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You Will Never Guess the Surprising Cause of Most Heart Attacks

You Will Never Guess the Surprising Cause of Most Heart Attacks

Do you think you know what causes heart attacks?

In this video, Dr. David Holt, the leading U.S. physician in German New Medicine, explains that the conventional explanation for heart attacks may not be accurate at all. Conflicts involving territorial loss -- such as losing a family member, your home, or your financial stability -- cause changes in the coronary arteries of all animals -- including humans.

And as Dr. Holt explains, those changes very often lead to heart attacks -- days or even weeks after your conflict has been resolved.

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Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Ask anyone what the most common symptom of a heart attack is, and most people will say “chest pain.” Well, this is incorrect. The most common symptom of a heart attack is sudden death.

It can happen completely out of the blue, and many of you probably know of someone in your life who was trim and fit with none of the typical heart attack risk factors -- no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, a healthy eater, and a regular exerciser -- yet died suddenly of a heart attack.

In the video above, Dr. David Holt, who is involved in some cutting-edge work known as German New Medicine, has just explained why this is so.

Your physical health is a direct manifestation of the various conflicts you’ve faced throughout your lifetime, along with your reaction to them.

This is not a theory or something to be discounted as “new agey.”

This is the result of decades of focused, scientific work by some of the sharpest minds in the business: Dr. Geerd Hamer and Bruce Lipton. Their work has taken the widespread notion that your emotions influence your health (even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 85 percent of diseases have an emotional element) to a much higher, more specific level.

How a “Territory Conflict” Can Give You a Heart Attack

Let’s say the recent mortgage crisis has caused you to lose your home, or you recently lost a close family member. Both of these territorial losses have signaled your body that you’re under stress and to “get ready for a fight.”

During this first phase, your coronary artery is actually made larger to get more of your blood flowing, and to help you win your upcoming “battle.” Once your conflict is resolved, perhaps you find a way to keep your house, or you talk through your feelings of grief over your loved one’s death, your body moves into the second, restoration phase, and will begin to restore your artery.

As Dr. Holt says, this can lead to a rise in cholesterol, which occurs to “spackle” the nooks in your coronary artery. And it is around this time, during your resolution of your emotional conflict that a heart attack can occur.

The severity of your heart attack will be directly related to the length of time that your territorial conflict festered.

Stop Dwelling and Start Resolving Your Emotional Conflicts!

It is imperative that you tend to all of these emotional conflicts as soon as possible, as the research shows that if you go longer than nine months with a moderate to severe territorial conflict, it is likely you won’t survive the heart attack that follows.

A classic example is an executive who has felt his “territory” at work threatened by a younger workforce for many months or even years. Then, upon their retirement -- when the conflict has finally been resolved -- they experience a massive heart attack.

Now, here’s the kicker.

Sometimes a conflict is so extreme that you know you’ve been emotionally impacted immediately. But, oftentimes, you may have no idea.

In many cultures, we are taught to suppress our emotions, and to “grin and bear it.” Well, little did you know but those underlying resentments, arguments, regrets and guilty feelings can all manifest into disease in time. So please, find a method of real stress relief and use it regularly -- whether you think you need it or not. My particular favorite is the psychological acupressure technique the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as it’s simple to use and extremely effective.

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Stephen Dupre [ Joined on 06/06 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008 ] 25 Points

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This is my understanding. And it's based on the work of Matthias Rath, MD. who wrote "Why animals don't have heart attacks but people do" linking humans cardiovascular problems primarily to our body's inability to make it's own vitamin-C. Animals produce their own vitamin-C. Humans do not. (Humans did at one time but the gene got crippled at some point and we no longer do)

[ This book is free on the web in PDF format on Rath's site ]

Rath worked with Linus Pauling until Paulings' death at 93.

Stress depletes your body of vitamin-C. This causes among other things, artery walls to crack (low-level scurvy or "bleed out" disease. Lyme patients often have this too).

Cholesterol is the body's 2nd answer to fixing/sealing the cracks (having enough vitamin C is the first to avoid the cracks but our bodies don't produce it but do produce cholesterol).

Cholesterol is often blamed for being "at the scene of the crime" but it's doing it's job. Statins at this point is just what your body doesn't need. LOWERING cholesterol means less crack filling and something can rupture. If the rupture is in your brain, it's a stroke. Wonder what the incidence of stroke is for statin patients. Does anyone track this?

Rath figured out a nutritional formula to cure cardiovascular disease with a supplement formula of proline, lysine, vitamin-C and EGCG. His evidence are before and after ultrafast CT-Scans of the arteries of his patients showing the reversal of plaque without statins and without surgery.

The vitamin-C (we're talking grams, not the piddly 60mg RDA) eliminates the need for cholesterol to fill the cracks. The lysine and proline clean out the cholesterol that's already there. (since the arteries are stronger and no longer cracking due to the low-level scurvy).

I think the nutritional angle while under stress is important. I take up to 10 grams of vitamin-C per day when under stress. I think Pauling used to talk about 20-30grams when needed.

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Charisse [ Joined on 10/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 4 Points

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I totally agree with you(and Linus)....Vit. C is very important...people can sometimes notice if they might be deficient if they bruise easily and don't heal fast...I notice that when I neglect my vit.C, I tend to bruise more...which would tend to support "bleed out."(P.S. my platlet count is fine)....I also take up to 10,000 mg when sick, stressed, late to bed....this was told to me by an Indian thorasic surgeon years before I even read Pauling's book...(you must rest and drink plenty of water on this therapy, too)....Also, drinking raw milk has vit. C!

Charisse [ Joined on 10/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 3 Points

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ooh...good point about the stats for statins and stroke!!!

gwtx2 [ Joined on 10/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 1 Points

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Get over it people. This is NOT animal cruelty. It's science. Without animal experiments, how do you suggest mankind progress in medical research. Had you rather the experiements be done on humans instead? Go back to the soccer game.

Ati Petrov [ Joined on 12/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 4 Points

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What Stepehn notes is another piece of the puzzle and it confirms Dr. Hamer's findings.

Dr. Hamer indicates that a heart attack actually happens at the height pf a healing process and it is triggered in the brain, as it heals the heart relays which were affected by the "territorial anger" stress.

During the stress period our arteries widen by losing cells. Cholesterol helps fill in the cracks - the "bad" cholesterol which is sticky, is the one used by the body at this phase. So increase in cholesterol is a sign of healing, in essence. Taken to the extreme or if it lasts too long, this accumulation of cholesterol can clog our arteries, so using natural means to control and reduce it gradually will help us heal with out problems.

Vitamin C is a stimulant of the sympathetic nervous system, which is the one active during periods of stress. And it is one of the reasons why we are depleted of this vitamin during stress - we use it up!

During healing, it is the parasympathetic system which is involved. if healing happens too fast, we can get into trouble. Taking vitamin C at this time helps slow down the healing process to a bearable pace by switching us to sympathetic system action for a while, while also making us healthy.

Statins do not do that - they only suppress the healing, causing the body to get confused (by the additional chemical side-effects) and also to rebel by pushing to produce yet more cholesterol, putting us in a vicious cycle. Statins also prevent our body from absorbing many other nutrients, causing us to get a time when we are healing and need all our resources!

One of the problems with healing from emotional stress, is dealing with the emotions themselves. And here, modern alternative medicine has developed over the past 200 years homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedies have the capability to reduce emotional stress, even cancelling out the effects of past emotional trauma.

And we can use all our resources for healing.

bagarino [ Joined on 01/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 7 Points

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I don't believe it is vitamin C. I don't believe that diet is that important. I'm convinced that the main cause of cardiovascular disease is vitamin D deficiency. How else does one explain why 20 cigarettes a day and / or a diet poor in this vitamin are so lethal in Finland, Scotland and Ireland whereas residents of countries with good levels of sunshine (along with a 'better' diet) a show much lower rates of CVD, even when worse smoking habits are taken into account. Anyone will tell you that the men around the Eastern Mediterranean smoke an enormous amount... the Italians say 'fumare come un turco'... to smoke like a Turk - yet rates of CVD are much lower. The declines in CVD in Finland have arisen as smoking has fallen massively, but also when the population were asked to drop butter, cheese and eggs from the diet and exchange them for 3 or more portions of oily fish a week. As Finland has got richer in recent years, many Finns have begun to take winter breaks in the sun (the Canary Islands are Helsinki over Christmas and New Year) as well as buying sunbeds and light boxes to overcome winter depression.

CVD (as well as multiple sclerosis and lung cancer) shows an almost perfect correlation with latitude and sunshine when smoking habits are taken into consideration.

I rest my case.

judy [ Joined on 09/06 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 1 Points

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Mega doses of Ascorbic Acid is not the answer either. Even the Linus Pauling Institute no longer advises these high doses, but rather about 400 mg. per day.

Ascorbic Acid supplements are not the same as what the body once made nor what the animals bodies make. In fact our kidneys have somehow compensated for the loss. It is detrimental to be taking extremely high doses of this chemical form of Vitamin C.

Write to Linus Pauling Institute for specifics.

Freedom [ Joined on 02/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 1 Points

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You mention STATINS, I was put on Statins and within the first few weeks, my memory went........for example: put a cup down on the sink, turned away then returned to the sink and could not remember putting it down a few moments ago........then there was lack of co-ordination, clumsyness, dropping things for no reason at all....placing a wine glass on the table carefully, then to my amazement, knocking it off as I withdrew my hand.

nowuccas [ Joined on 12/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008]

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In case you are unaware of this, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) should either be taken with a metabolite, or, preferably, an orange, or grapefruit, or the FRESHLY SQUEEZED juice from one, or another good source of natural vitamin C. This is to ensure that it is absorbed, and utilised to the maximum extent possible. Otherwise it just goes into producing expensive urine.

Sharri [ Joined on 03/08 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008 ] 9 Points

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moo [ Joined on 11/06 ] [ Posted on February 20, 2008 ] 9 Points

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i'm not saying he's not right but i'm sure if you ask just about anyone if they've had a "conflict" lately they will say yes to some degree, so i'm not so sure i go along with that thinking just yet . but having said that i do believe stress can cause lots of health issues. the ice over the ear is an interesting idea tho.
[ Reply ]
Loveriot [ Joined on 12/06 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 4 Points

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I didn't hear/read anything about ice on the right that in the full version?

Russ Bianchi [ Joined on 09/06 ] [ Posted on February 19, 2008 ] 9 Points

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Take a measurement of triglycerides in a person who has not consume HFCS, as a base line measurement. Then give them a HFCS food or beverage and remeasure...blood triglycerides will have spike significantly.

Take HFCS out of any diet, and the propensity for cardiac arrest is significantly reduced, just like in the elimination of smoking.
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tiger366 [ Joined on 10/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] -1 Points

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There's a big difference in absorbtion spike between emty stomach and stomach filled with fat and proteines.

Sugar on a full (fat) stomach isn't bad.

Richard Habben [ Joined on 09/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008 ] 8 Points

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I totally with agree with this article. I am a META-Medicine Life Coach and trainer. In META-Medicine we use these concepts to specifically identify the particular stress that is causing the disease. My brother had a heart attack last March and I sat down with him and diagnosed that stress cycle for him for his understanding. My concern was that even though he survived two blocked coronary arteries, one 99% and the other 80%, he was not addressing the stress conflict that started that whole process. The 80% arteries was showing signs of blocking again even though a stint was placed in both arteries. This healing paradigm does not just state that stress in general causes problems but maps out the specific stress. In the case of coronary arteries it is a territorial-competition-fear conflict. When talking with my brother that conflict diagnosis hit the nail on the head. He had lost several stores to larger competition and of course his income was greatly reduced causing great fear. He is under medical care but they are no longer reporting that his arteries are showing signs of blocking again. Nothing was changed in his medical care and his arteries are doing good. Just the understanding of this process brought great relief to him. He now knows what he must do emotionally to keep the stress down and allow his body to function at its best. If you want more information email me


[ Reply ]
AZhiker [ Joined on 01/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008]

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I also agree. I had a friend who lost her daughter to random gun fire. The loss was unbearable. She and her husband quit their jobs and worked to change the law in our state so random gun fire would be a felony.

They adopted two boys and started their lives over. She worked with a personal trainer 3 times a week and ate well. Last month she suddenly died of massive heart attack. A Dentist at the scene couldn't revive her at all, neither could the paramedics or ER.

She was an amazing and wonderful person with hundreds of friends. Apparently she didn't know that she had an enlarged heart, but in life she was a "big hearted' person. At the funeral people were saying how her heart was broken by the loss of her daughter and everyone pretty much knew that must have been what caused her passing.

aservant [ Joined on 11/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008 ] 8 Points

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Personally my best way to relieve stress is to pray and give all my cares to God. The trick is to not take them back after you give them away.

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KMM [ Joined on 05/07 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 3 Points

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You said it, "the trick is to NOT take them back". So often we understand we need to go to HIm for help, but then we go back to relying on ourself right after the "amen". How smart is that!

mrosedawson [ Joined on 09/06 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] 3 Points

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The "key" to not taking those worries back (at least for me) is to understand when they have come back in the first place. I have come to realize that when I release my worries to God (or to whatever your name is for God) that often they sneek back into my consciousness in some other form, i.e. I may think I'm not worrying about the orignal issue specifically, whether a death or financial worry, but everything I do or try to accomplish has become a struggle....simple things often and sometimes not so simple things...and the more that happens the more irritated I get. This is my "heads up" from God to re-assess and get back into the flow. I love to here how others handle "stressssss", which is basically what we are talking about here, as regardless of all those external factors that might differ (income, relationships, etc.) - it hits us all at one time or the other. It's how we handle it that counts.

disciple4Jesus [ Joined on 03/08 ] [ Posted on March 6, 2008] -2 Points

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Thats good advice aservant prayer and talking to the Lord is a great way to relieve stress Jesus said come unto me you that are burdened and heavy ladened and I shall give you rest theres nothing better Hebrews ch.4 tells us how to rest


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