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Bias " is the Biggest Travesty"

MSM’s Corrupt Truth Squads
Posted by Dirty Harry on Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Most every time you turn on MSNBC or CNN — or click on over to the likes of the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz,, and ABC’s Jake Tapper – they’re constantly proclaiming themselves the high and mighty arbiters of truth with their so-called “Truth Squads,” and I’m telling you this is the single most insidious thing going on in the campaign right now.

Obviously they are taking hammer and tong to McCain with much more frequency than Obama, the result of which effectively undercuts both McCain’s legitimate criticisms of Obama and McCain’s credibility.

This is a disgustingly bias practice with most McCain attacks being taken wildly out of context in order to be proven false and Obama given a pass on such things as the disgraceful Rush Limbaugh ad – which got scant, scant coverage compared to McCain’s “lipstick” ad — and of course the media can read Obama’s mind and proclaim that he was not referring to Sarah Palin as a pig.

The media has absolutely no business declaring what is and isn’t true like some holy referee. CNN and Jake Tapper are by far the worst at this and the conservative media — you know, the side of the media willing to admit their bias upfront — needs to call attention to these corrupt referees and loudly and unanimously cry foul.

If we lose this campaign, it will be on this ground. And we don’t have a lot of time to take the bite out of these biased attacks. As I said earlier, McCain might well kick the little messiah’s butt in the upcoming debates but these biased and morally corrupt truth squaders are all set and to jump in the tank marked “Obama” and use the next news cycle to turn a McCain debate victory into an attack on his credibility with more of this out-of-context truth squadding.

You were wrong when you thought the mainstream media hit bottom in 2004.

If there’s a Freeper in the house, please post this for me.

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Mike Kriskey
on 20 Sep 2008 at 8:46 pm
1Tapper’s not the worst of them. He wrote about Obama’s disgusting Spanish ad which accused McCain teaming with Rush Limbaugh to deport “stupid Mexicans.”

(Harry, your link for Tapper goes to Ghost Town on IMDB.) debunked a lot of Palin smears here:

Howard Kurtz gets no defense from me.

Sharon Ferguson
on 20 Sep 2008 at 8:47 pm
2Im a FReeper - will check to see if it has been

on 20 Sep 2008 at 8:49 pm
3Harry, thank YOU for this post. No one is talking about this, and I agree with you, this could decide the election. John McCain, for all of his MANY faults, has always been a straight-shooting truth-teller. And in fact, until this past month, Obama wasn’t arguing otherwise. But now that the Obama campaign has decided to go with the “say they’re just lying about EVERYTHING” strategy, the media is fully on-board. Obama has come out saying the abortion survivor ad is just lies, when there’s nothing untrue in it. In fact, Obama is proud to have fought that legislation! He doesn’t even deny it, he just claims they’re telling vague “lies” and that’s enough.

The Bush administration has a reputation of dishonesty (not saying if they deserve it, just that they have it) and this has tarnished the Republican Party. It’s obvious to me that the blatant whoppers keep coming from the Democrats but McCain-Palin, the maverick candidates, are the only Republicans who were free from that taint. McCain was respected by a great many independents and moderates, and Palin is obviously very above-board, and even though some people hate everything she stands for, she doesn’t hide what she stands for. They’re trying to tear all of that down now and the media is fully on-board. is the biggest travesty in all this. I realized this a couple of weeks ago after the GOP convention, when I went over to factcheck to see what the spin was. For example, factcheck claims Palin lied when she said Obama never authored a single piece of legislation. Factcheck says he “pushed through” some legislation. But where is the lie? There’s no lie there! And that’s just a small example.

This started with the “sex ed for kindergartners” legislation that Obama supported. This was the “big lie” and all of the media got on board. But…the legislation did call for sex ed starting in kindergarten when it had previously begun in sixth grade. There was no lie or even deceptive spin on the McCain campaign’s part. And I’d bet money that like most liberals, Obama has no problem with sex ed for young children just like he is proud of fighting the “Born Alive” act. He just denies those things now just to be denying them.

He’s just willing to do anything to win right now. And the media is desperate for him to win, because they made him. They’re hammering McCain. A lot of this stuff is obvious and easily proven. It’s not requiring the media to be nuanced or go into too much detail, these are flat-out simple things. But they’ve decided that “McCain lies” is the story that will win it for them. So after the debates, they’ll just say he lied and that’ll be that.


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