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The Mark of the Vex: "Effeminate Macron, believes you should be starved into submission—for no man in France, after 1 August, will be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Vex"

Biden: Unvaccinated people are killing everyone. America: Then why are you transporting Unvaccinated illegals to our hometowns? []

Scholar Willaim Briggs reports:

The Five+ Waves Of COVID Explained; Vexxination Tyranny; Why They Stopped Reporting Deaths; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXXI

Our Global Rulers’ Motto: Science created the coronadoom, and Science will cure it. Trust The Science!

Do not miss the last and most important section this week. It explains the FIVE waves of COVID we have seen. And the more we will see.


They have not stopped conducting gain-of-lethality experiments. Trust The Science!

Several people point us to this podcast: KunstlerCast 347 — Chatting with David E. Martin About Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Other Mass Casualty Events. You will hear in Martin’s voice, I hope, echoes of our voice.

Audio Player

Start, if you are short of time, at about 22 minutes. You will hear how the spike proteins the mRNA vexxines make your body make are not the same as the spike proteins the coronadoom itself makes, but constructions based on models, which were themselves based on models.

It’s models all the way down.

That podcast backs up the information in this one, which many have also sent in. (Sorry, I’m overwhelmed with emails at the moment as I was on vacation.)

And this one, which is from the FDA. Freeze slide 16 (our title image today; also below) from 22 October 2020.



So I’m listening to the radio in mid Michigan. Not a leftist or woke station by any stretch. The morning show features crop reports, soy bean and corn prices. Older folks—nice honest folks, by the sound of it, on what’s considered a conservative station—are calling in mystified about “vexxine reluctance”.

They say things like, “I don’t understand why people don’t get vexxed. It’s not if they will get COVID, it’s when. And when they get it they’re going to die.” More than one of these nice people is ready to become tyrant and force vexxination.

A whole crop of sincere people are convinced that everybody unvexxed will eventually die from this disease. Not get infected and have a mild, or less, illness—but die. To them “cases” are people all but in the grave.

None had any idea of cost-benefit trade offs, especially in the young, nor had any heard a discouraging word about vexxine effectiveness. One sweet lady said kids are “now” getting the disease, with no understanding that the worst of it, which was never bad, for kids is over. Even with the Dreaded Delta (see below).

Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: propaganda works.

We never would have had a pandemic were it not for constant, loud hectoring from our rulers and their servants, the media. People would have died, sure, but probably fewer, and with less damage to our lives.


A key facet of the leftist mindset is that once a leftist convinces himself doing some thing is a good idea, he thinks that not only should he do the thing, but that you, too, should be required to.

Witness this drive to forcibly inject chemicals into you—for your own good:

This Connolly thinks it well to have himself vexxed. He, having the tendency to tyranny all leftists do, therefore thinks you should be made to, too. He, along with the effeminate Macron, believes you should be starved into submission—for no man in France, after 1 August, will be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Vex.

Connolly the Tyrant believes it is your duty to be vexxed, arguing that if you are vexxed you are “protected”, and if you are not vexxed, you are unprotected. And that you have no right to be unvexxed, because, being unprotected, you could become infected and in turn infect somebody else who is unvexxed.

To which the best rebuttal is So?

If I choose to be unvexxed, and the vexxine is cost free and protective, then it is my choice. If I go on, after being infected myself, to infect somebody else who has chosen to be unvexxed, what is that to Connolly? This will not affect him in any way. Yet he would still force us to do what he thinks best.

“No, Briggs, you don’t get it. The unvaccinated are infecting the vaccinated.”

That so?

“It is so, yes, you dangerous spreader.”

Then why get the vexxine?

“But Briggs, if you get sick, you have to go to the hospital and be taken care of. That costs society.”

If I take the vexx and get sick from it or even the COVID, I’d have to go to the hospital and be taken care of. That costs society.

We expect tyranny and madness from our rulers in these days. What galls is people and Experts who promise medical passes will stop with coronadoom vexxination passes.

Imagine having to carry papers with you everywhere at all times, and for the rest of your lives everywhere at all times, to show that you have had the coroandom vexxination. Plus the twice yearly forever and ever boosters.

No papers? No problem! No food for you!


I reminded us last week that we predicted last December that advertised rates of vexxine effectiveness would fall to soberer numbers. We now have multiple reports of falling effectiveness. Recall—strain your memories—the efficacy was given in terms of infections.

We should have though this odd from the beginning, because the mRNA vexxine is not meant to protect you from contracting infections, but it was said it would protect in preventing illness from infections. If it works as advertised, the vexxine makes your body produce similar spike proteins the bug does, and your body, if it can do its duty, figures out how to quell these spikes. But it never gets the chance to figure out how to quell the bug itself.

Not all bodies can handle the artificially injected toxin makers, which is how serious side effects come about. This is a forbidden topic, which is how you know it’s The Science.

I therefore predicted (see bottom of this) the experimental efficacies, which were in the high 90s, would drop to soberer levels.

Which is why you must not look at “cases”, i.e. positive tests, which have zero information about illness extent. (How many times have you heard that?)

Well, it’s happening. People are beginning to notice. Not in those places that mandate The Science. Israel, at least, is admitting it:

The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant is “weaker” than health officials had hoped, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Friday, as over 1,000 people tested positive for coronavirus and more countries were added to the list of places to which Israelis will be banned from traveling.

“We do not know exactly to what degree the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less,” Bennett said.

The Dreaded Delta, of course. But we have worked ourselves into the hersterical mindset that all “cases” are bad. Which, for a respiratory virus, is crazy. I mean this word in its literal sense.

“Cases”—which are just positive tests in an increasing testing regime—are not that interesting. Notice that the media everywhere stopped reporting on deaths? That picture shows why.

The media can’t help by shade, obfuscate, temporize, cheat, finagle, and, yes, even lie. Well, they are told to by their bosses.

Here is what we need: infection and death numbers for those vexxinated and those not, by variant. Our Experts are reluctant to give this out. When asked, the regime said dissmissively, “Why do you have to have that information?”

No, really. They said that. Well, that is how The Science is done these days. It is commanded from On High.

And then we have the CDC making the “honest mistake” of doubling (the halving) the recorded deaths associated with the vexxine.

See what I mean? “Cases” aren’t illnesses!


They’re trying to get it back. They’ll succeed, too, unless you revolt. Which most of you won’t.


Headline: DeSantis: Schools, feds won’t mandate masks. If they do, he’ll have Legislature ban them.

As Florida schools return to in-person learning next month and COVID-19 cases surge, Gov. Ron DeSantis doubled down on his opposition to mask requirements Thursday, suggesting he would be willing to call a special session of the Legislature to outlaw it if the federal government imposes a mandate or local school districts defy him.

“We look forward to this upcoming year to be a normal school year, be in person, and live like normal and learn like normal kids,’‘ DeSantis said at a news conference at Indian River State College. “There’s been talk about potentially people advocating at the federal level, imposing compulsory masks on kids. We’re not doing that in Florida, OK? We need our kids to breathe. We need our kids to be able to be kids.”

The governor’s remarks immediately drew a rebuke from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who said the comment “puts kids at risk.”

It would be unfair to call Psaki a liar, given no kids are dying of the coronadoom. And she is just a mouthpiece. But we may call her a sad creature. I hope and pray for her soul she doesn’t have the intelligence to know what she is saying, for if she does, then she is a liar.


Ferguson’s record is below dismal. Yet, like that camera whore Fauci, there he still is. Whereas, obscure bloggers who get things factually correct will…Anyway, this:

What was that about wait two weeks? Wait two weeks for what? Deaths? Not forgetting “cases” are bullshit, driven by testing (proved, again, below), here are the attributed UK deaths:

The Dreaded Delta variant panic is proving to be, as we here knew, yet another needless panic. More proof of that is next:

Speaking of asinine Expert forecasts:

The only thing worse than super-exponential is, of course, super-duper-exponential.

Speaking more of asinine Expert forecasts: Govt modeller: What our Covid forecasts got wrong.

Speaking of asinine Expert “solutions”:

You really have to wonder what goes on in the mind of an Expert who said, “You know what. Let’s ban couples from eating in cars. Let them eat at home instead. That will make ‘cases’ go down.”

The entire structure of the university system the world over needs to be scrapped and redesigned.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


I’m switching up the pictures this week to make a point about testing and “cases”. And also to highlight something that is a bit unusual about the coronadoom.

First, here are the weekly all-cause deaths, from 2009-2021. The ending drop off is late counting. The dashed line is all-cause minus COVID deaths. Seem low to you, this line? People died, all right, but COVID deaths were over-attributed, which is a second point we have been making all along.

See the peaks EACH AND EVERY DAMNED WINTER REGARDLESS OF BEST EXPERT EFFORTS AND VACCINES? Why, O why O why O why did anybody ever think they could make this go away?

Did somebody say over-attributed?

Now to the main point. Testing is driving “cases”, but deaths aren’t especially following, just like in the UK.

Here is the daily testing (in blue; left y-axis) and 7-day attributed deaths per 100,000 (in yellow; right y-axis). Source. I wish these were weekly or even daily deaths because of the built in lag in running means, but let’s work with it.

It’s clear in the first wave, testing did not reach ridiculous levels. Deaths occurred (albeit over-attributed). Testing peaked in winter in the second wave panic, and then peak-plateaued in the spring even as deaths dropped solely because of media- and ruler-induced panic. Testing began to fall with deaths in early summer. But then the Dreaded Delta panic began, and testing shot up again. Yet deaths, as in the UK, aren’t cooperating.

Here’s the same two pictures as in the UK, but from the CDC. “Cases” and then attributed deaths.

The first “case” wave peak was in April 2020, when the pandemic began. The second was end of July. The third was winter, as expected. The fourth was again in April (now 2021) and the fifth is in July 2021, like in the UK.

“Cases” are not illness most of the time. “Cases” are part illness, part medical, but mostly a whole lot of social testing panic. For illness, let’s look at attributed deaths.

The same five peaks are there. The secondary April peak, now seen for two years, is just like with flu. We get the main bump in winter, following by a smaller one in spring. What’s unusual about the coronadoom is the July bump.

We get those because whatever is going around is different than what used to. But as we get used to it, the bumps fall.

It’s already clear this year’s peak will be smaller than last years—ignoring, of course, all forecasts from Experts—just as April’s peak was smaller this year than last’s.

This is all because those most susceptible died off first (harsh, but true), and now the doom is turning into the usual cycle of respiratory bugs we face—and will always face, despite even the earnestness of Experts and government. Why they are pretending COVID will go away, especially in our Enlightened southern hemisphere, I leave to you to explain.

DO NOT FORGET FLU HAS DISAPPEARED SINCE COROANDOOM HIT. Which means some of these deaths are flu or pneumonia miss-attributed.

This is why we must always look to all cause deaths, where we can see what’s really doing on. See anything worth panicking about? No? Then tell everybody you know.

Here are the week-on-week all cause deaths. See anything to panic about?

Here are the CDC’s weekly attributed coronadoom deaths. See anything to panic about?

(See last week for data sources.)


Prepare yourselves. There will be a new wave of coronadoom in the fall leading into winter. And more next year. And so on forever. Just like flu. Just like other coronavirus-caused illnesses (common cold). Respiratory bugs spread with the routine changes in behavior, and that is caused by routine changes in weather, work, and so on. (And don’t forget these waves shown in the US are for a huge country which has predictable regional variation.)

The Zero COVID mindset is hubris married to arrogance hitched to ignorance. It is effeminate policy embraced by both frightened and greedy rulers.

If we ever are allowed to see the return of flu, we will subsequently see more fall of coronadoom. The Experts will say it is all their doing. Nature is responsible for nothing. They rule all.


I was disappointed to learn I did not make the Deplorable Dozen vexxine misfinformation spreaders, as classified by the woke Center for Countering Digital Hate.

That means you, the reader, have to do a better job of spreading my hate around. Let’s build back better.

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