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"Barr who buried all the Biden corruption evidence since 2017. It's not a coincidence that the centerpiece of the Biden family corruption--although it extends elsewhere geographically--was Ukraine" & "Who is this 'Wauck'?"

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023

Bluto Barr's REAL Bio

Seems there's a bit more to Bill Barr's work-experience than he tells in his "I'm a Catholic Boy" routine.  This is a transcript of an interview of Atty. Bob Barnes, written up by Wauck.

...His dad was the Dalton School headmaster, very elite school, the current SecState went there. The last thing Barr's dad did before stepping down to write science fiction books that glorified underage sexual assault was to recommend Jeffrey Epstein to be a math teacher at the Dalton School. Barr was the only son of a wealthy family on the Upper West Side. He's one of those nerds who played the tuba. Goes on to get his political pedigree through the Bush family, worked for Poppy Bush at the CIA hiding all the evidence from the Church Committee about CIA misconduct and malfeasance. Bush brought Barr into the Justice Department when Bush became VP. Barr and Mueller then buried everything about Bush's connections to Manuel Noriega--all the drug running, money laundering, arms running, all kinds of illicit activity. We used Noriega as our guy going back to the 70s.

That's who Barr is. He suckered his way into the Trump administration by promising to end the Mueller investigation. [Suckered me.] That involved multiple levels of irony because Barr and Mueller go way back, but 
Mueller was at the end of his rope--they had no proof, but Mueller’s investigation had served its purpose to cover up the criminality of the Deep State in the initial spying on Trump. Barr used that as a perfect controlled opposition move. It was under Barr that Jeffrey Epstein died--Eternal Truth #1, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. It was also under Barr that all the election issues happened, and he claimed there was no problem. And now we know that it was Barr who buried all the Biden corruption evidence since 2017. It's not a coincidence that the centerpiece of the Biden family corruption--although it extends elsewhere geographically--was Ukraine.

As you look at those combined issues, Trump was the main obstacle all along and he remains the main obstacle. Barr, by "predicting" a federal indictment of Trump, was actually calling for the federal indictment that crossed the Rubicon [i.e., involving Deep State lawfare in electoral politics]. Jack Smith is close to the International Criminal Court--those aren't your great human rights advocates. 
Smith is a political hitman. If he's assigned a case, he brings an indictment, regardless of the evidence. He was involved in the John Edwards prosecution [outrageously flawed legal theory], similarly when he went after the VA governor on a bogus RICO theory--lost both cases, the VA case unanimously at the SCOTUS. Smith isn't known as a legal heavyweight--he's known as a Deep State affiliated hitman who will bring an indictment if he's assigned a case....

Barr also ran cover for the FBI assassination of a mother holding her infant (not a weapon) on the scene of an FBI raid which was based on an FBI setup.

He is not a good man.  Period.

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Anonymous said...

Who is this "Wauck"? Any relation to Barr's former speechwriter? "William Barr’s speechwriter was John Wauck. Wauck’s brother-in-law was Russian spy & Opus Dei member Robert Hanssen. Hassan worked for Louis Freeh (FBI) who was also Opus Dei. Wauck became an Opus Dei priest. When Barr had his confirmation hearing, none of this was brought up."


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