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"Manchin is not a zero -- and this is a good thing. Despite the misalignment of the Senate politically he in fact is acting in the best interest, as he sees it, of the people of his State. That's his job"

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Manchin and Schumer cut a deal on BBB back in the summer months.  They both negotiated and signed it.  It had several limitations and many of them were intended to, and would have, protected Manchin's constituents from having their jobs raped away by the "green" provisions in the legislation.

Schumer, the Majority Leader of the Senate, agreed to these terms in writing.

He then violated essentially all of them with what he "agreed" to take in the form of BBB from the House.  And he didn't shave the edges of the term sheet either; he just plain balled it up and used it to wipe his ass.

Then, having done this openly and notoriously, he and Biden decided that they'll try to politically threaten Manchin into voting for it anyway, and went so far as to at least tacitly if not openly advocate for Democrat activists harassing Manchin and his family at home.

A politician is just a person (despite many of them believing they're Christ incarnate) and one of the risks of being a politician is always having the other party activists show up and exercise their First Amendment rights -- wherever you may be.  Cross onto your property and invade it, no, but picket outside in what is a public place?  You bet.  Oh sure, some people complain about this but that's crap; nobody has a right to privacy in a public place, nor to force others to shut up.

But when your own party stabs you in the back intentionally after cutting a deal with you that's a damned clear declaration that your original "negotiation" with them was always in bad faith from their side of the table.  Once someone does that, even once, there's nothing more to discuss in terms of decorum, "party unity" or trust until and unless every person involved that deceit is gone.

Ronald Reagan famously got rolled by Tip in exactly this way and stupidly did not shove it up his ass -- which he could have done.  It is why, in my opinion, the man's "domestic" achievements were all frauds.  Yes, I give him credit for an excellent game of poker with the Soviets and the successful de-escalation of decades of hostility without either of us nuking the other, but when it comes to actually making deals and keeping the other side to them on a domestic basis the man was a zero.

Well, Manchin is not a zero -- and this is a good thing.  Despite the misalignment of the Senate politically he in fact is acting in the best interest, as he sees it, of the people of his State.  That's his job.  And that Schumer believed he could do what politicians do all the time -- that is, lie, cheat and screw people and get away with it is on Schumer -- not Manchin. []


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