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Skojec?:It is also important to consider how the young Joseph Ratzinger, coming of age in Germany, was an early victim of the weaponised propaganda of the CIA and corrupt clergy - Fathers Felix Morlion and John Courtney Murray.


    Nearly thirty years ago ABS was part of a trad study group in Portland, Maine and we all read the book in question here and al of thought it heretical.

    Here is a quote fromThe Roman Catechism;


    Faith Excludes Doubt

    The knowledge derived through faith must not be considered less certain because its objects are not seen; for the divine light by which we know them, although it does not render them evident, yet suffers us not to doubt them. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath himself shone in our hearts, that the gospel be not hidden to us, as to those that perish.


    ABS sticks with the Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide and the Dogmatic Treatises of Rev Joseph Pohle because a soul is a terrible thing to waste

  2. Agreed, ABS. Of great importance is what Prof. Livi and many others have noted:

    "Ratzinger, even when he became prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, never felt the need to revise or modify the content [of this book]. In fact, in 2000 he wrote that his book could well be titled "Introduction to Christianity, yesterday, today and tomorrow", adding:

    "The basic orientation was, in my opinion, correct, hence my courage today in once again placing the book in the hands of the readers" ("Introductory essay to the new 2000 edition", in "Introduction to Christianity", and cit., p.24).

  3. It is also important to consider how the young Joseph Ratzinger, coming of age in Germany, was an early victim of the weaponised propaganda of the CIA and corrupt clergy - Fathers Felix Morlion and John Courtney Murray.

    What he had to say publicly when he visited America was shocking in that it revealed his fundamental orientation - America as a model.


    P.S. ABS found this blog linked to a 1Peter5 and he will be reading it regularly.

  4. ABS, thanks for the link. It will take a while to work through, but a first glance says it looks provocative. To me it's hardly surprising that Ratzinger should be a fan of The American Proposition, since he and his Modernist co-believers would have seen the American Spirit as an ally in their war against the Establishment of Church and State--I write hastily. It's unfortunate that, while there are plenty of books out about the rise and origins of Liberalism (Pierre Manent comes quickly to mind, but there are many others) there appears to be so little written that specifically relates this to the Modernist movement in the Church.

    Re this blog, you will see that it isn't updated regularly, but there is (I hope) no lack of food for thought in the archives. Until recently I've avoided commenting on current Church affairs simply because it's too depressing. However, you'll also see (above) that I've long had these views re Ratzinger and have written about them in the past.

    Finally, I do highly recommend the link: Jean Guitton and the Modernism on II Vatican Council: Reply to the Report from Brescia. It was originally written in Italian by a Brazilian and the English version at the link can at times be a bit difficult to follow. So I'll make this offer to anyone who reads this: I've done a revision of the English version which I'll email to anyone who's interested.


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