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"Experimental vaccines on children who have an approximate 0% chance of dying from the virus for which they are being vaccinated against is a type of child abuse"

Candace Owens @RealCandaceO   Experimental vaccines on children who have an approximate 0% chance of dying from the virus for which they are being vaccinated against is a type of child abuse. ZERO long term trials conducted. I just cannot understand parents that would allow their kids to be guinea pigs. []  

"At the End of My Life What Would I Want to Give God"

November 05, 2006 "At the End of My Life What Would I Want to Give God" Father John Joseph Halloran is a retired priest living in Santa Clara. He presently helps at parishes as well as visiting the sick and dying in the Bay Area. Q. What made you decide to become a priest? A. It started with thinking about it in high school because of the gratitude I had to God for my family and faith. The thoughts came that we have a certain number of years to live and at the end of my life what would I want to give God. I often thought of careers in engineering and other fields. But in the end of my life -- not in a morbid way -- what would be the most satisfying life. It came to me that the most satisfying life would be the service of God as a priest. After consulting priests, I decided to enter the seminary after high school. Entering the Mater Dolorosa Seminary in Hillsdale, Illinois in 1940, I was ordained in Chicago in 1948. Most of my priesthood has been as dioce

Gerard van den Aardweg Ph D says:Gay "Method Used in Nazi Germany Before the War Against Scientists"

November 12, 2012 1. Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons says: May 28, 2012 at 1:52 pm It is important for readers who are “on the fence” regarding this contentious issue of same-sex attractions (SSA) and marriage marriage to understand Dr. Robert Spitzer’s recent repudiation of his own research on recovery from SSA. I have read the news articles about Dr. Spitzer’s repudiation of his work on “reparative therapy” and I have read his 2003 article on this subject. If you read his article you will be aghast at Dr. Spitzer’s repudiation which is based entirely on politics and flies in the face of what it means to honor science as a truth-seeking endeavor. I say this because there is nothing—nothing—wrong with the science that Dr. Spitzer reports in that article. He used accepted scientific methodology in his study by asking 200 people a series of what is known as “objective” or “standard” questions. By this I mean that each person received the same set of questions withou

Repost: Fr. Thursday on the Sin of Solicitation

Dear Ann, Good morning, and all the very best on the feast of the Chair! As always, I enjoy what you write and what you and “Super Nerd” discuss on your podcasts. I had one thing to add to your remarks on podcast #046 , about the 48 minute mark; in addition to avoiding a priest who gives advice like you mentioned (hypothetically, I presume) regarding the 6th Commandment, your readers (listeners) should know that any priest who advises violating the 6th or 9th Commandments is guilty of solicitation, i.e. inducing the penitent into impurity. It doesn’t have to be inducement into a sin with the priest himself; it can be any approval or encouragement to commit any sin of impurity. Solicitation, of course, still carries the penalty of suspension a divinis and excommunication latae sententiae (i.e., no adjudication needed). Any penitent who encountered that kind of thing should rightfully inform the bishop or vicar general, and then go straight to the Sacred Penitentiary in Ro

Catholic World: Pope Pius XII "Preparing an Official Condemnation of [Architects of Vatican II] Murray, Jacques Maritain"

July 10, 2019 Did Pope Pius XII implicitly condemn Vatican II? In 2008, the liberal Catholic World admitted that Pope Pius XII was "preparing" to condemn probably the main architect of Vatican II Jacques Maritain and another architect of the Council John Courtney Murray "who "played a role in... Declaration on Religious Liberty": "[T]he Holy Office was preparing an official condemnation of Murray, Jacques Maritain... only the death of Pope Pius XII on October 8, 1958... prevented this from happening." (Catholic World, "Censuring of John Courtney Murray Part Two," March/April 2008) Maritain is considered by many the architect of Vatican II. The indisputable top architect of Vatican II Pope Paul VI said: "I am a disciple of Maritain. I call him my teacher. If Pius XII hadn't died of two stokes on October 8, 1958 it is possible that Vatican II might never have happened since its main architects would have bee

Are the Illegal Immigration, Abortion and Homosexual Agenda Created by Monopoly?

June 18, 2007 Are the Illegal Immigration, Abortion and Homosexual Agenda Created by Monopoly? Monopolies and thier Socialist friends are behind the recent push for abortion and homosexual "rights" in Mexico. (We know that Bill Gates and other monopolist are behind the US illegal immigration, abortion and homosexual agenda.) They are a big reason why there are a shrinking middle class and a shrinking living income for the poor. Poor Mexicans who can’t survive in Mexico are forced to come to the US, which is causing the illegal immigration problems. Political science Professor Denise Dresser, who teaches political science at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) says: "Mexico has a dense, intricate web of connections and personal ties between the government and the business class. This ends up creating a government that doesn't defend the public interest that isn't willing to go out and regulate in the name of the consumer," sh

"Francis Purges" that are "Desired Jointly by Cardinal Parolin and Pope Francis," Raids and "Leaked Documents"

February 18, 2020 Today, Church Militant reported that Bishop Alberto Perlasca's office and residence was raided by Francis's Vatican. Perlasca was a Pope Benedict XVI Vatican appointment: Vatican investigators raided the office and residence of the investment manager of the Vatican Secretariat of State Tuesday morning and seized documents and computer equipment as part of its ongoing probe into the financial scandal involving the purchase of a London property worth $220 million.  According to a  press release  from the Vatican press office, the search was ordered by Promoter of Justice Gian Piero Milano and Deputy Alessandro Diddi on the premises of Msgr. Alberto Perlasca, former Head of Administrative Office of the First Section of the Secretariat of State. Perlasca headed the office responsible for managing Vatican investments and for overseeing the administration of the Peter's Pence fund. On July 26, Pope Francis appointed him Promote

Freudian Psychology of which our Secular Sexual Society is formed is a Cocaine Fantasy

August 02, 2020 Paul C. Vitz, Professor of Psychology at New York University, in his book "Sigmund Freud’s Christian Unconscious" clearly states that Freud was a cocaine addict. I just finished E. M. Thornton's book "The Freudian Fallacy." It shows in my opinion very effectively that Freudian Psychology of which our secular sexual society is formed is a fraud and drug fantasy . Dr. Vitz says "At times, cocaine may have distorted his reactions; for example, it may have made his depressions darker and harder to fight. But cocaine did not create the primary content and structure of Freud’s mind and thought. (The question of whether Freud’s theories are correct is also one that Thornton addresses extensively. This issue, however important in its own right, is not of concern here). I disagree with Vitz's view that cocaine didn't effect "the primary content and structure of Freud’s mind and thought." After finishing