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The Vatican Biden Poopgate Controversy : "Someone said “Pope” ... Joe Biden thought they said “Poop.” The Rest is History"

Controversy: Are Poopgate investigators asking the important questions on Joe Biden's visit to Francis's Vatican?  Catturd ™ @catturd2 Someone said “Pope” ... Joe Biden thought they said “Poop.” The rest is history. []

Disaster Coney Barrett: "Antonin Scalia would be so Ashamed! She’s a Coward and a Traitor! She’s been Compromised!"

*** SCOTUS LET'S' DEATHVAXX MANDATE CONTINUE: GLORIOUS CONEY SIDES WITH THE LEFT AND THE GOVERNMENT IN THE MAINE HEALTH CASE, AS DID KAVANAUGH***  - Canon 212 Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes summed it up why we got Amy Coney Barrett : Robert Barnes @barnes_law   Remember all the "conservative" advocates who preached how wonderful Barrett would be? When a few of us warned about her, we were shouted down. Now notice how all those conservatives have gone silent this week as Barrett rescued the vax mandate? LIVE at 7 [ /1427020867939172352] Twitter summed up what "'conservative' advocates" are now saying: Antonin Scalia would be so ashamed! She’s a coward and a traitor ! She’s been compromised! She’s the biggest disappointment to don a robe since John Roberts! She was installed on the bench via clever ruse by the Democrats, who feigned opposition to her nomination because they actually wanted her (thi