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China’s Coming Economic Collapse Is Unavoidable And how the “Browning of America” prevents it here

Glenn Rocess reported:

Most readers will look at the title above and wonder, “What the heck does the ‘Browning of America’ — the coming time when white people will comprise less than half our population — have to do with China’s economic success or failure?”

It has everything to do with it.

About forty years ago, 88 percent of the Chinese population lived on less than two dollars per day. As of 2017, that figure had dropped to less than six percent. The key in this tectonic economic shift was a decision by Deng Xiaoping to open up China’s economy as part of his Four Modernizations. The transformation of China’s economy is unprecedented in human history and has led to the assumption by many (including myself) that China’s economic supremacy (now estimated to occur as soon as 2028) will last for the foreseeable future. This view is further bolstered by the advent of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the largest infrastructure project in human history.

But now it appears their economic supremacy cannot last, and for the most human of reasons: babies. Or, more accurately, the lack thereof. Yes, you read that right — the Chinese aren’t having enough babies.

Older readers will remember China’s implementation of their ‘One-Child Policy’ wherein (with some exceptions) women were not allowed to have more than one child. Fewer still know of its more-influential predecessor, the “Later, Longer, Fewer” birth-control campaign. Both programs included (among other measures) forced abortionNote that current estimates of China’s population and birth rates are from official sources. However, there are serious concerns about the veracity of those statistics. China may be facing even worse demographic problems than they are willing to publicly admit. (The reader may need to use Google Translate to read the reference)

One could claim that the same problems with population decline are being faced by many developed nations — Japan’s population decline and its effect on the elderly has been exhaustively documented — but those same problems (exacerbated by the unintended consequences of the One-Child Policy) may well make it impossible for China to maintain the world’s largest economy once they surpass America’s a few years from now....

... I did not know that the Statue of Liberty was originally meant to celebrate the liberation of slaves, and that her face may have been modeled after that of an Egyptian woman. (

A Brown Hand Lifts The Lamp Beside That Golden Door

America is browning. By 2044 less than half America’s population will be white. Despite the most heinous (and hopeless) efforts of some to hinder the progress of minorities and to put an end to America’s tradition of immigration, most Americans take pride in supporting civil rights and welcoming immigrants to our shores.

As well we should. For all America’s flaws, it is those two factors that will preserve our nation’s greatness. Yes, this claim sounds over-the-top, but that’s what the statistical data show, validating everything Ezra Lazarus wrote in her poem “The New Colossus” at the foot of our Statue of Liberty.

Why? Look at the above list of problems faced by China due to their declining population, and how the same problems (if to lesser extents) are faced by so many other nations. With the sole exception of our slowly-depleting Social Security trust fund, America is not facing any of those problems. Yes, our white population is declining — more are dying and fewer are being born — but our minority (i.e. Black/Hispanic/Asian) population is continuing to grow and reproduce, more than making up for the deficits of white people.

As a direct result, instead of the eventual (and unavoidable) decrease in the Chinese GDP, America’s GDP growth will be concomitant with our continuing population growth. What are the estimates of our population growth in the coming years? Here’s a graph from the U.S. Census Bureau:

Estimated U.S. population by year (U.S. Census Bureau)...

... America’s Black, Brown, and immigrant populations will not only be providing our nation’s continued population growth, but — even more importantly — preserving the relative youth of our population. This not only provides a more physically-capable workforce but also avoids the trap China faces of having too few younger people to care for too many elderly people...

...  SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Alibaba founder Jack Ma both stated that the biggest threat the world will face in 20 years is population collapse and its effect on global trade. []


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