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Movie Star Talks More About Baby He Saved From Abortion

Bella Movie's Lead Actor Talks More About Baby He Saved From Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
December 6, 2007

Hollywood, CA ( -- Millions of Americans have enjoyed the
soft pro-life theme of the movie Bella, that has been one of
Hollywood's success stories despite the limited number of theaters showing the
film. Now its lead actor Eduardo Verastegui is sharing more details about
the baby saved from an abortion as he prepared for his role in the
In June 2006, first reported the heartwarming story
Verastegui shared at a private showing of the film.

Bella's producers wanted to keep the story private for fear of making
their movie appear to be a polemic political statement on abortion.

In a statement released on Thursday, Verastegui, for the first time,
publicly discusses what happened.

Verastegui told last year that he didn't know much about
the issue of abortion when he prepared for his role as Jose.

Not knowing of the animosity abortion businesses have towards pro-life
advocates, he decided to go to a local abortion facility to learn more
about what really happens inside. What occurred, he says, changed his
life forever.

"I decided to go to an abortion center to see if I could learn more
about what women think and feel when faced with a crisis pregnancy," he

Outside, he met a Hispanic couple considering an abortion and he was
able to speak with them in their native Spanish for 45 minutes. He
offered them hope, help, encouragement and his phone number.

"Several months later," Eduardo continues, "I received a phone call
from the man I met with the pregnant lady in front of the abortion

"He said, 'Hello Eduardo - this is Javier, and I have great news. My
boy was born yesterday! I want to thank you and ask your permission - I
would like to name him, Eduardo,'" the man told him.

"I just put the phone down - I couldn't even talk," Eduardo says.

"It's the most emotional thing I've ever done in my life. It changed my
life. It was beautiful. I went to the hospital to meet them and see
the baby. A few weeks later, I was holding little Eduardito in my hands.
It was beautiful," he added.

The movie has touched lives in the same way and motivated pro-life
advocates to strengthen their resolve to end abortion.

California pro-life advocate J.T. Finn encourages pro-life people to
continue seeing the movie and taking friends and family to it.

"We need to help this award-winning, pro-adoption movie, 'Bella,' stay
in theaters so it can keep saving babies' lives and touching people's
minds and hearts," he told

"'Bella' is doing extremely well at the box office for the limited
number of theaters it's in," says Finn, "but the onslaught of Christmas
blockbuster films, some of which open this weekend, threatens to drive it
out of theaters."

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