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Flashback: Anti-Ron Paul vs. Pro-Ron Paul

Below are an anti-Ron Paul piece and a pro-Ron Paul article from the Townhall site. The anti-article sounds like a sound bite and the pro-article seems to use reason.

It's hard to get a take on Paul because nobody against him seems willing to debate the guy issue to issue.

Am I the only one to notice this, but doesn't Brown seems like the only presidential candidate who is a real person? The rest of the would be presidents, be they demos or repubs, seem like cartoon characters at best.

I say at best because I like cartoons. Phony is a better word to describe the impression I get from the rest of presidential candidates.


Is Ron Paul really so crazy? (townhall) ^ | 10/23/07 | Jason Wharton

Posted on 10/24/2007 12:03:08 PM PDT by traviskicks

Is Ron Paul crazy for his position on the war and for criticizing our nation's foreign policy? Many believe this to be the case. But, might we be mischaracterizing Ron Paul by over simplifying or clouding the issues? A much closer examination based on facts and sound principles is in order. In the end I will conclude that Ron Paul is indeed crazy. Sorry to spoil it for you.

There are many things in his favor. To answer pressing questions of our time, Ron Paul relies on historical facts many American's are ignorant of. He isn't afraid to reveal clandestine operations and interventions motivated out of our national self-interest or special-interests that have had detrimental results to other peoples in the world.

He is even bold enough to admit there is a tendency on the part of government to cover-up things to maintain a fa├žade that we are always on moral high-ground in the world. Some see in him a rare privilege to have a candidate step forward with a willingness to reveal these inconvenient truths while others choose to characterize him as a “Blame America First” fringe candidate and dismiss the possibility that he could be on to something.

Ron Paul's tendency towards transparency on these matters is at the root of why he is being attacked and marginalized because there is so much denial due to various forms of conditioning of people's opinions. Some people simply can't accept the reality that we are not always angelic and beneficial to others in the world as we were taught in grade school but this is an area where a reality check is definitely in order.

For example, who is it that "radicalized" Islam to fight against the Russians? We did! We created Osama Bin Laden. We created and installed Sadaam Hussein. We have been purposely destabilizing numerous regions and have and are causing all kinds of malice and strife among nations. Could Al Qaeda actually be like Frankenstein’s Monster? Do we really want to tamper so frivolously with the Law of the Harvest as we have been for decades? We deserve to know the facts as a self-governing nation so that We the People can make the best decisions. It’s our responsibility to search them out.

Ron Paul’s popularity is because there are many who are hungry for answers that make sense of all they see going on in the world who don't buy the idea that we are hated because we are rich and free. These people want the truth and are willing to accept the truth of our nation’s imperfections, even if they are unintended consequences of well-meaning actions. Inevitably, this is the crowd who is willing to face up to the reality this implies and to seek to make the world a better place in as peaceful manner as possible. Does this sound insane to you?

Ron Paul’s impeccable record of public and private conduct gives him a very rare position to speak on all matters of his platform without hypocrisy; especially where Constitutional matters are concerned. Coupled with his obvious absence of guile when he speaks he is greatly enlarging the soul of this nation. He is the heart of a much needed revolution to put aside shaping this world through force and control and replacing it with going back to setting a good example and using persuasion and friendship instead, reserving force of arms strictly for self-defense as a last resort only. Is this crazy?

Ron Paul sees Iran as acting in a very logical manner based on what he knows of the history and current events. He recognizes all we are doing to engender strife and conflict and sees how it is coming back to haunt us as countries seek to defend themselves against our policies of aggression. He sees how the continuation and escalation of these failing policies of our past will simply make our national security more threatened. There is an excellent video hosted by where Ron Paul talks about this: Video Link

I am eager to hear other's perspectives and see if I can discern any blind spots or failings in Ron Paul's platform but so far nobody has prevailed against him. Bill O'Reilley’s attempt was miserable because he refused historical facts and valid parallels to be examined to establish a reasoned perspective. Please watch this video: Video Link

There was a post here on by Phil Harris on 10/23/07 where he says that Ron Paul is giving a prescription for disaster but Phil also failed to convince me. In fact, Phil convinced me all the more that Ron Paul's detractors are the ones prescribing the path to disaster. The path Phil promoted is nothing short of an all-out full scale escalation of war with the defined goal to utterly and totally subdue the Islamic people based on the notion that the Islamic people simply want Israel and the USA exterminated from the planet. He promotes the idea that we either annihilate them pre-emptively or they will annihilate us. He leaves no room for any other scenario in his perspective. In either case he promotes there is certain disaster so by his own admission he is the one issuing the prescription of disaster, not Ron Paul.

This kind of over simplification is a brainwashing tactic that tries to get people to think they are helpless and without alternatives while they accuse their opponent of exactly what they themselves are guilty of. Reasoning from a fear-based viewpoint tends to exhibit this kind of contracted and self-accusing thinking and those doing it are knowingly or unknowingly acting as an agent for those who stand to benefit from the war and destruction this mentality will assure. Phil acts as if we are totally powerless to effect real solutions that will avert the death and destruction an all out world conflict would cause. Thanks to having Ron Paul on the stage we get to hear valid alternatives even if they sound crazy to some.

There is a better way but it involves us humbling ourselves as a nation and repenting of our evils we have perpetrated and forgiving the evils that have been perpetrated against us. The world overall will be a much better place by abiding by these principles and trusting in our Creator who gave us these principles with the promise that “eternal life” comes to all who abide by them. This is Ron Paul's platform and it will save this nation, not sacrifice it.

With all the advances in technology we had better evolve as a people before we self-destruct and render our precious planet uninhabitable in our foolish pride and fears born of false assumptions. Could the “eternal life” spoken of in the Bible actually be referring to the set of principles we must collectively live by in order to avoid a conflict to such a point that this planet is rendered unable to accommodate our presence? This question deserves our most serious and sincere consideration. The last person we want in front of "the button" is a myopic fear-based person who is prone to shoot first and ask questions later.

Our current mentality insists that we have to force and sculpt global conditions to stamp out any potential threat pre-emptively as if there is no Creator watching over and protecting this nation. Unfortunately, this is the very mentality that will cause us to become unworthy of divine protection and we will be left to our own strength and devices and we will become considered as “salt that has lost its savor” and we will end up “trodden under the foot of men”. This is universal law in my book.

I implore everyone to set aside some time to do some sincere and humble research into this issue and even make it a matter of prayer/meditation and fasting. I challenge everyone to assure you are not taking this responsibility to chose our Commander in Chief lightly. I challenge all to step up and articulate their position that strikes against the establishment's headlong plunge of our nation into an abyss of death and destruction as Phil, not Ron Paul, is prescribing.

And, as I promised, I do sincerely conclude that yes, Ron Paul is crazy. He is taking on a very powerful group that have patiently endeavored for generations to acquire the positions of power they control and Ron Paul is courageously standing up and giving our nation an opportunity to wake up and keep this nation a free country governed by We the People. The adversary of our freedom is only authorized to sieze the power we willingly lay down. If we don't wisely govern ourselves the default governance imposes a loss of our liberties and we only have ourselves to blame. There is nothing to fear when we seek with all our hearts, might, mind and strength to be responsible and passionate about maintaining our liberties. Darkness cannot abide the light.

This is a very defining moment in our nation's history. All Americans should do a reality check on Ron Paul before dismissing him. We as a nation of self-governance must be willing to stand up and accept the responsibility to be vigilant in preserving our individual liberties and champion those who take the lead, crazy though they are for doing it.

Ron Paul's Prescription for Disaster?
By Phil Harris
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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There is a growing attitude about war and the defense of our nation, stoked by men such as Ron Paul, which proclaims that we have no business doing what we are doing. The claim is that our Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers should prohibit us from engaging in such activities as the war in Iraq. If you argue for the merits of the war, then the charge is made that you cannot possibly respect the Constitution.

The principles of the founders, which they so eloquently enshrined in the Constitution, were never (and I will argue until I am blue in the face) intended to be a prescription for suicide. Despite the rhetoric of "fighting for freedom and democracy for those other people" (the Iraqis), which gets painted over the issue for the world's consumption, the fact remains that we were indeed attacked by a people, on our shores. They don't give a damn about what we did or did not do before (except that we supported the creation of modern day Israel).

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) speaks at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation's "Defending the American Dream" Summit in Washington, October 5, 2007. REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES)
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They despise us because we are here. They despise us, because we are not ever going to submit to Islamic law. They despise us because we do not wish to push the Jews into the Mediterranean. If they were not so heavily engaged on middle-east soil with our troops, the considerable resources of those maniacal thugs would be focused here, and on Israel. They would have been inflicting as much pain and misery as possible, given a free hand to scheme and execute, and I might again remind everyone of the pain and agony that was inflicted on our nation by so few evil men on September 11th, 2001.

I am distressed that in this day and age, when the vastness of oceans has shrunk to a miniscule 6-hour plane ride, and when weapons of mass destruction are no longer measured by how many men a cannon ball can knock over with one shot, that Ron Paul and others believe we should simply duck and cover. These are not grizzly bears, which if left alone will leave us alone. These are evil, lunatic, human beings who have every intention of not leaving us alone, no matter what.

Those men and women, who have paid the price with their lives and bodies, for us, in Iraq and elsewhere, have not done so in vain. I believe from the bottom of my heart that without their incredible skill, hard work, and bravery, we would already have suffered more (and perhaps worse) attacks.

Yes, to put it ever so crudely.... War Sucks! It smells to high-heaven that we have to spend our nation's treasure in currency and blood. However, the alternative is to simply lie down in the middle of the freeway, cross our fingers and pray that we don't get run over by a Mack truck. That, in my humble opinion, is a clearly written prescription for disaster.

Phil Harris is a software engineer, author of Cry for the Shadows and blogs at Citizen Phil.



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