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The Biggest Loser: Press Credibility--along with

The Biggest Loser: Press Credibility--along with

Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 1:01 pm — admin
The following was posted today on --an interview with Mark Penn, former Clinton campain Chief Strategist. (It is also a cover story on Real Clear Politics.)

As a journalist, i couldn't agree more with Mr. Penn....the Press has absolutley lost credibiity in this much so that I, a member and long-time defender of the 4th Estate, am full of shame.

Here is an excerpt from Penn's CBS interview:
Mark Penn: Well, no, I think the people themselves saw unfair media coverage of Senator Clinton. I think if you go back, the polls reflected very clearly what "Saturday Night Live" crystallized in one of their mock debates about what was happening with the press.

I think here the media is on very dangerous ground. I think that when you see them going through every single expense report that Governor Palin ever filed, if they don't do that for all four of the candidates, they're on very dangerous ground. I think the media so far has been the biggest loser in this race. And they continue to have growing credibility problems.

And I think that that's a real problem growing out of this election. The media now, all of the media — not just Fox News, that was perceived as highly partisan — but all of the media is now being viewed as partisan in one way or another. And that is an unfortunate development. So you think the media is being uniquely tough on Palin now?

Mark Penn: Well, I think that the media is doing the kinds of stories on Palin that they're not doing on the other candidates.

Femisex applaudes Mr. Penn for these incisive statements. But, we would up the ante--this year's press debacle is more than an unfortunate development, it is a real disaster. When the public dismisses press accounts as inaccurate because of bias, democracy suffers make no mistake.

A small example is watching network news declare yesterday that Obama, “IN FACT” did not call Palin a Pig…or for that matter McCain an OLD Fish. When so many found this to be the case How is it possible that only the media knows that Obama meant? All the media had to do was report the controversy and be done with it, but when they set out to exonerate Obama, especially when his meaning is SO SO open to interpretation, then this is another chink in Press credibility. Apply this to meatier issues, such as unethical politics, and the public understands the Press can no longer be counted on to give us the Truth about their preferred candidate. Obama may have mummified bodies in his basement but we Will LEARN about Palin’s latest pantyhose preference and every dime she spent on lunch expenses as Governor.

Sexism in the press is at such an all-time high, one wonders if this is Really??? 2008. MSM dismissing Palin as a Plucky Beauty Queen? Really? Biden and Obama crackn' wise over her good looks. Really?
The press says not sexist! ( Fact says this is not sexist, even when they looked at the remarks in context. The context: Biden/Obama declared the gigantic – difference btw them and Palin was her good looks. In context this IS significant… Biden/ Obama were purporting that they would help get American back on its feet, while in their next breath …that Palin would be putting on lipstick. This was not very subtle, or smart. But the press, including Fact! can be counted on to defend them against such attacks. )

NOW ladies imagine this scenario:
You are meeting a client who is hearing two proposals that morning. You want their business and you are pitching hard to win it. You enter the conference room and the clients are all seated at the table. The first thing the clients ask is what is the main difference btw your proposal and theirs (the men who went before you), and you say... well, I’m good looking. Sure everyone laughs but I guaran-damn-tee you've been lowered by that remark. If your salient best is superficial beauty, then expectations are lowered, and not in a good lookn' way! says: “.. Biden, and he actually offered the remark as a compliment.”

Femisex to R U KIDDING? BackFisted compliments count right? Compliments that undermine are compliments? If someone asked Palin what the obvious “gigantic” difference was btw her and Obama and she cited his familiarity with Rapper Ludicrous {sic} would that be a compliment? In one fell swoop that would dismiss Obama’s seriousness as a candidate and take a swipe at his race as well. Shame of Fact Check for not giving the public better service on this!
This link also declares that an Obama ad that implies that Palin is a sock-puppet who doesn’t do her homework, is fine and dandy. Poleeze, credibility ?? is turning out to be as biased as MSM! They even praise Camp Obama for calling Palin a “skilled politician”, something that in this election is the most backfisted compliment one can give, without actually knocking out teeth.


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