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"Clinton News Network" writes:
No Wonder they call it the "Clinton News Network"

by Col. Bob Pappas, USMC, Ret.

Confession is good for the soul. It is also good for integrity and so, after
finding egg on my face incident to "The Hypocrisy of the Front Runners,"
written November 1st, 2007; I confess that I was wrong. I wrote:"Then
there's Mr. B. Hussein Obama, the Candidate who refuses to recite the Pledge
of Allegiance, who prefers rather to slump with hands joined below his
crotch in the body language of disdain during recitation of the Pledge."

It turns out that Mr. Obama's noted body language was during the singing of
the National Anthem not the Pledge of Allegiance, although proper protocol
requires that one place the right hand over the heart during the singing of
the National Anthem as well. Candidate Barack Hussein Obama states that he
always joins in the Pledge of Allegiance and that no one should run for the
Presidency who does not. I stand corrected and apologize to readers for the

Moving on, it is notable that the Republicans are willing to go on CNN but
the Democrats are not willing to face Fox News. No surprise, but notable.
That reality is indicative of one of many underlying Democrat problems, in
the instant case, honesty; not frankness, no question they are frank, but
they are fundamentally dishonest. When at least one member of Bill
Clinton's own party praised him for his unique ability to lie, that comment
by, Senator J. Robert Kerry (D) of Nebraska, wiped away all doubt. But that
isn't where it stops; their basic dishonesty leaps from one issue to the
next with the agility of a feline (no offense to the feline) that if one did
not know facts, one might even be persuaded to believe them.

However, one must give them credit for humor. Just read a piece in which one
of their cohorts in the so called, "Mainstream Media" and there are more
than a few on political left, hurls denigrating remarks about the Republican
"Attack Machine." If ever a Party, indeed the leftist movement, is a master
of both how to smear and the ability to attack, it is far and away those on
the political left.

It is amazing how the political left views the world. Not that the right
always gets it right, but the left is clearly afflicted with fried or loose
neurons, or both. For example, Anderson Cooper's claiming that they had no
idea that retired Army Reserve Colonel, Keith Kerr was affiliated with the
Clinton Campaign. As one media commentator said, "that's a lot of crap."
Although there is no real problem with having the candidates answer
questions from the political opposition, there is a serious credibility
problem with CNN's handling of the issue. One does not posit that questions
to the Candidates are from undecided voters when in reality the questions
were carefully selected to highlight the leftist social agenda and were
proffered by the opposing Party's operatives.

One questioner, Kerr, that CNN previously had on their programming in
support of their opposition to the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, returned
for the debate at CNN's invitation and expense to grandstand his position
that homosexuals should be allowed to serve openly in the military. To
Kerr, the retired teacher who served in the Army Reserve, California
National Guard and was "asshole buddies" with an Episcopal Priest for 26
years, each of the Republican Candidates cited the "Don't ask don't tell"
policy crafted by Bill Clinton and others, as being appropriate, and that
otherwise it would have a negative impact on troop discipline and combat
effectiveness. (For the record, homosexual perverts are allowed to serve in
the military.) Incidentally, Kerr is no more a Brigadier General than I am,
and that's not the half of it. He has an honorary title much the same as a
Kentucky Colonel. Among those in the know, CNN has just demonstrated again
that its agenda of promoting the left and leftist causes overrides both fact
and integrity. No surprise there.

It is all but given that the left is in favor of protecting and promoting
every sexually perverted act know to mankind, and probably some that are yet
to be invented in the name of liberalism. They view this as completely
normal notwithstanding the facts. First, it is not normal, it is a sexually
unnatural aberration. Second, they take pride in standing reality on its
head to convince folks that intolerance of sexual perversion is evil rather
than condemn the evil acts in which homosexual perverts (yes, it's
redundant) engage. Third, if one would take the time to learn about the
wide-ranging perversion in which they engage, they couldn't find a maggot
that would want to touch it. Then combine that with one branch of the
sexually perverted crowd's agenda and one comes up with NAMBLA or North
American Man Boy Love Association. Yes, it's just like it sounds, but should
be "Sex Association."

Let's address love for the sake of discussion. Love is not sex. Sex is sex.
Love is not taking advantage of a young girl or boy who is more interested
in receiving the promised doll or baseball than performing oral sex on some
pervert's anatomy. Those pathetic souls who choose to engage is sexually
perverted behavior are destroying their own eternal souls and the souls of
their victims, and have the temerity to openly advance behavior this is
manifestly destructive to themselves and society?

What is love? God is love; I've learned about that love and let's get it
straight, homosexual conduct is not love. This might offend some who have
bought into the lie that homosexual behavior is genetic, but every time they
try to cram it down the throats of mainstream society, they can expect a
response from at least one writer.

Genetic? There is not one scintilla of scientific evidence that supports,
much less proves that perverted sexual behavior to be genetic, not one. Like
"human caused Global Warming," it is an article of "faith." On the other
hand there is a plethora of fallacious information that supports the notion.
Some time ago during a debate with an ACLU representative and a
self-declared homosexual reject form the Air Force incident to his sexually
perverted behavior, the ACLU representative said that there were hundreds of
studies that support the notion that sexually perverted behavior is genetic.
Unfortunately for him, he was refused to address the sexual predilections of
the authors of those reports and/or their political agenda.

There are undoubtedly sexually normal liberals who in their religious zeal
to promote the liberal agenda argue that sexually perverted behavior is a
matter choice, just as they argue that killing an unborn child is a matter
of choice. In my opinion, and mine is every bit as valid as the entire
quackery of homosexual apologists, they are sex addicts. Does that excuse
them? About as much as any untreated addict. Whenever I hear the lame excuse
that they cannot help themselves, I am reminded that in this society, those
who cannot help themselves are generally classified as insane, or at the
least mentally unbalanced.

I have heard every lame explanation about the causes of perverted sexual
conduct known to man, and remain convinced that it is a sin, "an abomination
to God," and an addiction.

A central question is, "Does God love them?" Of course God loves them, and
so do I, God sent his own son Jesus to redeem all sinners. But one has to
repent for redemption to matter.

Contemporary political leaders including Rudy, Mitt, Barack and Hillary all
support behaviors that are inherently evil. How in Heaven's name can right
thinking people support any of them? The problem is that so called,
Christians have become so "liberal" that is, "anything goes, as long as one
is sincere," that they fail the basic test for the label. There is no place
in the Bible and most other religious guidebooks that perverted sexual
behavior is acceptable among adherents. Given that, now, no doubt, they
will invent their own religion to make it so. Yet, Rudy Guiliani, a Catholic
and his endorser, Pat Robertson an Evangelical leader, embrace the
underlying twin evil themes of killing of the unborn and advancement of the
sexually perverted lifestyles. Get serious! Rudy doesn't give a hoot, but
has Robertson forgotten that there will be a Judgment?

Someone recently posited the notion to the effect, what will sexual perverts
do when parents who believe that their child may be potentially a sexual
pervert, have it aborted?

Interesting question.

Semper Fidelis,

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