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Kathleen Willey: Hillary Clinton's 'secret police' tried to silence me

Kathleen Willey: Hillary Clinton's 'secret police' tried to silence me

Jim Brown

November 16, 2007

A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by President Bill Clinton in the White House in 1993 has written a new book to -- in her words -- "reclaim my own life and take back the things that the Clintons took from me years ago."

Kathleen Willey is author of the book Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The former volunteer worker in the Clinton White House says she wants America to know what the Clintons tried to do to her when she was subpoenaed by Paula Jones's attorney in her sexual harassment lawsuit, and when she was subpoenaed by Ken Starr in his grand jury investigation.

Willey alleges Hillary Clinton has hired well-known private investigators to "intimidate" her and other women who have had disturbing encounters with Bill Clinton.

"There was a steady pattern here of terror campaigns, smear campaigns, intimidations, threats -- and I lived through that. It was very real to me," she says. "And I know it's happened to other women, I know it's happened to other people who have -- women especially -- who have had the misfortune of crossing paths with Bill Clinton."

Willey says since her story became public, she has talked to many women who "suffered at Bill Clinton's hands" the same way she did while in the Oval Office. Willey says the women all tell similar stories and "they can't all be lying."

'Operatives' alleged

Willey also believes Clinton "operatives" were behind a break-in at her rural Virginia home over Labor Day weekend. She says that not long after some national publications reported that she was almost finished with her new book about the Clintons and that it was being released in November, someone broke into her home and stole the manuscript of her book off her desk while she was asleep upstairs.

Willey claims the break in "was staged as a burglary" and the individual or individuals responsible wanted to do two things -- terrify her, and find out what was in the manuscript before her book was published.

However, she believes it will be hard to prove who did this because the Clinton operatives are good at what they do. And she contends that Hillary Clinton's "secret police," as she calls them, will strike again.



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Hi Fred,

Kathleen will be on a virtual book tour in January if you're interested in hosting her via an interview. If interested, contact me at thewriterslife(at)

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