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I'm Taking a Vacation from Blogging

I'm taking a vacation from blogging. I'm excited and full of hope about the nationwide EWTN radio network. Please pray for EWTN because it is the main hope, I see, for turning the USA back to light from the Godless darkness. As a great writer said: "Life without God is torment." May God bless you with Hope, Fred PS-Below is a book I'm working on. INTRODUCTION This essays will touch the two levels of knowing: personal and objective. Chapter one will be personal. The beginning of chapters two through nine will give episodes in the boys life. The rest of each chapter will deal with exploration of these episodes. Exploration vehicles will be history, philosophy, literature and science. We will attempt a voyage to discover the meaning of love and life. Chapter 1 THE BOY The boy watched the clock. It ticked to the moment he waited for all day. The moment he would play baseball. School meant only two things to the boy: recess and after school. He remembered kicking the b

Fr. Pfleger's Embarrassment to Party Trumps Church :: Fr. Pfleger's Embarrassment to Party Trumps Church. Roman Catholic pastor Fr. Michael Pfleger has led a charmed life as pastor for life at Saint Sabina's, having cowed the Chicago archdiocese... a pillar of Jello anyhow... with the threat that if he would be removed for term limitation as many other pastors have to observe... he would raise a ruckus and start his own church. Oh no-no-no! What terrible press that would cause! Last night, as the nation has seen on television, Pfleger went to Trinity United Church of Christ and put on a display against Hillary Clinton and Caucasians generally that elicited a thunderous roar of approval by the largely black, hate-whitey audience. Pfleger loves a show and he relished his clowning around, affecting Hillary sobbing into a hanky and prancing around as a performer for the relish of the crowd. The speech should have been the last straw in a series of Pfleger insults to his Church and the IRS, making a mockery of its sup