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(PDF) Pierre Manent: Natural Law and Human Rights ... - ResearchGate Pierre Manent: Natural Law and Human Rights: Toward a Recovery of Practical Reason. Translated by Ralph C. Hancock with a foreword by Daniel J. Mahoney. (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame ...

Pierre Manent is one of France ’ s leading public intellectuals and the auth or of numerous works of political philosophy on vital topics such as the European nation state, the assimilation of Muslims into French society , the origins of modernity , and the role of Christian faith in a secular world. Despite his rep- utation as a formidable Catholic conservative, Manent is actually quite balanced and moderate in his views, a re fl ection of his intellectual heroes Alexis de Tocqueville, Raymond Aron, and, as we learn here, Thomas Aquinas. In this book, Manent takes on the daunting task of formulating a Thomistic conception of natural law in order to provide an antidote to the moral confusion that he fi nds in contemporary human rights. The book is an expansion of lectures delivered in 2017 for the Etienne Gilson Chair at the Institut Catholique in Paris, translated into elegant English by Ralph Hancock and lucidly introduced by Daniel Mahoney. Chapters 1 – 5 explain the problem of limi