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Leftist Jewish Dilemma: "When politics is the new religion, helping the other side is sin #1"

The Jewish Journal wrote:

The problem is that most progressives are keeping their mouths shut, and for good reason. First, they’re afraid that if they speak up, they might, God forbid, help the other side—in this case, the dreaded Republicans. When politics is the new religion, helping the other side is sin #1.

Second, they’re so caught up with the anti-white social justice movement sweeping the nation that any collateral damage on Jews is treated as an annoying distraction. They know, for instance, that it’s unfair to characterize multicultural Jews as white oppressors; that being Jewish is not a privilege but a responsibility; that the attacks on the Jewish state are discriminatory and libelous. They know exactly how to push back, but their priorities are not to defend their people but to remake America, maintain their social status and strengthen their party.

Third, they’ve been bashing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians for so long it’s hard for them to suddenly turn around and yell, “Hey comrades, you’re going too far!” The best they’ll do is spew platitudes about Israel having a right to defend itself. Attacking Hamas for cowardly hiding behind their own civilians to murder Jewish civilians? Attacking the Palestinian Authority for subsidizing terrorists and putting its corrupt interests ahead of its people? Reminding the world of Israeli peace offers that would have ended the occupation but were summarily rejected? After decades of submitting Israel to its “tough love,” that would be too much love. []


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