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Call the White House and demand that all efforts to rescue Americans be supported AND to go back and get Americans they abandoned!! 202-456-1414

  Marjorie Taylor Greene @mtgreenee   · 3h Call the White House and demand that all efforts to rescue Americans be supported AND to go back and get Americans they abandoned!! 202-456-1414 Remind them your tax dollars fund their salaries and the WH light bill. Ask about the abandoned service dogs. Tell Joe to resign!! []

Biden's Cap: Make Taliban Great Again

Please read the newsletter below. It is very important

October 05, 2006 Please read the newsletter below. It is very important. Fred Dear Fred Martinez October 4, 2006 Feast of St. Francis of Assisi Iran, Regensburg, Apostasy, Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Poverello The world grows more complex and inflamed, violence erupts everywhere, evil seems to be spreading. I think of the massacre of students a few weeks ago in Montreal by a youth who left a message declaring his hatred of Christians, and the massacre of Amish children in Pennsylvania a few days ago by a man who proclaimed he was doing it because he hated God. I think of the wars in the Middle East, and the rage of Islamic extremists over an academic paper delivered by Pope Benedict XVI at the University of Regensburg, and the murder of a Catholic nun and burning of churches in reprisal for his talk. The list goes on and on and where it stops only Christians know—because the only place it stops is on a Cross on Calvary.! Looking closely at what is happening

Why doesn't Taylor Marshall know about Antipope Anacletus II & his Pseudocardinals?

Justina said… Taylor Marshall "knows" what he wants to know. He knows that staying away from the issue of Bergoglian legitimacy makes it safe--or perhaps, just safe enough--for him to go on riffing about everything else. What does that tell you about the situation in the Church today? Much like the stance of Michael Voris, I believe. In a recent TnT video, Marshall mentions that Bishop Schneider is his current favorite. That fits, since Bishop Schneider has made himself the poster boy for the "do not diss Jorge himself, at all costs" approach which Marshall follows. Where was Bishop Schneider, for example, when the Dubia stood in need of additional signers? The problem here is that all truth is true. It's a package deal. If you don't want to investigate or accept the reality of Bergoglian invalidity, you are just as much a cafeteria Catholic as any Humanae Vitae denier, no matter how anti-Modernist you claim to be. The fact that Marsha

Biden, Cuomo, Bill Crosby, Francis & the "Caste of Beta Narcissists" that "Empowered" them

This week, Catholic blogger Ann Barnhardt wrote of Joe Biden's open "lust on a pre-pubescent child from the podium": Remember, the greatest rush that demoniacs feel is from openly manifesting their evil and then watching people let them get away with it. Biden is obviously demented, but the pedophilia is intrinsic to him – he was sexually into children, including his own, according to his daughter , long before any brain injuries or dementia. So The Powers That Be placed a pedophile with rapidly fading self-censoring capability as the “president” of the “united states”. I think at this point, this is a trolling operation. I think they are positively luxuriating in the utter refusal of the unwashed masses to do a damn thing to resist them in any way. They can literally let their front puppet openly lust on a pre-pubescent child from the podium, and nobody bats an eye . [