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Will "Vice-Pope" Tucho Fernandez be a new kind of “Pope Emeritus”?: Caminante Wanderer: "Cardinal Fernández who whispered the idea of ​​a coadjutor into the weakened pontifical ears..this hypothetical rarity would be of the same caliber as the figure of “Pope Emeritus” that Benedict XVI pulled out of the hat" 

Coadjutor bishop for Rome, an absurd hypothesis?


Last week we raised the real possibility of Cardinal Pietro Parolin's candidacy to succeed Francis. Days later, a report by Fr. Claude Barthe ( here in French and here in English) about this disturbing character. He would probably wear a choir habit and the red shoes would return, but it would be the consummation of the rupture between the new conciliar church and the old church. The worst option: a wolf dressed in evening clothes. 

    For its part ,  Il Giornale published an article about Cardinal Mateo Zuppi, another of the candidates for the Petrine throne, in which, despite his overblown progressivism, he clearly spoke out on some issues central to the faith. 

    This is the situation we are in: discussing whether a heretic Pope is preferable to 30% or 60%, because we know that we will not have a fully Catholic pontiff, and by such I understand one who preserves, confirms and teaches the faith of the apostles, that faith to which the Church adhered unwaveringly until the debacle of Vatican II.

    The problem is that the Church has become accustomed to the absurd (contrary to logic and reason), the crazy and the absurd. Everyone sees it but remains silent. Those who should speak first, the bishops, hide and the greatest gesture of courage they make is not to mention the papal nonsense in their homilies. Frightened, they know what will happen to them if they speak. We, the laity, make a few cries here and there but, despite the papal declamations, the Church remains absolutely clerical. Our voices have no effect other than the necessary testimony. 

    All of this, already known to blog readers, is relevant because someone proposed a hypothesis - we don't know on what basis - that is crazy. He claims that Pope Francis would appoint a coadjutor bishop for Rome. That is, he would appoint a coadjutor bishop to help him in the government not only of the diocese of Rome - for which he has the cardinal vicar and a battalion of auxiliary bishops - but of the universal Church. One more Peronist mischief. And some dare to name that curate: Tucho Fernández. That is, Tucho would be official vice-pope, and de facto pope. He is nonsense!, I said. Yes, a slightly more serious nonsense than having named that same person prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith dicastery.

    This is nothing more than an absurd hypothesis but one that, paradoxically, has a certain logic within the facts we are seeing and the mind of Pope Francis. His bronchitis is proving more stubborn than usual and when it disappears, if it disappears, another illness and another will come, which will finally take him to the grave. Bergoglio knows, as those around him know, that his end is near; He knows that he is weak and tired, and he knows that the vultures and the vultures are already flying in circles over Santa Marta because they smell a corpse. He also knows that it will be in those weeks or months prior to his death when those who dispute his succession will begin to position themselves and he, in his weakness, will not be able to do much to scare them away. And that is why in recent times his close circle has become increasingly narrower and now only Jesuits and Argentines surround him, those whom he believes he can trust.

    Let's bring the magnifying glass closer. Cardinal Víctor Fernández was baptized at the beginning of the pontificate as il coccolato , the pontiff's darling, and he is becoming more and more pampered. Bergoglio blindly trusts him and that is the reason why he has committed, and continues to commit, strategic errors as gross as the expulsion of Bishop Strickland from his diocese and Cardinal Burke from his apartment, and last week added the ban Bishop Strickland, by pontifical imperium , to celebrate mass in his former diocese. The progressives are furious because in a short time they have lost several squares thanks to Tucho's clumsiness; The conservatives smile with pleasure, and it would not be strange if they put a few more banana peels in the coccolato 's path so that he, and Bergoglio himself, continues to stumble. The fool's greed for power and notoriety is incalculable, and for that reason it would not be strange if it were Cardinal Fernández who whispered the idea of ​​a coadjutor into the weakened pontifical ears.

    But in addition to the probable hand of Tucho, there are also the Jesuits. Never in the history of the Church has a Pope had a coadjutor bishop. But let's be honest: this hypothetical rarity would be of the same caliber as the figure of “Pope Emeritus” that Benedict XVI pulled out of the hat. I do not know the canonical implications that he would have, and I suppose that he would raise a lot of dust, but the truth is that behind it is an SJ: Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, head canonist of the Argentine pontiff and author of the legal assembly of all his traps. We already reported in this blog about the project that was being prepared to change the rules of the conclave - in which lay people would also participate - and of the previous general congregations, which would be prohibited to older cardinals. 

    I insist: this is a hypothesis. Because of how absurd it appears, I would be tempted to say that it is nothing more than a fantasy. The problem is that in recent years the most bizarre fantasies have come true. 


  1. In a train of hypotheses, from a strictly legal point of view, could that coadjutor have the right to succession if the Pope so provided?

    1. I could have it or not. It depends on what the Pope determines.
      It is the Pope who decides how the successor is appointed. You could say: "my successor is Juancito", or "my successor is chosen by the cardinal bishops"...
      As the post says, if it is for novelties, the figure of the pope emeritus is more than novel.

    2. Oh, Jesus!
      What Wander tells and what Don Paseador explains is not a fantasy but an apocalyptic calamity!!!
      Come Lord Jesus!!!

    3. If Bergoglio appointed Trucho Fernandez, or someone else, as his successor, it would be interpreted as an unprecedented coup d'état, and said successor would be seen as a usurper and antipope.

    4. Long live the BullsDecember 12, 2023, 8:26

      It would not be surprising, and Wanderer already says it, if this innovation occurred to the Pontiff of Calamities. But he could not be a coadjutor with the right to succession because that would eliminate the conclave, inaugurating, something impossible, the practice of one Pope hand-picking the next. In any case, he would remain a privileged candidate to be chosen by the cardinals, who, however, would also have the power to completely ignore him and not give him a single vote. With Tucho in that position, it would be highly plausible that he would end up defenestrated, in addition to the well-known saying: "he who enters the conclave as a Pope becomes a cardinal."

    5. Why would it be impossible for a Pope to eliminate the conclave as a method of electing the Successor?
      We can discuss what would be the best way, in fact or in law, for this time or for all times.
      But on paper, there was not always this form of conclave nor do I know of any theological reason why it could not change.

    6. It is one thing to change or eliminate the conclave as the mechanism for electing the pope, and quite another thing is for Bergoglio to appoint Trucho Fernandez as his successor out of pure personal whim, thus giving an ecclesial coup d'état. and after that, what would prevent the trout from naming one of his cronies as his successor, whether cleric or layman, it doesn't matter, would then be the definitive death of the papacy.

  2. Dear Wanderer, I see this as much more complicated than all the outrages that Bergoglio has done so far. It occurs to me that, even if I name Tucho coadjutor bishop of Rome, once the Pope dies the Vatican gear will begin to move on its own. The cardinal camerlegno will confirm his death, the see will be declared vacant and the cardinal dean will convene the conclave after 15 days. I think he no longer has time left to modify the MP that JP2 wrote at the time.
    Suppose that the coccolato actually wants to take over the see of Peter, who is going to follow him in this outrage once the only one who supports him in Rome is dead? I imagine that many cardinals dream of entering the Sistine Chapel at once and starting to vote at once until the white smoke comes out.
    Aside comment: Bergoglio's lung disease has been talked about for several weeks, some doctor said that the antibiotics are taking effect and he himself says that he is improving. It seems that everyone forgot a detail that he talked about when he arrived in Rome: he has only one lung, I guess that will aggravate his illness, right? (I clarify that I am an engineer, perhaps a doctor can help)

    1. Dear Eduardo, the hypothesis I propose does not include the right of succession. That does not have any handle. I propose the hypothesis of a simple coadjutor bishop. It is true that curates always have the right to succession, but canonical juggling can always be done. In this way, this particular coadjutor bishop of the Roman see would assume the other functions of the current coadjutor, which are: "Assist the diocesan bishop in the entire government of the diocese, and take his place in case of absence or impediment; Be appointed vicar general; To be consulted in matters of greatest importance."

    2. Thanks Wanderer, now I understand what you are saying. Would it formalize what we assume is happening de facto?

  3. A clarification regarding the Queer Bible: the former Dehoniana publishing house of Bologna (EDB), due to the crisis, closed in October 2021; being acquired in the middle of the following year by the Il Portico group, headed by Alberto Melloni.

  4. Appointing a coadjutor bishop in Rome to be Pope when the Pontiff dies, resigns or is disqualified due to serious illness or dementia, eliminating the conclave as an elective system of pontiffs, is a prevarication, a fraud of law, an abuse of power, an scam and a coup d'état, which would be sufficient reason for him to be an antipope and there to be a legitimate schism.

    The adlectio or direct designation of the successor by the predecessor (the Pope appoints a coadjutor bishop to be Pope) would easily tend to nepotism or clientelism, because this will install "consanguineous" pontifical "dynasties" if the Pope has clerical relatives, among others. dangers: the formation of an ecclesial mafia that perpetuates itself in papal power.

    The Assembly for the election of the Pope, as it may be a conclave filled with cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons, religious and laymen of all sizes, has the problem of representativeness because there are one billion lay people, 600,000 priests and 5,000 bishops, but this assembly system favors candidates for the Papacy to fall into the same vices of assembly elections, such as corruption, bribery, nepotism, cooptation, clientelism, vote buying, blockades and vetoes, scandals, pressure from public opinion and of states, parties, guerrillas, terrorists... blackmail and threats, power groups or St. Gallen mafias, all in the art of manipulating a people of God who ignore the ins and outs of an assembly that will not be transparent at all.

  5. “The Dehonian publishing house, belonging to the congregation of reparative missionaries, has just published the queer commentary on the Bible. “Texts by scholars and pastors draw on feminist, queer, deconstructionist and utopian theories, social sciences, and historical-critical discourses to offer a reading of Scripture like never before. The focus is both on how reading from contextual perspectives affects the reading and interpretation of biblical texts, and on how biblical texts have influenced and influence LGBTQ+ communities. “A revolutionary and rigorous text that gives a new face to Sacred Scripture.”
    “Se non è vero è ben trovato! And, of course, after all the “surprises” that our current Supreme Pontiff has so generously given us, nothing seems strange anymore. Full of common sense, Wanderer has pointed out the possibility that Pope Francis, to the scandal of the entire Church, appoints one of his most trusted men as a kind of “vice pope.” Does this respond to the need to remain faithful to the legacy of the sacred Deposit of Faith and to strengthen the faith of all the Catholic faithful? It's unfortunate to say it, but I can't answer in the affirmative. Either way this has not happened yet. And let's not open the umbrella before it rains. But what is worrying is the fait accompli of an “ad hoc” Bible for the LGTBQ faithful. To which I wonder, is this a privilege for a few, in the way that a special edition “ad usum Delphini” was prepared? Or, what would be much worse, is this further evidence of the paradigm shift, which, in this case, reaches the reading of the Holy Scriptures itself, the consequence of which with regard to the Doctrine of the Christian Church could not be more disastrous. The Dehonian publishing house, belonging to the congregation of reparative missionaries, has just published the queer commentary on the Bible. “Texts by scholars and pastors draw on feminist, queer, deconstructionist and utopian theories, social sciences, and historical-critical discourses to offer a reading of Scripture like never before. The focus is both on how reading from contextual perspectives affects the reading and interpretation of biblical texts, and on how biblical texts have influenced and influence LGBTQ+ communities. “A revolutionary and rigorous text that gives a new face to Sacred Scripture.” That is to say, not content with seeking to accommodate the doctrine according to a hermeneutic similar to the NOM, what is now intended is to refine the meaning of the Scriptures to the most execrable aspects of the horrific gender ideology. And all in the name of the Holy Catholic Church! The most unfortunate thing is that, with honorable exceptions, everything is consummated in the most absolute silence. Which is partly explained, as proven by the painful and unjust experience of bishops like Livières, Strickland, and Burke, because orthodox bishops are perfectly aware that the slightest intention of raising their voice to point out some crazy doctrinal irregularity, is paid ipso facto with immediate expulsion from his own papal see. However, tacere non possumus, there will be no shortage of other brave bishops and cardinals who will follow those in defense of the tradition of the Church, who will make their own voices heard, to make the necessary denunciations. They know that they also have the help of the laity and the heavenly forces: “Know that I am with you every day until the end of the world.”
    Lord protect the Church! Praise Jesus Christ!

  6. "Queer" Lgbt Bible??😳
    Then some people told me that I was wrong when I was thinking about my possible conversion to the Orthodox Church and maybe they were right.
    That's a different matter, really, but even so, I already see it coming, inexorably, that the Roman Catholic Church, to which I currently belong, is going to begin to engage in all kinds of heresies and barbarities, such as "marriages." among sodomites, allow divorce, approve female priesthood, possibly abolish the sacraments, among other things?
    This is a situation of dissolution and definitive disappearance. God is not going to allow

    1. There is a catechism over there...!
      The Holy Catholic, Roman Apostolic Church neither dissolves, nor disappears, nor commits barbarities or heresies!
      It is some faithful Roman Apostolic Catholics and sinners who commit atrocities.

    2. Let's see if a certain clueless person finds out, it is not the Catholic faithful who commit atrocities, but rather cardinals, bishops, and priests with the tacit support of Bergoglio. less wolf hood.

    3. Be careful, don't let them change the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church for something else in a sleight of hand before your eyes and you don't realize it. The hand is faster than the eye...

  7. I imagine they know that Bergoglio only has one functioning lung; This means that if he catches pneumonia he can stay in place (respiratory diseases are common in winter in the elderly and can be fatal).

    Perhaps that explains the harshness with which he has treated so many bishops, especially Bishop Strickland and Cardinal Burke: he knows that because of his age and infirmities he lives on this earth at a discount and that he has no time left.

    Furthermore, it is better that one does the dirty work - and takes the sticks - so that whoever succeeds him finds everything as it should be - what those who falsified the Council understood was best for them.

    The crux is then in the Conclave; and he and his Jesuit cabal know it:

    They are not going to allow in any way another Ratzinger to slip in and delay the forced Protestantization of the Catholic Church with its Catholics.

    But I remember that according to the prophecies of Saint Malachy this is the last Pope; and he very well may be after the damage he has caused to the Catholic Church.

  8. A cordial greeting to all.

    It is very true that the appearance of the "vice president of god" is worrying, from a medical point of view and without going into details; but I remember those last and endless years of his Polish predecessor, a man almost unable to move and endure the pain of his illness, they were many years in which the affairs of Rome and its religious empire were arranged depending on the strength of each side that governed the various parts of the apostolic palaces, there was not even a lack of attacks while the Holy Father was sedated in his apartments, they were terrible years in which many positions were arranged, almost the entire ecclesiastical framework was selected during those Vatican wars.
    Whoever plans to continue governing when the detestable bishop dies or is completely buried due to his physical incapacity is not going to allow that lap-dog monstrosity that deals with doctrine or a poor old Jesuit poorly buried to make his power come into question. The Pope is dying, yes, but the misfortunes are not going to end, I would say that they have only just begun. Faith fades, doctrine weakens, liturgy withers, but papolatry flourishes; "omnia perversas possunt corrumpere minds", Ovid did not deceive us, evil lives in the gaze, even the most innocent page of a council can become a blasphemy, everything depends on the depraved mind that reads it, and the most depraved ones I fear that we have them as shepherds. Dying like a good Catholic is not going to be easy in this 21st century.

  9. I tell you an anecdote from the mouth of one of those involved. Around 2017/2018, an Argentine journalist, a member of the Peronist Iron Guard, wrote to the Pope to see if she would receive it. THE Pope, upon receiving her email and seeing who wrote to him, invited her to a Wednesday audience. She attended with her partner. After the audience and greeting the Pope, as they were leaving, a young priest caught up with them and asked if they wanted to take a guided tour of the Vatican Gardens. Both of them very happy accepted and thanked the invitation. In the afternoon, upon arriving at the Vatican, they were greeted by another young priest who very cordially accompanied them through the gardens, telling them about each place. At the end and before saying goodbye, he told them that the Pope was very worried because the traditionalist cardinals wanted to kill him, YES you read correctly, he sent word that they wanted to kill him. One of them was the one who told it to me, and as I finished his story, he thought to myself "the devil knows for a fox, but he knows more for an old man."
    Second topic, I am going to remind you of a topic that has already been touched upon, in the event that Bergoglio was the new Judas, everything suggests that he is going to resign from his position, like Judas returned the coins. I think the spark comes from Germany.

    1. In 2013 he called the Carmelites on Ezeiza Street and told them "pray so that they don't give me tea." This shows two things: he is paranoid and he does not believe in God. Aside from the fact that he is arrogant, perhaps everyone would take pity on him.

  10. The photo that illustrates the entry is very suggestive... It's scary!

  11. Given Francisco's obsession with Tucho, when he named him Archbishop of La Plata I risked here that it would not be strange if he soon created him a cardinal because it was evident to me that if I could find the way to make him his successor he would not give up finding it. More than one commented then that it seemed like an exaggeration.
    Well, Bergoglio went even further, he was taken as Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith and cardinal yapa.
    If he were to now appoint him coadjutor bishop as is rumored, his stubbornness would become increasingly evident in that regard. If it were not so, why would I want to invent it then as his coadjutor bishop?
    And something else, given the fixed idea of ​​this Peronist Pope who learned from the General that betrayal is usually a virtue if it serves to achieve the dreamed objective, I insist once again that if until now he has not stopped surprising us with one heresy after another, we should go understanding that the worst has not happened yet, that the worst is yet to come.
    It is true that the thing does not go beyond a suspicion, but it must be recognized that there is no shortage of vehement evidence. At least I am convinced that if death does not surprise him first, this Flores crow is not going to go to the other world without finding some way to leave us that furry gift.


    1. The problem is that Bergoglio's obsession with imposing Trucho Fernandez as his successor can become counterproductive and burn out quickly before the conclave.

    2. It wouldn't be bad if that were the case!

  12. Valentin EcheniqueDecember 12, 2023, 7:05

    Don't give them ideas

  13. To realize that today the Vatican is governed by leaders of laughter, castanets, zambomba and tambourine, it is said that lay people will be introduced into the conclave that elects the Pope, by the work and grace of synodality or universal participation of the people of God in function of the universal priestly ministry of the faithful derived from egalitarian baptism and all this cheap populist and demagogue propaganda.

    Let's put some numbers of the faithful of the people of God today, except for errors or omissions:

    1. The number of cardinal electors that make up the conclave is 136.
    2. The number of faithful is 1.3 billion.
    3. The number of priests is 400,000.
    4. The number of deacons is 50,000.
    5. The number of religious is 700,000.
    6. The number of bishops is 5,300.

    Well, carrying out a simple proportional calculation, we would find that the 136 cardinal electors should be occupied by 135 lay people, if we stick to a proportional distribution based on the number of clerics and lay people in relation to the places available in the conclave.

    There is an evident overwhelming majority of the population of lay people who have an absolutely disproportionate influence compared to the consecrated.

    Logically, this is complete nonsense and absurdity, aggravated by the fact that the election of said lay people is in no way made under the criteria of a democratic election because this is impossible to do, for simply practical reasons, which implies that these 135 lay people They should be chosen in a discretionary and arbitrary manner by the Pope himself, which is an open door to all types of corruption, since these lay people would not be chosen by criteria of merit, competence, capacity, experience, curriculum and consecration, but only by the criterion of submission to the reigning Pope.

  14. It reminds me of a certain founder who left his succession set up for up to three terms. Nothing new.

  15. Speccola says today: "Valentina Alazraki interviewed Pope Francis within the framework of the 492nd anniversary of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It is the first interview, very brief, after Pope Francis' persistent lung infection, the images are visible to everyone, The Pope appears very tired, with difficulty speaking, and with a very deteriorated appearance. In fact, Pope Francis himself announces to us: "I want to be buried in Santa María Maggiore. Everything is already prepared. We are reviewing the funeral rites to simplify them." »."
    Is the end accelerated?

    1. The scoundrel wants to offend the Holy Virgin even after he is dead, after all the mockery he gave her in life.

  16. Oysters, oysters and rheoysters, this has all the numbers that are given and it could perfectly well not be the trout but another one that is behind the scenes and no one is expecting it and so between the amazement and the novelty let's move on to that part described of sitting in the chair of Peter but he won't be Pope oops

  17. This morning I was reading heresy, I no longer have the strength, it hurts me to read. That's why I'm commenting in this entry and not in the Gays entry.
    Knowing the reality, Gays are not interested in the blessing, they laugh and mock, everything is so diabolical, just for Christmas.
    How disgusting many bishops and the Pope make me.
    For my part, today I stopped reading all types of Catholic and worldly pages, only entered economic and data pages, to forget that day.
    I wanted to share with you what happens to me. We went with my children to pray at the Church and everything remains the same, the manger, the priest (very good), the sacristan and everything else....
    Christ is still in the Tabernacle, for a while I am going to stop reading it, no longer I want to hear bad news from Rome.
    Merry Christmas and God grant you Strengths



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