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Leftist admit "The Climate Strike That Wasn’t... Declining Protest in 2021"

The Socialist Counter Punch reported they are losing support for their agenda:

You may have noticed that the “climate strike” actions on September 24 across the U.S. were incredibly thin compared to previous years. As progressive activists, we were disappointed after attending the local event in our area (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) to find perhaps four dozen participants this year for an event, which one of us participated in two years ago in the same location that previously brought out hundreds of demonstrators. The trend appears the same throughout the nation, with reporting from two years ago estimating the national turnout may have been in the hundreds of thousands in what was billed as the country’s “largest ever climate strike” to date. By comparison, reporting on participation this year was sparse, and when coverage was devoted to 9/24 events it emphasized actions across the globe, due to the anemic U.S. turnout. This is not to dismiss the energy of those who did attend. But it’s difficult to ignore the decline in participation this year compared to the past. []


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