himself "willed to manifest and describe himself as Father ... Human fatherhood gives us an anticipation of what He is. But when this fatherhood does not exist, when it is experienced only as a biological phenomenon, without its human and spiritual dimension, all statements about God the Father are empty. The crisis of fatherhood

Is the DC Capitol Incident Comparable to the Nazi Reichstag Fire Incident where the German People Lost their Civil Liberties?

January 10, 2021 The former governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video compared the January 6 United States Capital protest incident which was apparently partly infiltrated by leftist activists to the Nazi " Night of Broken Glass" incident, but he is wrong and should compare it to the Reichstag Fire incident where the German people lost their civil liberties. [ and ] Here is a summary of the actor's video:   On January 11, The Associated Press (AP) headline was "Arnold Schwarzenegger compares US Capitol mob to Nazis."  On the same day, Twitter, in "What's happening" or trending under "Arnold" it said " Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California and actor, compares the insurrection at the Capitol building in Wash