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Tucker Carlson's shoddy case linking U.S. to alleged Nord ... › politics › 2022/09/28 19 minutes ago — Tucker Carlson's shoddy case linking U.S. to alleged Nord Stream sabotage.

Tucker Carlson's shoddy case linking U.S. to alleged Nord ...  › politics › 2022/09/28 19 minutes ago —  Tucker Carlson's shoddy case linking U.S. to  alleged Nord Stream sabotage .

Leftist admit Washington Post ties to CIA

The CIA and the Press: When the Washington Post Ran the CIA's ... He recruited Philip Graham of the  Washington   Post  to run the project within the industry. Trento writes that "One of the most important journalists under the control of Operation  Mockingbird  was...  › entry › why-the-washington-posts_b_4587927 Why the Washington Post 's New Ties to the CIA Are So ... - HuffPost Amazon has a new $600 million "cloud" computing deal with the  CIA . The situation is unprecedented. But in an email exchange early this month,  Washington   Post  executive editor Martin Baron told me that the newspaper doesn't need to routinely inform readers of the  CIA -Amazon-Bezos ties when reporting on the  CIA . Images for  washington post cia mockingbird More Images  › ap-independent › the-washington-post-mccarthyisms-rightful-heir-95aea7e42aac The Washington Post: McCarthyism's Rightful Heir - Medium graham and operation  mo

How the Washington Post Censors the News

How the Washington Post Censors the News The CIA has been producing fake news for a long time and CIA Disinformation in Action, Operation Mockingbird and the .. Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation Spielberg Movie 'The Post' Omits Newspaper's Deep State Peace Song - Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder 

Davis wrote in katharine the great, her 1979 unauthorized biography of katharine graham, owner of the washington post, that the cia ran an "operation mockingbird" Deborah Davis is a journalist who has published articles in the  New York Times ,  Village Voice  and  Ramparts . In 1979 Davis published a book about  Katharine Graham  ( Katharine the Great ). The book also looked at the connections between  Philip Graham  and the  Central Intelligence Agency . According to Davis the owner of the  Washington Post  was a key figure in  Operation Mockingbird , a CIA program to influence the American media. According to Davis,  Cord Meyer  was Mockingbird's "principal operative". Davis also argued that  Deep Throat  was  Richard Ober . Later, she claimed the source of this claim was a senior official in the CIA. As she pointed out in  Katharine the Great : "The president also began to rely heavily upon the counsel of Richard Ober, Angleton's deputy, the man in the CIA most concerned with domestic counterintelligence, and one of the few whom Nixon trusted." When the book was orig