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What have Rush and Ann been Hiding about Romney? And Why?

What have Rush and Ann been Hiding about Romney? And Why?
What have Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham and Coulter been hiding about Romney? And why?

by John Haskins and Gregg Jackson

An undercurrent of distrust and anger toward the "conservative" and "pro-family" elites is building among American conservatives. Conservative talk radio audiences are departing. Donors to establishment social conservative and "pro-family" groups are departing. Voters who identify themselves as Republicans are dwindling.

Who can blame them? The failures of the "conservative" elites to defend any boundary in the Culture War or in constitutions are striking and far-reaching. And there is no end in sight. No end game has even been presented for the grassroots to consider as a path to anything but more surrender packaged as "pragmatism."

The surest way to have "conservative" pundits and self-styled "constitutional lawyers" ostracize you as a wing nut is to cite an actual constitution debunking a falsehood they are propagating for the Republican demagogue du jour. Real world conservatives are sensing that the underlying agenda of GOP-bound pundits, lawyers and the "pro-family" establishment is defending their authority to negotiate a surrender for the rest of us. Toward that end, conservative candidates who stand for something must be undermined. Those who stand for nothing but pretend during election season to stand for everything must be propped up.

There is, of course, no accountability for those who browbeat primary voters to ignore candidates who offer something other than the same old pseudo-conservative GOP gruel. After two decades of "pragmatist" retreat, surrender and betrayals, the grassroots are figuring out why election victories turn into betrayals on policy, and why legal victories are non-cumulative. The only constant is that the "conservative" elites profit by posing as guardians of the good and the true... before enforcing the merely "pragmatic."


Still wondering why the "conservative" elites are letting liberals abolish our values and gradually cancel our constitutions? Join the Underground!


"Pragmatic for whom?" one might inquire on behalf of a foster or adoptive child given to homosexuals as a direct result of Mitt Romney's lie about Massachusetts law. For children whom the social engineers have sentenced to life as political guinea pigs? Pragmatic for mother-father families turned away because homosexuals scored higher on an Orwellian income and tidiness chart or because neo-Bolshevik officials are intent on giving children to homosexuals?

"Pragmatism" has a way of turning out to be just plain evil when the stage lights go down. Pragmatists and "realists" obeyed Hitler, Stalin and Mao or remained on the sidelines. How different have the conservative elites been in their effete "pragmatism" during the liquidation of fifty million children to satisfy a judicial decree detached from any constitution, but which they still call "the law of the land?" Likewise Mitt Romney's pretense that judges changed marriage laws and made him order officials to violate the Supreme Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Partaking in the trashing of a constitution is malpractice. All for pragmatism. Pragmatism for all.

Likewise on behalf of a child aborted under Romney's heath care plan, we simple folk wonder "pragmatic for whom?" Surely the most frigid fiscal conservative-libertarian pundit could muster outrage that he or she is paying doctors to dispatch their victims.

The mercenary conservative elites eagerly vouch for Romney's bald-faced lie: "Every bill that crossed my desk I came down on the side of life." But would it somehow console the aborted if it could be explained to them that Romney's signature cancelled their unalienable right to life after his stage-managed pro-life "conversion?" What we call "conservatism" nowadays has a Salvador Dali surrealism about it.

PHOTOS: Romney proves his pen is mightier than...his word: Countless Massachusetts babies will die because of the Hillary Clinton-type health care law Romney crafted with Ted Kennedy's help and proudly signed -- after his claimed "pro-life conversion."

Photos of Romney signing – after his "conversion" -- reveal a satisfied Ted Kennedy and the leering godfathers of the corrupt, communist-Democrat mafia of Massachusetts looking on, drooling with delight. But, lo, 'tis true, not over Mitt Romney's desk. Not even in his office, but in historic Faneuil Hall under the gaze of Founding Fathers. As with France's surrender to the Nazis, pragmatism's surrenders to evil must be celebrated in historic settings.

So there you have it. That most aggressive pro-abortion bill, perhaps, in American history, never actually "crossed Romney's desk." Get it? Jay Sekulow, Tony Perkins, the National Review, Ann Coulter, Bill Bennett, James Bopp and Rush Limbaugh aren't exactly lying. It was not in Romney's office and it was not his desk!

David Parker, a Massachusetts father, might also wonder "pragmatic? For whom?" He found himself in handcuffs for insisting on his legal rights as a parent. His five-year-old was being indoctrinated by Romney's education bureaucracy, which employs sodomy fairy tales with pictures of homosexual princes kissing, marrying and living happily ever after, (as we all know homosexual partners generally do!).

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, self-styled "pro-life" attorneys Jay Sekulow and James Bopp, Politician-pundit Bill Bennett and one of the National Review's increasingly frequent (and obvious) examples of journalistic dishonesty and malpractice.

Tony Perkins and his Washington-based Family Research Council (FRC) crudely exploited Parker by getting him on stage with Romney at a thinly disguised Romney for President rally under the FRC's banner. To those who knew Romney's record, the juxtaposition was jarring. To fulfill campaign promises to Log Cabin homosexuals whose endorsement he craved, Romney had increased funding for homosexuality indoctrination, and come hell or high water, that 5-year-old was going to be indoctrinated.

The silly Parkers had not realized that after solemnly swearing to faithfully execute all of the statutes, Romney unconstitutionally refused to enforce the parents' rights statute. Not even once. He imposed same-sex "marriage," obeying state judges who hadn't even given him orders, but ignored a U. S. Supreme Court decision that upheld parental authority over the education of their own children as among the oldest principles of Western law.
Since Perkins harnessed the marketing value of their calamity to benefit both the Romney campaign and the FRC, the Parkers have been abandoned by the big bucks conservative establishment to pursue a federal lawsuit defending parental rights in America at their own expense. Big time "pro-life" attorney Jay Sekulow's lavishly funded American Center for Law and Justice answered their urgent plea for help with the stunning rebuke "That's what you get for living in Massachusetts." Sekulow himself reportedly bills at around $700 per hour for his charity work and has amassed a family fortune with his young son, wife and brother as board members of non-profits that exploit cases such as the Parkers' to squeeze donations from the conservative grassroots.

Other "conservative" groups and law firms such as the Alliance Defense Fund have also abandoned the Parkers, who are opposed by powerful teachers' unions, the ACLU and militant homosexual organizations with tens of millions in corporate funding.


Want to know what insiders know: who's banking conservatives' money but not fighting the fight? Join the Underground!


For years such groups have exploited local horror stories to drive their own fundraising, falsely giving donors the impression that they are fighting evil in the trenches. On the contrary, they've habitually appeased ultra-liberal Republicans, stigmatizing and betraying the grassroots activists who do the real fighting. They siphon off virtually all financial support, consume it in overhead and hefty salaries, and leave the real heroes perpetually on the verge of closing up.

For years, events even more horrific and newsworthy than the Parkers' (now happening with frightening frequency) have been avoided by the conservative news media like a homeless man at a New York cocktail party. In a recent conference call, National Review's Ramesh Ponnoru referred to fifteen years of grassroots opposition to such indoctrination of children, homosexual marriage and adoption as "silly." That revealing comment explains a lot.

Under Mitt Romney, freedom of religion for parents, church-affiliated hospitals and foster child-adoption agencies were abolished. Laws that hinder the homosexual revolution or the abortion industry were simply ignored. Romney even cited "laws" that do not even exist to justify bending over backward to please them.

True to form, he insists a state law forced him to sign a law funding all abortions. It is a brazen lie that Bill Clinton could never have pulled off. There's no such thing as a law that forces a chief executive to sign another law. For lies like that to make sense you have to really want to believe them. Romney calculated and chose to sign Planned Parenthood's utopia into reality. There's no one else to blame. No law forced his hand to scratch his name on the paper.

The buck stops there, Willard. You signed it. You own it. The blood of every child aborted as a result of your signature will be on your hands.

If government-subsidized abortion on demand is now "pro-life," we can declare victory in the abortion wars and move on. Do Sekulow, Perkins, Coulter, Bennett, Limbaugh and the social libertarians at the National Review assure us that if Romney had not "converted," Massachusetts would now be paying large cash incentives to lure any woman willing to have an abortion? Or kidnapping them in roving vans and forcing abortions on them, China-style? In the aftermath of Romney's redefinition of "pro-life," what new goal remains for the abortion industry to achieve?

But it's not even fair game to ask such questions. How dare anyone ask any questions about Mitt's inspiring pro-life "conversion!" Jay Sekulow indignantly rebuked Jan Mickelson, Iowa's top radio host. From Romney's "pro-life conversion," the abortion industry will harvest millions of dollars and a windfall of boy and girl fetuses.

But Romney went the second mile for Ted Kennedy, his delighted collaborator. Romney unlawfully incorporated Planned Parenthood into state government, helping to oversee a Stalinist monstrosity that sells subsidized abortions for the price of a parking ticket. This, the "conservative" elites tell us, is somehow a pro-life conversion. Spin like that used to be called a lie. As renowned British author and journalist Malcolm Muggeridge said, "We believe political lies not because they are believable, but because we want to."

Who authorized the professional "conservatives" to surrender so much ground that "pro-life" now includes asking for fifty dollars before you kill a baby?


Can you handle the truth? You need to know what the "conservative" elites and "pro-family" insiders aren't saying. Join the Underground!


They scorn any mention of Romney's despotic actions and lies. They've pounded away at Huckabee, Ron Paul and Tancredo with ad hominem attacks and distortions. They even criticize things which could equally be said about their glamour boy, "Matinee Mitt." Like adolescents enforcing bonding rituals among themselves, they sneer at anyone more constitutionalist, more principled, less "pragmatic" than they are. In their collective imagination there are remote gulags somewhere inhabited by moral conservatives they've exiled for tacky non-conformance and "gadfly" activists like those Ponnoru, and colleagues Kathryn Jean Lopez and Rich Lowry insult for having dared alert America about Romney after the elites had sent down word that he was their Manchurian candidate.

In a real conservative movement, as opposed to a pyramid scheme, such "gadflies" provide priceless intelligence about local demagogues. They are called "grassroots leaders" and a grassroots is a good thing. But that's in a real movement. In a pyramid scheme they just shut up and endure the boots pressing into the top of their heads.

The malice and sophistry toward Huckabee, Tancredo and Ron Paul (and bullying sideswipes at Dr. Alan Keyes) expose a deep narcissism among those powdering up Mitt's face for the inauguration. They bemoan the liberal media's fawning over Hillary and Obama. Shouldn't they hold themselves to the standard which they insist the liberal media meet? At what point is this a cover-up?

At what point can we agree on a definition of professional malpractice that applies to "conservative" leaders, writers, radio hosts and lawyers? With a demagogue like Romney having seduced and outright bought the "conservative" establishment, their super-smart "pragmatism" of perpetual surrender is getting more transparent. The grassroots are no longer having fun.

It behooves those who've clawed their way to the top of the "conservative" and "pro-family" marketing machines to step back and think honestly about their code of silence about the despotic record of Mitt Romney. They can no longer tell when they are insulting our political and moral intelligence. Since sycophancy and conflicts of interest prevent them from doing their duty, attorneys John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Robert Paine will do it for them. Real constitutionalists, real men of principle, will ask the real questions in this campaign.

Let us imagine that we are at the impeachment trial of Governor Willard Mitt Romney. Paine, who prosecuted the British redcoats in the Boston Massacre, signed the Declaration, was a Massachusetts Justice, Attorney General and Speaker of the House, will be the lead prosecutor.

Behind them are the intent faces of Washington, Franklin, Paul Revere, George Mason and Patrick Henry, who risked their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" for constitutions now being surrendered to "pragmatism" with only a cynical pretense of a fight by Republican influence peddlers calling themselves "conservatives." They know a thing or two about constitutions, movements and grassroots activists.

Their army of "gadflies," Mr. Lowry, beat a superpower. In the jury is every American serviceman who ever died for our unalienable right to govern ourselves according to our Declaration of Independence and our state and ferderal constitutions.

Massachusetts Founding Fathers Justice Robert Paine (left) and President John Adams (right), interrogate the Founding Father of Sodomy-Based "Marriage," Willard Mitt Romney with the questions Jay Sekulow, Hugh Hewitt, James Bopp, Mark Levin and Ann Coulter...keep forgetting to ask.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN of the conservative establishment, Justice Robert Paine begins the interrogation of Governor Romney with the questions you've failed to ask for the last year."

(Justice Robert Paine begins):

"Governor Romney, you have said that "everybody in America knows" that the Goodridge court opinion "legalized same sex marriage" and that you did everything you could to oppose it. But didn't you pick the wrong constitution for that alibi, Mr. Romney? Is it not true, governor, unfortunately for you and your post-constitutional "conservative" lawyers, that even a child can understand that the Massachusetts Constitution destroys your pretense that you merely followed the law?"


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