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By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Jan 4, 2008

Regarding ethics, it comes down to voters deciding for Mike Huckabee’s biblical moral base or Barack Obama’s immoral base.

Simply put: Huckabee, for example, holds to biblical ethics regarding killing womb babies. He considers it murder as does the Bible. Obama concludes that killing womb babies—even partial-birth abortion—is particularly proper.

Both claim to be Christians. Huckabee is the true Christian for he is a biblical believer. Obama is a hypocrite who writes his own anti-Bible religion and calls it “Christian.”

Another example is homosexual practice. Huckabee states the biblical position that homosexual activity is abhorrent to the God of the Bible. Obama endorses sodomy and thus discounts the Bible as well as furthers diseases such as AIDS/HIV.

Now America must decide whether the Republic will return to its Judeo-Christian biblical heritage or secularize from top to bottom as experienced in Europe.

Therefore, this election year is a spiritual war. There can be no question on that score. It is not a battle over “religion” per se but it is the state of the soul that is at stake.

Will America decide on Obama’s hypocritical “Christian” secularizing of all cultural dimensions? If so, all theological and political liberals will surface to bring about a godless nation.

Or will America have a Huckabee-endorsed moralist base that will reject anti-Bible secularization for an ethical mooring in keeping with the God of Scripture?

State by state caucuses will reveal the unfolding. It is a most serious scenario.


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