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Vox Cantoris vs. Aqua

The Catholic Monitor commenter Aqua had this to say to the Vox Cantoris website:

Aqua said…
Fred, your topic here reminds me of a dust-up, a few days ago, on Vox Cantoris. He asserted that it is our duty as Christians to wear masks to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass if the government tells us we must, or they will close our Churches.

My response to him was that I find it inconceivable that an orthodox Catholic, such as himself, would ever submit to unjust dictates from secular government over how we approach Our Lord in Holy Mass. My response to him was that the Mass belongs to Catholics and we decide, within the bounds of Tradition, and in accord with the Word of Jesus, how we conduct ourselves in Holy Mass. Only one authority prevails over Mass and that is our God and the Sacred Tradition given by Him to guide us in all times and places.

Understand, there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing a mask to Mass. But there is EVERYTHING wrong with wearing a symbol of godless, satanic, pagan, death cult tyranny to Mass because the godless tyrants have asserted authority over us and we submit as the price of “admission”. WHY :must I put it on? That is the crucial question, as I approach Our Lord in the sacred moments at Calvary.

Vox doesn’t like to hear such things. Vox Cantoris has closed his combox. He is very angry with those who disagree with him that we must submit to secular demands of mask wearing as the price of entry to Holy Mass. Too bad. I would ask him at what point does secular authority over Mass end? After masks, vaccinations? After vax, digital passports and proof of regular DNA software booster updates? Perhaps a tiny little molecular sized digital microchip injected into my bloodstream - “you won’t even know it’s there”. Must we wear a symbol; inject a symbol, like the Chinese, of submission to secular authority and the power of The Party, in order to worship God within one or more, however minor, secular imposed limits?

Now, terrifyingly so, I see that even those I considered reliable orthodox Catholics, take the side of the State and say “yes, we must do so; resistance to demands are … *selfish*” (his words).

Chinese communist rulers assert their authority over who, what, when, how in Holy Mass, and they don’t think themselves monsters for this. There are practical reasons for everything they do. The Red Communists see themselves as against of peace and stability and justice as they define those terms. Wearing the hammer and sickle on my breast pocket and on my wife and daughters’ veils demonstrates fealty to that regime and to their authority over what happens in our holy temple. Wearing the mask is a similar or the same thing.

Because the regime insists I must in order to celebrate Mass is THE REASON I WILL NOT.

Symbols mean something. Especially symbols that verge on satanic sacramentals.

There is no power on earth, that has authority to even one moment in the Holy Sacrifice. I would rather go underground than worship God under the restraints and permissions of a godless, satanic, tyrannical regime.
Aqua said…
I had a lengthy discussion with my SSPX Priest early this year about the Gene Therapy injections, and what was the official position of the SSPX on political, social, business mandates to vaccinate as a condition of participation in political, social and economic life. His position, drawn from SSPX theologians, was summarized in the statement “this is not the hill to die on”. I disagreed with him then, as now, and will never submit. It is a hill worth dying for. I have paid a personal price already - my life is fundamentally different in many ways, because I will not submit, nor give up that hill.

In reference to Bishops and Orders such as SSPX who submit to secular authority over their Parish - who is permitted to attend the Celebration of Holy Mass, the blogger referenced above has this to say: “this is neither the line in the sand nor the sword to fall on.”

Yeah … I keep hearing that. Which line, then; which sword?

It’s not the mask that is the problem, per se. It’s about secular government reaching into every individual life and dictating granularly what they are to do, say and think; how they are to live; what they are to put on their face; what they are to inject into their bodies. And that, *most importantly*, their control also now extends to our Holy Catholic Faith and how we are to approach Our Lord; how we are to come into His presence.

So what is the line in the sand, the hill worth dying on? I first heard that term from my SSPX Priest about 8 months ago (“take the vax - not this hill”).

The Catholic Faith and Sacred Tradition is the line - long, holy and straight; Holy Mass under Canonical jurisdiction without secular, Pagan government interference is the hill, They can have none of it - not one particle. When we walk into Holy Mass and every face in the socially distanced pew is nothing but a sea of eyeballs; when we approach Calvary all masked up - lower the mask, stick out your tongue, raise the mask (argh!) - we demonstrate by that act of will we have placed government over God.

Since the blogger, like so many others, is unwilling to engage in thoughtful debate about something as core to our times as this question of the extent of secular authority into the beating heart of our Faith, and our decision to submit or resist, I would be curious to know … curious to know from anyone in general … WHAT IS the hill worth dying on, in the current condition? We know how this goes, now. They (pagan communist governments) are using military force to compel submission to every demand of us - which they have already said is universal masking, injections and internal digital AI passports of compliance.

What.Line? What.Sword? What.Hill?

“ Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.” (Mark 12:17)

Caesar and his law has no place in God’s House.


Laramie Hirsch said…
Wait, wait...Cantoris is DEFENDING all of this madness?!?
Unknown said…
I like Vox, but not here. And I would miss Mass if I had to wear a mask.
Neofito said…
The Faith is the issue... not "the mass"...
Vox Cantoris said…
All of you have still failed to get my point but are having great fun, I see.

The bishop owns the churches through the structure of corporation sole. Look up what it means.

He decrees it and people have reported back. I have three examples in Ontario and Saskatchewan where the bishops/priests have shut it down. Another group is pushing the issue and is at risk.

Given TC what do you think one should do in a place that is not so friendly?

But you go ahead and you keep harping as if the issue is me instead of addressing that the issue happens to be people who care more about making a political statement during the holy sacrifice of the mass and preserving the actual presence of the mass and to keep it going in spite of the enemies. I shut down my COM box because people .can’t address the issue.

I have also taken an attestation at work that I am not jab with the poison death shot and as such now test three times a week for this I suppose you would say I am a sell out to Satan to.

Frankly I couldn’t give a damn if anyone of you ever read my blog again but I only came here because it was on Canon 212 and I suppose I’ve lost Frank as a friend too. Yeah none of you can address what to do in a case where the people won’t wear the mask and the bishop may threaten to shut down the community and you think just let that happen because you got to stand by your principles of the mess I got to stay at my feet like a little boy

Grow up.

Vox Cantoris said…
If you would miss mass because you have to wear a mask then you are objectively committing a mortal sin. I recall a Muslim one saying that if you really believe that God was present in that which you say is no longer a piece of bread why aren’t you crawling on the floor and bowing to him. It’s a good question. The masses everything and if you won’t put on a mask so you can attend the holy sacrifice then you need to go to confession and rethink what it means to be a Catholic Catholic
Seven Sorrows said…
Vox, it sounds like you have Stockholm Syndrome from being in Canada.
Red feather said…
I will not mask up in front of the Triune God. The mask mandates are conceived in malice and deceit. Better to build a priest hole and seek like-minded priests to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the homes of parishioners who understand the truth of the matter.
Aqua said…
Vox, I really regret that this topic has come to this. I want you to know that I respect you highly for your blog efforts and your Catholic faithfulness which has been an inspiration to me, over the years I’ve followed you, off and on. I follow just a small number of Catholic blogs, and yours is one of them.

Also, your opinions on this topic don’t change my respect for you, your efforts or my appreciation for your Catholic Faith in any way, shape or form. It is a simple disagreement … although yes, it is a topic that is incredibly important.

My hope was that we could engage the topic respectfully on your blog. Your decision to close comments is yours to make (obviously) and yours alone. You needn’t open them again, ever. I respect that and understand, whichever way you choose to go. That being said, I do wish we could have continued to discuss this *respectfully*, as Christians, as Christ,

I figure out solutions to intellectual problems by writing - more than any other activity, it is what allows me to come to grips with what I believe, why and how I believe it. It is helpful to have a discussion with those of other opinions to sharpen my beliefs; alter my course; clarify what might be cloudy and obscure. That is why I commented on Fred’s blog. Yours was closed and he had a topic that aligned so similarly with yours. It was si only natural to complete my thoughts here.

One last point I’d like to make to you, in reference to what you said above which extends what you said before in your original post, which has to do with the Bishops “owning the churches”. No doubt they do. But they do not own the Faith. They are participants in the Faith. To the extent they are in conformity to their Lord Jesus Christ, through Our Lady, submissive and protective of Sacred Tradition and all its Doctrines - to that extent alone they have IMMENSE authority to rule and my obedience to them is total. To the extent, however, they *depart* from Christ, His Mother, Tradition, Doctrine … the Communion of Saints … my obedience is situational to the extent it is under authority legitimately asserted. My obedience is to Christ, Mary, Tradition (incl the Bible), Doctrine … the Communion of Saints. The Bishop might close their doors to the Faithful, once again, but secular mask mandates as a condition of entry and participation in the Holy of Holies is simply not acceptable … to me.

As I said on my first response to you on your blog - still friends, I hope. Disagreement should be fine among friends. A tip of my cap to all the work you’ve ever done on behalf of Holy Mother Church.
Anonymous said…
"May God comfort you. I know moreover that not only this thing saddens you, but also the fact that while others have obtained the churches by violence, you are meanwhile cast out from your places. For they hold the places, but you the Apostolic Faith. They are, it is true, in the places, but outside of the true Faith; while you are outside the places indeed, but the Faith, within you. Let us consider whether is the greater, the place or the Faith. Clearly the true Faith." -- St. Athanasius

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