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Could These 5 Questions Make Autism Evaporate?

Reversing Chronic Diseases in Children Analysis by  Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked       August 27, 2023 Previous   Next   Ninety Percent of Sea Salt Contains Plastic How to Help Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease STORY AT-A-GLANCE Epidemic Answers, founded by Beth Lambert in 2009, is a research organization focused on helping children with autism and other chronic diseases In her 2010 book, “A Compromised Generation: The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children,” Lambert reviewed not only the epidemic of autism but also other childhood epidemics, such as autoimmune diseases, and their environmental root cause Epidemic Answers’ research project, “Documenting Hope,” is analyzing the environmental causes behind chronic conditions and what we can do to reverse them Autism and most other chronic childhood diseases are caused by a constellation of factors that contribute to the total toxic load of modern living In the featured video, I interview Beth Lambert, who in 2009 founde


CONFUSED ABOUT A MORAL PROBLEM, READ POPE JOHN PAUL’S ENCYCLICAL VERITATIS SPLENDOR Posted on   August 15, 2023   by   abyssum Pope John Paul II’s inspiring encyclical  on moral theology,  Veritatis Splendor , was promulgated thirty years ago, on August 6, 1993. The encyclical has certainly lost none of its intellectual force or deep wisdom, and it remains as pertinent today as ever. When this papal teaching first appeared, however, it was greeted with a torrent of hostility by many of the Church’s moral theologians.   Bernhard Häring (Pope Francis’ favorite moral theologian) described himself as “greatly discouraged” after reading John Paul II’s work. This is not a surprise since the pope was correcting the errors that Häring and other revisionist theologians had propagated in the Church since the end of Vatican II. As John Paul II pointed out, it was not a matter of isolated or limited dissent but a “systematic calling into question of traditional moral doctrine” (4).    The fundamen

The Father William Most Collection The Father William Most Collection: Browse by Title The list below includes books, courses, articles and notes, both published and unpublished. Unless otherwise noted, all works are © Trinity Communications 2001. [  MOST Home  ] [  Search  ] Type Title of Work Abbreviations used by Fr. William G. Most Misc Abortion: Scripture; Ancient Jewish and Christian Writers Notes Absolute Pacifism? Notes Abstract of Leo XIII Satis cognitum Notes Abstract of Veritatis Splendor Notes Almah Notes Almsgiving and Superfluous Goods Notes Americans to Hell? Article Angels Article Apocrypha (NT) Article Aridity Article Asceticism: Scripture; Intertestamental and Rabbinic Writings Notes Attachment to Sin Notes Augusburg Confession Critique A Basic Catholic Catechism Catechism Basic Scripture Course Bible, III (Canon) Article A Biblical Theology of Redemption in a Covenant Framework Article Blessing in Abraham Notes Brothers and Sisters of Jes