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Fr. Pro: “When I’m in Heaven. I Promise to Perform a Happy Mexican Hat Dance to Cheer up any Long Faced Saints I find in Heaven”

Father Miguel ProFather Miguel Pro

Act 3, Scene 5

Standing by the casket of Miguel is dad, Don Miguel. At the front of the casket crying is Miguel sister Conception knelling and crying. Behind her is a quiet crowd.
Don Miguel- I’m surprised at you Conception. Is this how you behave in the presence of saints?
(Miguel’s sister Conception stands and stops crying.)
Don Miguel- Remember what my son said: “If I’m ever caught, be prepared to ask me for things when I’m in heaven. I promise to perform a happy Mexican hat dance to cheer up any long faced saints I find in heaven.” Let us give praise to God as my son dances in heaven.
(At these words a band starts playing Mexican hat dance music. Miguel’s sister rubs her face and smiles. The crowd starts shouting Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey!) - A Saint Dancing in Heaven

Below is my first draft of a play that my friend Cathal (Cal) Gallagher, who is a real playwright, made into a great play. Cathal's work as a playwright is his way to evangelize. He said:

“A Hollywood producer has stated that movies have more influence on kids than parents do.

“I would go further. We have lost our youth to entertainment. They have been swallowed by the culture. It’s going to get worse. I have seen some Hollywood scripts and they are atrocious.

“Our answer is to show heroic characters on stage. Young people imitate their heroes.”

Here is a email exchange Cal and I had about Miguel Pro's cousins opinion of the play:

Thanks be to God. Keep up the good work. You are in my prayers.


Just back from LA. We did two encore performances Saturday
of Fr. Miguel Pro play at San Gabriel Playhouse. Great turnout.
500 at Matinee and over 600 at evening show. Fine theater with
Box Seats etc.

Miguel Pro's cousins in attendance. Needless to say I was a bit
concerned about their reaction. But they loved the play and thanked
everyone involved. See you at the next meeting.

Cal Gallagher

Finally, here is my original draft:

A Saint Dancing in Heaven

A Three Act Play about Blessed Miguel Pro
By Fred Martinez

The child, Miguel, is in a bed coughing. His Dad is silent, his Mom (Josefa) is crying and an arrogant doctor is standing by her. There is a big picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the room.
Josefa (Crying)-His burning up! Miguel is going to die!
Don Miguel-He will not die, yet!
Josefa-Are you crazy! Look at him!
Doctor Mateo-She’s right. His death is imminent. Get a priest, now!
Josefa- (Crying again)-Get a priest!
Don Miguel (Goes to his wife and hugs her)-Not yet!
Doctor Mateo-Are you crazy!
Don Miguel (Moving away from his wife he goes to his son and picks him up.)
Doctor Mateo-Put him down, now!
Don Miguel (Ignoring the doctor, he carries his son to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and cries out)-My Mother give me back my son!
Miguel (Silence for three to six seconds, then, the boy shudders and vomits a bloody mass of phlegm.)
Don Miguel- He will not die, yet.
Doctor Mateo (The doctor moves to Miguel and puts his hand on his forehead.)-The fever is gone.
Miguel- (Stands and hugs his Dad.)
Josepha (Comes and hugs both Don Miguel and Miguel.)

Act One
Act 1,Scene 1
Dark stage. Spotlight on seventeen year old Miguel Pro, Conception his sister (child), Dad, and Mom. They are looking up. Another spotlight beams above them and streaks.
Conception (Pointing she cries out)-There goes Halley’s comet!
Miguel (Turns to his family and sings)-Long live God my Father -Viva mi Padre Dios, praise to God my Father. The worker of things so lovely. Just wait, little stars, or big until you see how I shall out do you by leaving my trail across the heaven.
Neighbor’s voice (Yelling out of dark)-Shut up you clown! No wonder everyone calls you a clown! It’s three in the morning! Your dad should whip you!
Miguel (Turns to his dad with a sad _expression)
Don Miguel (Leaning forward he kisses Miguel on the forehead.)-Is this how you behave in the presence of your Father?
Miguel (Almost crying) I’m a stupid clown for both my fathers.
Don Miguel- No, Miguel you are God the Father’s and my shining star. When you looked like you were dying I said you will not die, yet. Your Mother in heaven saved your life to be a saint dancing in heaven, but first you must be crucified as her Son was.
Act 1,Scene 2
The seventeen-year-old Miguel is studying at a table. His dad enters with a smile.
Don Miguel- Because you’ve been such a good boy, lately, I have a gift for you.
Miguel (Mistrustful look)- What kind of gift?
Don Miguel-Don’t worry it’s not the kind of gifts you give to your teachers. It’s not a lizard.
Miguel-I thought you forgot about that, that...
Don Miguel (Giving Miguel a big gift-wrapped box)- I have.
Miguel (Opening and shouting)- A new guitar!
Don Miguel- A new guitar for my shining star who will dance in heaven!
Miguel- I’m not turning out to be the saint who will dance in heaven. Am I?
Josepha (Josepha and Conception come running in as all hear shouts of “POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Down with the Catholic Church! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Down with the Catholic Church!”)- Dios Mio, one of Calles, mob is coming to our house!
Conception (As there are loud bangs against the door)- Their trying to break down the door!
Don Miguel- I’m going out there to talk to them.
Josepha (Crying and grabbing a hold of Don Miguel as banging continues.) Please, don’t go! They’ll kill you! Please, Miguel.
Miguel (Grabs his guitar and sings as banging continues.)- Get away! Get away! Get away from that door! Get away from that door, now in the name of Jesus Christ!
Don Miguel (The banging stops. Silence, then Don Miguel and Miguel shove the table against the door. The banging starts, again! Each grabs a bat.)
Josepha (Josepha and Conception knell down.)- God, please, help us.
Conception (As Don Miguel and Miguel knell)- Father, if you save us, I’ll become a nun.
Miguel- Father, if you save us, I promise not to have a girlfriend for a year!
Josepha (As siren noise replaces banging)- The civil guard is here! We’re saved.
Conception (With a smile)- Miguel are you going to keep your vow to the Lord.
Miguel- Pardon me, Lord, I didn’t know what I was doing.

Act 1,Scene 3
In the living room of the Pro home, Miguel is sitting with his head down. Conception enters the room.
Conception- You look like you’re about to cry.
Miguel (Looking up)- Why are you leaving us.
Conception (With a smile)- I never get any peace with your singing and practical jokes.
Miguel (Serious)- Really, why are you leaving?
Conception- After the mob, I started wondering what God really wanted of me and I prayed for a long time. Finally, I knew that the Father wanted me to be a nun.
Miguel- How can you be sure it’s really God’s will?
Conception- Miguel remember Dad said, “ Love God and do what you want.” I want to be a nun for the Father, and I think he wants it, too.
Miguel- Pray for me that I can know what God wants of me.
Conception- I know one thing he wants of you, right now.
Miguel- But if I break up with her, all of my friends will think I’m stupid!
Conception- Do you love her?
Miguel- Everybody thinks we make a perfect couple.
Conception- Since you’ve been with her, you haven’t been singing-or praying.
Miguel- Every guy in school would kill to have her for a girlfriend.
Conception- Miguel, listen to Dad. Love God and do what you want. Not what your friends want!
Miguel- The Pastor said love isn’t a feeling. It’s doing good turns for others no matter how we feel. And I’m helping my girlfriend get closer to God.
Conception- Let put it this way, you know the man who is divorcing his wife. He says he was doing God’s will by divorcing his wife.
Miguel- But, he isn’t Catholic.
Conception- He was a Catholic until he married his wife.
Miguel- So...
Conception- When one marries one makes a solemn promise to God to stick to his wife through good times and bad until death.
Miguel- I’m not planning to marry her.
Conception- If your not planning to marry her why are you leading her on. Who do you plan to marry?
Miguel- Maybe I won’t get married. I’ll be like you and not get married.
Conception- Miguel, nuns are the brides of Christ and priest’s are the grooms of the Church. We make solemn promises to God to stick with our spouses through good times and bad until death.
Miguel- Maybe I’ll try to be the saint who will dance in heaven that dad wanted me to be.
Conception- This isn’t a game. Pray long and hard. If you believe it is God the Father’s will then do it.
Miguel- I’m afraid to pray about it.
Conception- Why?
Miguel- Because...because I kind of know that’s my path and I remember that dad said I’ll be a saint who’ll dance in heaven, but not until after I’m crucified.

Act 1, Scene 4
Michoacan Jesuit Seminary, Rector and young Jesuit speaking at table.
Father Antonio (Rector)- Do you think he’s serious about becoming a priest?
Father Julio (Young Jesuit)- As a 16-year-old he dressed up as dressed as a Jesuit and went around preaching. The people accepted him as a real priest.
Father Antonio- That’s what I mean.
Father Julio (Smiling)- OK, we had to relieve him of the people’s offerings of cigarettes and eggs, but...
Father Antonio- But, that proves my point.
Father Julio - But remember we didn’t expose him as a fake because he preached so well. And yesterday...
Father Antonio- Yesterday, I tested the jokester. I kept him standing in there for an hour and told him to come back without any explanation. I’ve done it for three days straight.
Father Julio - Today you have him waiting in the courtroom with your old Jesuit friends complaining about everything wrong with the Jesuits.
Father Luis (Other Jesuit walks in)- Rector, we tried.
Father Antonio- What’d he do?
Father Luis- He just smiled and said, “The Rector can’t be that bad since after this test he going to allow me into the seminary.

Act 1, Scene 5
Dark stage- Flashes and gunshots as a group of armed soldiers bang on a door- yelling “Open up!” Crash of door breaking down. Two soldiers enter into the previous scenes Rector’s office.
Captain Lucifer (A younger man)- Did you find Miguel Pro in the perimeter?
Private Jose- No, sir! Captain Lucifer, why are we breaking down a priest’s door. What can they do to hurt the revolution?
Captain Lucifer- These are the enemies of the people!
Private Jose- Are they going to shot back at us?
Captain Lucifer- Idiot! It’s their ideas that make them dangerous.
Private Jose- Like love your neighbor. Do good to those who hate you.
Captain Lucifer- That’s exactly it. They want to make the people into other Christ's. We want to make the people into revolutionaries.
Private Jose- Isn’t the revolution about love of the poor.
Captain Lucifer- No, it’s about power to the people! The power to kill God and the priests. The power to kill the rich and the poor if they aren’t with us.
Private Jose- How many poor people have you killed?
Captain Lucifer (Smiling, looking at the palms of his hands.)- Lenin said that it is only by blood and gore that a revolution is won.
Private Jose (Looks down at the floor shaking his head in disgust.)
Captain Lucifer (Calls out.)- Private!
Private Pedro- Yes, sir!
Captain Lucifer (Pointing at to the older soldier.)- Take this enemy of the people out and shot him!
Private Jose- Why are you killing me?
Captain Lucifer (Big smile)- You seem to like Christ so I’m going to make you another Christ. Soon I’ll make this Miguel Pro another Christ.
Fade out- Three gunshots.

Act 1, Scene 6
Miguel enters a train with a priest friend
Father Juan (Young priest)- Remember eleven years ago when we heard the gun shots at the seminary.
Miguel- We ran like chickens without heads only faster.
Father Juan - Can you believe we’re finally priests and in Europe.
Miguel- Yesterday was the happiest day of my life, but I want to go home.
Father Juan - Miguel, look ahead. It looks like trouble.
Miguel (Greets a rough and dirty group of coal miners.)- Hello.
The coal miners (Complete silence as miners give a hostile look at Miguel.)
Miguel- (To the closest miner.) It’s sure raining out there.
Lenin (Miner in a rude tone.)- Priest, we’re all socialist.
Miguel- Great! I’m a socialist, too.
Lenin- What kind of socialist are you?
Miguel- First explain to me what a socialist is?
Lenin- A socialist is someone who takes all the money from the rich!
Miguel (With a smile.)- When we have the money how do we protect it from the thieves?
Lenin (As a few miners smile, he says in a rude tone.)- There are some communists among us!
Miguel- Good! I’m a communist, too. Look it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry. Wouldn’t you like to divide your lunches with me?
Lenin (All the other miners began laughing, but he demands)- Aren’t you afraid to come in here?
Miguel- Why should I be afraid when I’m armed?
Lenin (Angrily)- Show me your gun!
Miguel (With the miners backing off, Miguel reaches into his pocket and brings out a crucifix raising it.)- Here’s my weapon. With it along, I have no fear of anyone.
Lenin (All the men smile except for Lenin.)
Miguel- Now, I’m going to show you how to operate this weapon.
(Fade with the group saying: Our Father who art in heaven...)
Act 1, Scene 7
Miguel is asleep lying in a hospital bed moaning as he clutches to his crucifix.
Doctor Thomas (Shaking Miguel awake.)- Wake up, Father.
Miguel (Awaking he immediately smiles.)- Sorry about my snoring, Doc.
Doctor Thomas - That wasn’t snoring. That was moaning.
Miguel- Doc, I think I’m well enough to get out of here.
Doctor Thomas - Come on Father, you haven’t eaten in days. You look like a dead man.
Miguel- But I’m sleeping better.
Doctor Thomas - I’m sorry I had to wake you up. That’s the most sleep you’ve had in weeks. But, I have to get your permission for a third operation.
Miguel- If it’ll get me out of here- go ahead.
Doctor Thomas - This operation will be like the second one. We can’t risk anesthetic.
Miguel- Doc, can I have my Code of Canon Law, again? No offense, but those operations take a long time. I need something to pass the time.
Doctor Thomas - No offense, but I looked at your eyes. You were pretending to read the book and your lips were moving. I assume you were praying.
Miguel- Yah Doc, since the second operation I prayed almost the all day and most of the night. After this I’m refreshed.
Doctor Thomas - I’m sorry. I know that since the second operation you’ve been in constant agony.
Miguel (Picking up his crucifix.)- This is agony.
Doctor Thomas - Your entire stomach is just one bleeding ulcer. I would say your pain is equivalent to Christ‘s pain.
Miguel- How many children do you have?
Doctor Thomas - Five- why?
Miguel- If you saw all your children being tortured to death while you had a bleeding ulcer, which would cause you more pain?
Doctor Thomas -Well, I guess seeing my children tortured would cause me more psychological pain.
Miguel- Doc, in order to save us Christ absorbed every ones sins with its consequences - death, physical pain and psychological pain.
Doctor Thomas - That’s not possible. He would have gone crazy.
Miguel- He absorbed all our craziness, too.
Doctor Thomas - Father, that’s all very nice like discussing how many angels are on the end of a needle, but I’m an atheist.
Miguel- He absorbed all disbelief in his Father, too. Remember, he said, “ My God, My God, why have thou forsaken me.”
Doctor Thomas - That’s all very nice, but what’s point?
Miguel (With a smile)- You said that my pain was equivalent to Christ‘s pain.
Doctor Thomas - Father, I hope for your sake your there is a God and an after-life.
Miguel- Why?
Doctor- Because there is little hope for this operation. In my opinion you’re going to be crucified in this operation and die.
Miguel- Maybe it’s finally time for me to dance in heaven.

Act 1, Scene 8
Miguel and a young priest are sitting and waiting to see their superior. The superior is sitting at a table talking to an older priest.
Father Juan (With the superior is sitting at a table talking to an older priest in the background.)-According to the doctor you’re supposed to be dead.
Miguel- I guess he was his diagnosis was wrong.
Father Juan - Miguel, the grapevine is saying that the superior is going to send you back to Mexico to die among your loved ones.
Miguel- That’s the best news I’ve had since I became a priest.
Father Juan - Wait a minute, if they send you back, I’ll probably have to go with you.
Miguel- Don’t you want to go home?
Father Juan - Sure, but not right now. Don’t you know? Their killing priests right and left.
Miguel- Mostly right.
Father Juan - It’s not funny! The superiors don’t know how bad the political situation is.
Miguel- Don’t say anything, please.
Superior (The older priest talking to the superior leaves and the superior waves Miguel as well as the young priest to come.)- Please come and sit down. How are you doing?
Miguel (As both he and the young priest sit in front of the superior‘s table.)- Much better since I left the hospital.
Superior- Let me be frank. Your doctor said your going to die.
Miguel- If I’m going to die, don’t you think it’d be better if I die among my loved ones?
Superior- That’s exactly what I was thinking. (Looking at the young priest.) Father Juan you’re going to accompany Father Pro back to Mexico.
Father Juan (Looks scared, but says nothing.)
Act Two
Return to Mexico
Act 2, Scene1
In the customs office two customs officers are going through a suitcase.
Custom officer #1- I love this job. I find all kinds of stuff to give to my girlfriend.
Custom officer #2 (Angry look)- Quiet down! If one of the government spies is around, we could lose our job.
Custom officer #1 (Laughing)- They couldn’t care less, as long as we say long live the revolution, viva la revolucion.
Custom officer #2 (Looking nervously around)- You’re going to really get us in trouble.
Miguel (Walks into the customs office with Father X, he is dressed like a rake in flashy attire. He has a scraggly mustache and a cigarette dangling from his lip. Taking out his cigarette.)- Long live the revolution, viva la revolucion.
Custom officer #1(Looking more nervous)- Yes, how can I help you?
Miguel- The socialist workers of Belgium salute the Mexican revolution.
Custom officer #1- You, you look Mexican.
Miguel (Looking at custom officer #2)- I am and the Mexican government doesn’t look kindly on those who are not sincerely with the revolution.
Custom officer #2- Who are you?
Miguel- The question you should ask is who do I know.
Custom officer #2- Who, who do you know?
Miguel- I know the Person who controls the fate of Mexico.
Custom officer #1 (Very nervous)- How can we help you, sir?
Miguel- I was told out front to have you check our bags.
Custom officer #1- No need for that, sir.
Miguel- Thank you.
Father Juan (As they walk away)- How can you lie about knowing President Calles?
Miguel- I don’t know Calles, but I do know Christ the King, Christo Rey, who does control the fate of Mexico.
Father Juan - You’re crazy! You had all your priestly vestments in the suitcase. If they called your bluff?
Miguel- I just feel bad I had to scare that poor little guy. Man, they’re scared of Calles.
Father Juan - If you think that little guy was scared of Calles just wait until you talk to the priests hiding all over Mexico from him.
Act 2, Scene 2
President Calles sits behind an imposing desk talking to his chief of staff- General Roberto Cruz.
Calles- Do you think my anti-Catholic laws are finally ready to succeed?
Cruz- My friend, you’re a teacher. You know the ancient Roman persecutions failed.
Calles- This one will not fail because I have a secret weapon.
Cruz- You mean the governor of Canabal Tabasco?
Calles- Good you’ve done your homework. Now tell me why Tomas Garrido is my favorite governor?
Cruz- Let’s see...his a Fascist who appeals to Marxist... he has given himself the title of “The Personal Enemy of God”...he like to kill priests...he has instituted the most comprehensive sex education programs in the country.
Calles- You get an A, Roberto. You understand my plan. First, we know who our enemy is then unite all who hate the Jewish God on the cross. Second, we use violence to confuse. Finally, we use public revolutionary education to end what Nietzsche called slave morality.
Cruz- Sounds like a plan from hell.
Calles- Do you know what Garrido named his three sons?
Cruz- No.
Calles- Their names are Lenin, Satan and Lucifer. Would you like to meet Lucifer?
Cruz- Why not?
Calles- Captain Lucifer come in.
Captain Lucifer (Walks in.)- President Calles it is an honor to be in your presence.
Calles- Captain can you tell the General the work you and your father are doing in your state?
Captain Lucifer- Sir, we have banned all Masses, expelled all bishops, killed priests and massacred those who frequent churches. But most importantly we are educating the youth in revolutionary sex education.
Calles- General, I present to you the son of the personal enemy of God. The future of Mexico.
Cruz- I know you were a teacher, but I was never a good student. Why do you hate the Church so much?
Calles- To paraphrase Friedrick Nietzsche because Christianity is a religion of losers.
Cruz- If they are such losers why bother?
Calles- Because as the Nazi party says “One is either a German or a Christian.” Or in our case one is either a Christian or a Mexican.
Cruz (In mock surprise)- Sir, I’m surprised you go in for Hitler’s brand of Fascism. Considering...
Calles- Considering that all over Mexico they are spreading the dirty rumor that I’m a Jew.
Cruz- No, the lie that you’re not a Mexican.
Calles- As you know my mother was Lebanese, but my father was Mexican. By blood I’m half-Mexican, but I’m more Mexican than you.
Cruz- Are you as Mexican as Our Lady of Guadalupe?
Calles (Laughing)- Even my mother is as Mexican as Our Lady of Guadalupe. My mother told me her dark face and clothes are those of a Palestine Jew.
Cruz- Come on, you don’t believe that painting isn’t a fraud.
Calles- No, it’s not a fraud. Remember when that guy blew a bomb off in front of it. The iron cross in front of it bend over backward from the force, but the picture wasn’t damaged.
Cruz- That was a freak accident of the explosive material.
Calles- Let’s not start believing our own propaganda. She’s real. Lucifer can tell you that.
Cruz- I still don’t get it.
Calles- You’re so stupid. She has power and by her appearance gave the Mexican people an identity. I have power and took the Mexican identity.
Cruz- She gave an identity and you took an identity?
Calles- Yeah like a mother she nourishes and molds her children into manhood. I’m like men in prison who take the manhood of other men by rape.
Cruz- If you really believe that why do you want to destroy her and her Church?
Calles- Because she’s a loser like her Son. He was crucified and we are going to crucify her.
Cruz- You’re going to blow up her picture.
Calles- We tried it. It can’t be done. But we are going crucify her by raping and killing the minds and bodies of her followers. Lucifer here is going to kill every priest in this country.
Act 2 Scene 3
Miguel breaks a common wineglass (we hear it loudly) on the table and hurriedly eats three slices of white bread. As he does this one can hear shouts of “Open up! Open up!” Miguel calmly lights a cigarette and opens the door as three persons exit the back door only Don Miguel (Miguel’s father) stays.
Miguel- How are you doing my friend?
Captain Lucifer (Entering)- We have a report that a priest was saying Mass here.
Miguel- My friend, I was having a drink of wine when you started yelling.
Captain Lucifer- Your glass is broken. We’ve heard that priests do that.
Miguel- If I went yelling and banging on your door you might drop your glass.
Don Miguel- Sir, my son has been very ill.
Captain Lucifer- He doesn’t look sick.
Don Miguel- Son, show them the scars.
Captain Lucifer (Scared look on his face.)- They still look infected. What’s wrong with him?
Don Miguel- He was send home to die.
Captain Lucifer (Regaining his composure he smiles as he walks out the door.)- No use wasting a bullet on you. It’ll be more fun seeing you die a slow agonizing death.
Don Miguel- Son, the Pope allows you to use regular bread for Holy Communion and I think he won’t mind if you don’t break the glass chalice.
Miguel- Dad you know that in that glass was the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Would you want someone to drink beer out of the glass God was in?
Don Miguel- No son, but can you break it a little quieter next time.
Act 2 Scene 4
Miguel is giving a talk to a group of teenagers.
Miguel- You are the 12 apostles of Mexico city. The 150 youths under you are Our Lady’s army. Without you the poor would not get Christian instruction.
Jose (Raises his hand and Miguel points to him.)- Padre, some of your army wants to quit. Tomas and Mateo are in jail. They say Juanito was tortured by Captain Lucifer and no one knows what happened to him.
Miguel (A tear comes to his eyes and he looks down then speaks.)- When Jesus was dying on the cross for us they told Him come down and we’ll believe. Juanito wanted to be another Christ.
Jose- Why do we have to suffer and die to be another Christ?
Miguel- Do you read the newspaper?
Jose (Sarcastically) - I know original sin and the necessity of suffering are the church’s teachings that are verified in each morning paper.
Miguel- Whether you’re an atheist or Christian that’s reality! The only question is how do we deal with it.
Jose- How do you deal with torture and death?
Miguel- Pray, pray much. If that’s God’s path for you, you may ask that the chalice be taken away.
Juan- They say because of your health you were send here to die. Did you ask that your chalice be taken away?
Miguel- Yes, when I was your age I did. But I was the most unhappy slob you’d ever want to meet. Now that I accept my suffering for God’s sake I’m happy. Strange isn’t?
Jose- You’re happy?
Miguel- I see God’s hand in all this. I almost fear they won’t kill me in these adventures, which would be a disaster. I sigh to go to heaven and dance with the angels.
Juan- So it isn’t a chalice to you.
Miguel- My chalice is obeying my superiors and staying on this earth.
Act 2 Scene 5
Miguel disguised in mechanic overalls and baseball cap with a backpack while he is walking his bicycle to a bus bench. At the bench is Fr. Juan dressed as a bum. At the other end of the bench is a woman reading a book.
Miguel (He walks to the bum.)- I’ve got bread and wine for the poor in the backpack.
Fr. Juan (Looking at the lady on the bench and back at to Miguel.)- There are a bunch of bums on 19th St that could use the bread and especially the wine.
Miguel (Smiling)- Thanks! I’m sure they’re hungry, but I’ll save the wine for us.
Woman (As Miguel rides off)- Are you guys priests?
Fr. Juan - Do I look like a priest?
Woman- Your friend’s disguise is good, but I don’t know any bums with new shoes.
Fr. Juan - Are you going to turn us in?
Woman (As she’s about to speak sirens come on. Michael comes running, taking off his mechanics overalls, he puts them in the nearby garbage can. Under the overalls is a suit and Miguel immediately takes on the mannerisms of a dandy. He smiles at the woman as she does the sign of the cross.)
Miguel- I’m a priest. Can you help me?
Woman- How?
Miguel (He pulls out a near empty bottle of wine from his suit pocket and hands it to Fr. Juan as he speaks to the woman.)- Let’s hold hands and pretend to be in love as we walk slowly.
Miguel (Turning around to Fr. Juan)- Throw those shoes in the garbage right now and drink our Lord in the slowly.
Fr. Juan (After he throws his shoes in the garbage can and begins to drink the wine, two policemen come running towards the bus bench.)
Captain Lucifer (Asking Fr. Juan who looks like a bum drinking his wine)- Have you seen a guy in mechanic overalls?
Fr. Juan (With the voice of a drunk)- He went that way.
Captain Lucifer (As Lucifer and a soldier run pass Miguel in the suit holding hands with the woman.)- Hurry up, we can still catch him!
Miguel (As the soldiers run off the set Miguel blesses the woman as she knells.)
Woman (As Miguel walks away, the woman hands him her purse.)- Fr Miguel takes this and help the poor.
Act 2 Scene 6
Miguel is walking down the street carrying a small purse rolled up in his hand when a prostitute speaks to him. Sitting near by on a bench is Fr. Juan.
Prostitute- What you got in your hand handsome?
Miguel (Showing her the purse)- It’s a beautiful ladies pocketbook, which I’m going to sell at a raffle for 100 pesos.
Prostitute- What do you really want?
Miguel- Okay, seeing that it’s you, I’ll sell it for 50 pesos. And beg you to send the money to the Martinez family who lives on 12 3rd St.
Prostitute (She has a surprised _expression as Miguel gives her the purse.)- You trust me?
Miguel- The Martinez family is depending on you to eat. I know you won’t let them down.
Prostitute- Who are you Santa Claus?
Miguel (With a smile)- Better a priest.
Prostitute (Walks away with a smile)
Miguel (Sits on the bench with Fr. Juan)
Fr. Juan - Why were you talking with that prostitute?
Miguel- Jesus talked with prostitutes. Remember Mary Magdalene.
Fr. Juan - But Jesus didn’t have vicious rumors being spread about him.
Miguel- There were more vicious rumors said about Jesus than about me. No ones called me a devil, yet.
Fr. Juan - Don’t you know what they’re calling you since your family took in that baby no one wanted.
Miguel- They’re saying Jose de Jesus is my son.
Fr. Juan - I talked to Father Superior and he wants you to defend yourself against the rumors.
Miguel- Is that an order under obedience?
Fr. Juan - No.
Miguel- Defend myself and lose the only chance I have of imitating Jesus Christ who kept silent when he was judged unjustly. Oh no.
Fr. Juan (Fr. Juan is about to speak when a man walks by and gives Miguel a big package. Miguel openings it as everyone hears a babies loud cry.)- A Baby?
Miguel (With a smile)- She looks just like Jose de Jesus. I hope Dad will take her in.
Fr. Juan (Throwing his hands in the air)- That’s it! I give up! From now on out I’m going to let your dad take care of you.
Act 2 Scene 7
Miguel and his dad walk into the Institute of the Good Shepard (a house of unwed mothers and abandoned children). There are a couple of nuns caring to the needs of the babies and tough looking women. Miguel and his dad are carrying arms full of packages for the women and children.
Don Miguel- Father Superior wants me to talk to you about protecting your reputation.
Miguel (Looks his dad in the face.)- Dad, please don’t.
Don Miguel- Son, I love you. I’m blessed to have a son who is following in Christ’s footsteps. But, please, protect your reputation if your superior orders you to.
Miguel (Miguel, smiling, embraces his dad as he still holds the packages)
Mother Superior (She enters.)- Miguel, your smashing the precious merchandise.
Miguel- You’re right. These are gifts for God’s most precious ones and the government knows it.
Mother Superior- The government knows we are useful.
Miguel- You’re so useful that they don’t close you down and only you are allowed to wear religious clothing without being hunted down.
Mother Superior- Only indoors! They don’t shut us down because no one else will take care of the unwed mothers and babies.
Don Miguel (Suddenly looking out the window.) Miguel those two cops we thought we lost are coming this way.
Private Pedro (Two soldiers walk in and up to Miguel.)- By order of Captain Lucifer we here to arrest a priest...
Miguel- Can I have a match?
Private Pedro (Looking confused)- There’s matches in the store across the street.
Miguel (Immediately walking fast, he walks out the door. The two soldiers look more confused.)
Private Pedro (Both turn around and look angry)- He hailed a cab.
Mother Superior (Looking out the window.)- They caught a cab and are after him. (Pause) Miguel’s cab has come back. His jumping out of the speeding cab. Now his is leaning against a tree as if he didn’t have a care in the world. (Starting to laugh.) They passed right by him and are chasing his cab.
Don Miguel (Smiling as his son walks back in.) Welcome back. What took you so long?
Miguel (Looking a little banged up as he brushes of dust from his cloth, he smiles says.)-
We’re ready for the next time.
Don Miguel- The next time you won’t get away.
Act 3
Draw the Winning Number
Act 3 Scene 1
In a hideout, Don Miguel looking out the window.
Don Miguel- Is it true that General Obregon is trying to start secret negotiations with the Church?
Miguel- I’ve heard rumors that it’s true.
Don Miguel- If we’ve heard rumors then Calles has heard them, too.
Miguel- That’s not going to make Obregon Calles’ favorite general.
Don Miguel- Just last month there was a couple of hundred political assassinations and that included the two opposing presidential candidates.
Miguel- The victims are many. The number of martyrs grows everyday. If only I should draw a winning number.
Don Miguel- I’m sure you heard that someone threw a bomb at Obregon’s car.
Miguel- I figured it was one of Calles’ people.
Don Miguel- I just found out the people who threw the bomb were driving an Essex. the Essex that used to belong to your brother, Humberto. We’re already making plans to leave Mexico. I need your help to get him out of the country.
Miguel- Who did it?
Don Miguel- Luis Vilchis, a Cristero.
Miguel- Fool. His doing Calles work for him.
Don Miguel- Don’t change the subject, your brother needs your help.
Miguel- So you don’t want me to draw a winning number.
Act 3, Scene 2
At the home of General Obregon two soldiers bring in a man bleeding from the eye. There blood all over his cloth.
Private Pedro - This one was shot after he threw the bomb.
General Obregon- Are they Calles’ people or are they Cristeros?
Private Pedro - We think they are Cristeros.
General Obregon (Speaks to the man doubled over and bleeding.)- Fool. I’m your only hope and you try to kill me.
(Bleeding man falls to the rug.)
General Obregon- Get him out of here. His bleeding all over my rug.
Private Pedro - (Drags the bleeding man out of the room.)
General Obregon- Bring in Vilchis, the engineer.
(Vilchis is brought in.)
General Obregon- Who made the bomb?
Vilchis- I made the bombs. The three men with me in the car are the only people who knew anything about my project.
General Obregon- We know that the car you used was previously owned by Humberto Pro, the brother of the priest.
Vilchis- It’s true. But as you also know they never approved of my military ways.
General Obregon- Then you are doing Calles work for him. You just sealed the death penalty on Fr. Pro. Captain Lucifer with the help of an informer is arresting the Pros right now.
Act 3, Scene 3
General Cruz and an attorney sit at a desk.
General Cruz- Attorney, this priest is loved in this city. Calles is going to start a real counter-revolution.
Attorney- Isn’t he guilty?
General Cruz- We have people on the inside of the Cristores. The Pros never had anything to do with Vilchis’ armed resistance.
Attorney- If he’s not guilty then why don’t you just release him?
General Cruz- Calles won’t let me.
Attorney- Then turn him over to the courts.
General Cruz- That’s what I want to do. That’s why I called you over here. What judge will stand up to Calles for a little while until this thing blows over?
Attorney- There’s no judge just enough or stupid enough to stand up to Calles even for a little while as you say.
General Cruz- Then it’s time for Calles’ “big show.” I’m going to have to call the press and photographer to cover the Pro execution,
Attorney- Is Calles crazy? The press and photographers to kill a priest won’t just start a revolution here, but the Gringo Catholics in the United States might get Calles’ friend President Wilson to cut off funds.
General Cruz- What do you expect from a guy who surrounds himself with nuts who names their sons Lenin, Satan and Lucifer.
Act 3, Scene 4
Miguel with Private Pedro escorting him walks into a room full of the press and photographers flashing pictures.
Reporter- Are you a priest?
Miguel- Yes, sir. A Jesuit priest.
Reporter- Have you anything to declare?
Miguel- No, nothing. I’m grateful for the attention I‘ve received from those who arrested me. I have had nothing to do with this affair of the assault because I’m a lover of order. I’m quite at peace and I‘m sure justice will be done sooner or later. I deny having any part whatever in this plot.
Private Pedro - Father, it’s time. (Miguel gets up.)
Attorney (The attorney who was speaking to General Cruz rushes in.)- Can I see General Cruz? I have a restraining order against the execution of the Pro brothers.
Captain Lucifer (Walks over to the attorney, points a pistol at his back and grabs him by the shoulder.) You are to come with me.
Private Pedro (With tears in his eyes)- Father, please forgive me?
Miguel- You have not only my forgiveness, but my thanks.
(The policeman leads Miguel to the wall as a line of soldier stand with rifles. A crowd of reporters and photographers are there with cameras flashing.)
Private Pedro - Do you have a last request?
Miguel- I’d like to pray for a while.
(Miguel knells in front of the wall. He makes a very slow sign of the cross and prays with his head bowed. Then he stands and kisses a large crucifix in his hand.
Private Pedro - Do you want a blindfold?
Miguel- No. (Then he turns his face to the rifles. In one hand is the crucifix and in the other is a rosary.)
Miguel- May God have mercy on you. May god bless you. Lord, You know that I’m innocent. With all my heart I forgive my enemies.
(The soldiers aim their rifles.)
Miguel (He lifts his arms to make a cross. In a firm, clear voice.)- Viva Cristo Rey! Long Live Christ the King!
(The rifles fire. Miguel falls to the ground. A smiling Captain Lucifer walks up to Miguel and fired a pistol three times into his head as photographers’ cameras flash.)

Act 3, Scene 5
Standing by the casket of Miguel is dad, Don Miguel. At the front of the casket crying is Miguel sister Conception knelling and crying. Behind her is a quiet crowd.
Don Miguel- I’m surprised at you Conception. Is this how you behave in the presence of saints?
(Miguel’s sister Conception stands and stops crying.)
Don Miguel- Remember what my son said: “If I’m ever caught, be prepared to ask me for things when I’m in heaven. I promise to perform a happy Mexican hat dance to cheer up any long faced saints I find in heaven.” Let us give praise to God as my son dances in heaven.
(At these words a band starts playing Mexican hat dance music. Miguel’s sister rubs her face and smiles. The crowd starts shouting Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey!)
(As the crowd shouts, a blind woman goes to the casket to touch it and prays.)
Blind Woman- I can see! I can see! Thanks be to Father Pro!
(As the woman yells the music stops and the crowd is silent.)
A friend of the blind woman- You can’t see. You’re just hysterical. Try to read this newspaper and you’ll see you’re still blind. (She hands the blind woman the newspaper.)
Blind Woman (Reading the paper)- “The federal government has just announced that possession of photographs of Father Miguel Pro’s execution is a crime against the state. This pronouncement was made after tens of thousands lined the streets to honor the priest enemy of the state.” See I can see and read. Thanks be to Father Pro.
Don Miguel- Let us give praise to God! My son was crucified. Now he is dancing in heaven! (The Mexican hat music begins again.) 

Pray an Our Father now for reparation for the sins committed because of Francis’s Amoris Laetitia.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Stop for a moment of silence, ask Jesus Christ what He wants you to do now and next. In this silence remember God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost – Three Divine Persons yet One God, has an ordered universe where you can know truth and falsehood as well as never forget that He wants you to have eternal happiness with Him as his son or daughter by grace. Make this a practice. By doing this you are doing more good than reading anything here or anywhere else on the Internet.

Francis Notes:

– Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales totally confirmed beyond any doubt the possibility of a heretical pope and what must be done by the Church in such a situation:

“[T]he Pope… WHEN he is EXPLICITLY a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church MUST either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See.”
(The Catholic Controversy, by St. Francis de Sales, Pages 305-306)

Saint Robert Bellarmine, also, said “the Pope heretic is not deposed ipso facto, but must be declared deposed by the Church.”

– “If Francis is a Heretic, What should Canonically happen to him?”:

– “Could Francis be a Antipope even though the Majority of Cardinals claim he is Pope?”:

– If Francis betrays Benedict XVI & the”Roman Rite Communities” like he betrayed the Chinese Catholics we must respond like St. Athanasius, the Saintly English Bishop Robert Grosseteste & “Eminent Canonists and Theologians” by “Resist[ing]” him: 

 –  LifeSiteNews, “Confusion explodes as Pope Francis throws magisterial weight behind communion for adulterers,” December 4, 2017:

The AAS guidelines explicitly allows “sexually active adulterous couples facing ‘complex circumstances’ to ‘access the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.'”

–  On February 2018, in Rorate Caeli, Catholic theologian Dr. John Lamont:

“The AAS statement… establishes that Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia has affirmed propositions that are heretical in the strict sense.”

– On December 2, 2017, Bishop Rene Gracida:

“Francis’ heterodoxy is now official. He has published his letter to the Argentina bishops in Acta Apostlica Series making those letters magisterial documents.”

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church by the bishops by the grace of God.

Election Notes: 

– Intel Cryptanalyst-Mathematician on Biden Steal: “212Million Registered Voters & 66.2% Voting,140.344 M Voted…Trump got 74 M, that leaves only 66.344 M for Biden” []

– Will US be Venezuela?: Ex-CIA Official told Epoch Times “Chávez started to Focus on [Smartmatic] Voting Machines to Ensure Victory as early as 2003”:

– Tucker Carlson’s Conservatism Inc. Biden Steal Betrayal is explained by “One of the Greatest Columns ever Written” according to Rush:

– A Hour which will Live in Infamy: 10:01pm November 3, 2020:

What is needed right now to save America from those who would destroy our God given rights is to pray at home or in church and if called to even go to outdoor prayer rallies in every town and city across the United States for God to pour out His grace on our country to save us from those who would use a Reichstag Fire-like incident to destroy our civil liberties. [Is the DC Capitol Incident Comparable to the Nazi Reichstag Fire Incident where the German People Lost their Civil Liberties? and Epoch Times Show Crossroads on Capitol Incident: “Anitfa ‘Agent Provocateurs‘”:

Pray an Our Father now for the grace to know God’s Will and to do it.

Pray an Our Father now for America.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


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