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Three Courageous Pro-Life Heroes Still in Jail

Three Courageous Pro-Life Heroes Still in Jail
MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, Dec. 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- Right now, three courageous pro-life heroes - Joan Andrews-Bell, her son Emiliano, and "Lifeboat Willy" - are serving a 5-day sentence in Manchester, New Hampshire for their part in a peaceful "sit-in" outside the office of GOP Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani. They refused to pay a $240 fine, and were jailed at the rate of $50 per day.

On the day before there arrest, eleven others (myself included) were arrested for the same activities. We are free, awaiting trial.

The purpose of these arrests is simple: draw attention to Rudy Giuliani and his hard-core support of child- killing by abortion. Rudy has done a masterful job hiding his pro-death, pro-homosexual marriage agenda, and has been selling himself as a "conservative Republican."

Our efforts have proven successful thus far; major newspapers have been carrying the unfolding story, and the web is abuzz with online news and blogs about our efforts and purposes. Our intention is for this to escalate through the New Hampshire and Florida primaries, culminating with Super Tuesday (Feb 5) on which we plan to celebrate the funeral of Rudy's deceptive campaign. May it rot on the ash heap of history.

Back to Joan, Emiliano, and Willy - yet sitting in jail.

They took this bold step to fulfill the role of "prophet" and "watchmen on the wall." By the 14 arrests over 2 days and their incarceration, a laser beam was focused on the evil of Rudy's positions. God bless them for their heroism.

But beyond the New Hampshire primary, and certainly beyond Rudy, those 3 souls sitting behind bars have pointed a second laser on something for more dangerous and damning - the silence of the clergy concerning evil men and women.

Throughout the Scriptures and Church history, God's prophets and Apostles have confronted kings and queens, princes and judges, by name. God's heralds have publicly rebuked and censored errant political leaders for personal scandalous sins, as well as condemned wicked policies denying justice to the oppressed both prior to and after the birth of the Church.

John the Baptist rebuked Herod by name; Jeremiah prophesied by name to kings Jehoiakim and Zedekiah; King Ahab and Queen Jezebel were rebuked by name--boldly and publicly--by Elijah. The Biblical examples go on and on.

Most clergy and leaders of ministries in America have refused to say one public word against Rudy - or any baby-killing candidate for that matter. Like the contemptible Priest and Levite in "The Good Samaritan" they have passed by on the other side while Rudy, Hillary, Obama, and a host of other villains have lurked in the shadows - accomplices to the murder of babies in the ditch of America's abortion mills.

Today's watchmen on the wall look the other way while the wicked prosper and the innocent perish at their hands.

Why do they refuse to cry out against this evil?

Perhaps the most damning excuse - the most self- incriminating fear - used to justify the deafening silence of bishops and protestant clergy during an election cycle or during battles over pending legislation is the fear of losing the Church's "tax- exempt status."

Words cannot express the revulsion we should all feel at this excuse. Who is Lord of the Church? Caesar or Christ? Who is Lord of the Gospel? Jesus or the IRS?

In honest assessment, the tax-exempt status can only be viewed as a glorified bribe--godless hush money-- used to buy the Church's silence.

Bishops, priests, evangelical ministers and pastors, and ministry heads of every ilk have literally been told what they can and cannot say in their public ministry-- for the sake of money!

Children are being slaughtered by the millions. It is undeniable that the Church and her leaders have a duty to decry this holocaust and to actively work to end child-killing.

Thus, we need the right lawmakers in office who will vote to make child-killing illegal again. Thus, we must expose and defeat those incumbents whose hands drip with the blood of the innocent, as well as new candidates who are eager to have their hands equally soiled.

Think of the great Saints throughout history who held kings and princes accountable for their darkest deeds and heresies. Why have the rules suddenly changed because we live under the heel of the IRS tax exempt status?

Any clergyman willing to take a muzzle from the government submits his ability to preach the Gospel of Life to the government.

It grieves me to say this - but it must be said: this 59- year-old woman, sitting in jail with her handicapped 18-year-old son and a 65-year-old man, have more courage and ethical clarity than the vast majority of clergy in America when it comes to holding the "accessories to murder" accountable for their bloodshed.

Joan's last statement - before being taken to jail was this: "Christians by the thousands should be sitting in at Rudy's offices nationwide; he is no different than Joseph Stalin when it comes to killing the innocent."

She is absolutely right. But let's face it - most clergy don't have the vision to go to jail for righteousness right now. I would happily settle for them to simply say from their pulpits - and in every venue they can - that pro-choice candidates are child-killers, and that no Christian, in good conscience, may vote for them under any circumstance.

That won't get them martyred - like John the Baptist - nor incarcerated, like Joan and the Manchester 14 - but it would surely help bring this holocaust to a speedy end.

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