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NY Times' Yellow Journalism in the McCain Story

NY Times' Yellow Journalism in the McCain Story

Regarding the following:

It's no secret that the liberal NY Times wants a Democrat to win the presidency, even going so far as to smear a man's reputation with NO evidence at all. And to put it on the front page, no less. The woman in question did not come forth and substantiate the story. NO ONE did.

Unlike Juanita Broaddrick who accused Bill Clinton of raping her, which the Democrat loving NY Times ignored, let lone, putting it on the front page. Then there was Jennifer Flowers who actually came forward and said she had sexual relations with Bill Clinton lasting many years. Again it did not make the front page of the NY Times. But they will INSINUATE on the front page that McCain MIGHT have had an affair with a lobbyist, Ms Iseman. What kind of an affair? No one has even come forward that they even saw them having a cup of coffee together.

Had Clinton been a conservative and a Republican, you can bet the NY Times would have put the Broaddrick and Flowers stories on the front page.This is why the circulation of the NY Times is in a free-fall. The paper cannot be trusted to be fair and balanced.

There's more evidence that Obama has the backing of the Islamo-fascists and the communist party then there is that McCain had some kind of an affair with Iseman. Why don't they put the Obama connections on their front page?

The Times will do anything to find dirt on McCain as they know he is the only Republican who can beat Obama or Hillary.

The Times wants unborn children to be brutally killed and pro-abortion judges picked for the Supreme Court and other federal benches. The Times wants homosexuality to be taught in our public schools -- that it's perfectly normal, when in fact, it is deadly. They will not run stories that the gay lifestyle is shortened on an average of 20-25 years.

The Times does not want pornography to be limited. The only thing they want limited is people going to church and the spreading of the word of God.

They know that with a Democrat as president, they're wishes will be granted, but a Republican is bad news for them, hence the innuendos about McCain with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BACK IT UP.

This is worse than yellow journalism, it's satanic journalism. I don't know if the devil, himself, would have the gall to run this unsubstantiated story. Yeah, I take that back, the devil would, as he can't stand people of faith, either, who just might be able to stop the killing of little children and put an end to the homosexual agenda

This story could backfire as I can see all people, even those who do not think that McCain is conservative enough, to come together and vote for McCain in the general election and send the baby killing party back to hell where it was spawned by satan.

Frank Joseph MD


Gary Bauer accuses NYT of 'yellow journalism' in McCain story

Jim Brown - OneNewsNow


A prominent evangelical Christian backer of Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain says a New York Times report claiming the Arizona senator had an improper "close" relationship with a female lobbyist is a "liberal hit-piece at its worst."

The New York Times alleges that McCain's ties to lobbyist Vicki Iseman prompted favors for her clients. According to the paper, eight years ago -- during his first run for the White House -- McCain aides were so concerned about his relationship with Iseman that they blocked her access to him to "protect the candidate from himself."

At a press conference today, McCain said repeatedly the story was "not true," and his campaign has accused The Times of a "hit-and-run smear campaign." (See related video) And former Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer, a McCain supporter, calls The Times report "yellow journalism at its worst."

"That is the cut-and-smear type of journalism that we see more and more in U.S. politics. There's nothing in the story specific; they just leave an impression," says Bauer. "And certainly the lobbyist -- the female lobbyist, in this case -- is not making any allegations about Senator McCain."

According to Bauer, McCain and his wife seemed very calm at the press conference, but they were "obviously angry and disappointed that they would have to go through this."

Several people have come forward with claims of having inappropriate sexual relationships with a number of "headline" liberal candidates, adds Bauer, but The New York Times has chosen not to run those stories. Bauer also notes that in 2004 there was an attempt by CBS News to air a last-minute report suggesting Bush had avoided the draft, yet it turned out to be a complete fabrication for which the network later had to apologize.

Bauer also suggests the report may be an effort by the newspaper to further damage McCain's relationship with some conservative Christians. "Often it seems pretty clear that the real audience is Christian conservatives," he states. "That is, left-wing newspapers will go after conservative politicians in order to undermine them with Christian conservatives."

He recalls that in 2000 -- literally days before the presidential election -- there were reports that George W. Bush had been arrested for drunk driving in New Hampshire years earlier. According to Bauer, subsequent research showed that report cost Bush millions of votes and almost cost him the presidency.


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