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How are Fatima and the Tridentine Mass Connected?

Friday, July 13, 2007

How are Fatima and the Tridentine Mass Connected?

I created this blog because the Catholic Monitor Blog for some reason couldn't or wasn't able to post this post and the three posts before this one for almost a week. The article below shows why the end of the ban on the Tridentine Mass is a sign of hope for all people of faith and/or good will.



A Talk by Rick Salbato

Let us pray

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. But the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

O - My Jesus - forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven. .

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Remember those prayers?

Say them everyday?

Did I forget something?

When I was a lot younger I read a book by Emanuel Velikovsky called WORLDS IN COLLISION and another called WORLDS IN UPHEAVAL. I was very much into science and his writings were amazing. A little far out but amazing and logical.

He wrote a scientific theory called "Catastrophic Evolution.

He said that the moon was very young, that Venus and Mars have changed orbits in the very recent history. He predicted that if we ever went to the moon, we would find that the relationship of potassium to argon in the rocks would show that the moon is also very young. He said that the craters on the moon were not made from metiorites but from a molten hot planet that cooled leaving bubbling action remnants like you will find if you boil lead and then let it cool. Round circles will appear that look like craters.

He said that Venus was a hot planet, not a cold one as the scientific world believed.

He said that the cloud cover over Venus were a result of its heat. He made many predictions of what we would find if we ever sent rockets or men into outer space.

No one believed him.

He died before any space shots were ever made. I believed his scientific logic was sound.

But as time went on I forgot about him. Then I saw a book called "Velikovsky Reconsidered" published by a French Scientific Magazine much like Scientific American.

It was amazing. Velikovsky was the only scientist in the world who properly predicted everything that we would discover when we went into outer space. He and he alone, had the right scientific solutions. But even today, he is forgotten.

But this is not what I came to talk about. My talk is on Fatima. Fatima Reconsidered But there is a lot of similarities. I came into this Church because of Fatima. I went from an atheist to a Catholic because of Fatima.

But then - I forgot about it. It happened a long time ago. There are new more important things now. Our Lady --- She is everywhere --- there are messages from Her in almost every country in the world --- almost every state in America. I began to promote all these other apparitions

Then something happened. Messages from one mystic contradicted the messages from another. I began to check all the messages from heaven around the world. There were many that contradicted each other. Then I compared them to Scripture and the Church. There was definitely a problem.

I became disillusioned with all of them and began to doupt all apparitions. But God had other ideas. On the front page of the Union Paper in 1972 there appeared the Official International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Fatima. The Paper said it was crying. I did not believe it.

Within two hours I was on a plane to New Orleans to see for myself. I met the pastor of the Church, who was also the editor of the "Clarion Herald", Father Romagosa. In his Church, the statue was crying. There were two remarkable miracles.

But there was also a seer, an exile from Poland. This seer was running around saying that the Virgin had appeared many times to her and was giving out messages of why the Virgin was crying. She had been following the statue for many months and the new custodian (only two years) allowed her to travel with the Statue.

But Father Romagosa had more discernment than the custodian did. He invited the seer with the initials AW, into his office and asked if the Virgin could give him a message. She knelt on the floor to pray with the assurance that the Virgin would always appear. Father Romagosa went across the room and sat in a chair and began to read out of a prayer book.

The woman, AW, prayed and prayed and prayed but nothing happened. Finally her face turned demonic and she began to scream at the good Father in a language that only a truck driver would use. She stormed out of the room and drove away so fast that her tires left rubber.

Father Romagosa was reading exorcism prayers from an exorcist book.

The tears were investigated and found to be real human tears. The miracle of the statue was truly from God. It was supernatural. But the woman was not.

Everywhere God performs a miracle or a work of grace, the devil is right behind to defuse, confuse, and disillusion.

I held in my hands the real tears of Our Lady in 1972. I have never been the same since. It gave to me my vocation in life, and taught me how to know the true from the false.

Not long ago I had the great fortune of spending four days with Father Messias Cohiel, Professor of Fundamental Theology, Marinology, Ecclesiology at the Major Seminary of Garda, Portugal. Father Messias is the founder and editor of the magazine "The Messages of Fatima" (The only Fatima approved magazine in the world)

Father Messias was the confidant of LUCIA OF FATIMA, and had a sister who is a nun in the same convent as Lucia of Fatima. He gave four talks to CUF in Detroit and he woke me up. He made me realize that I knew a lot less about Fatima than I though I did. Fatima is not dead. It is not old hat. It is now. Lucia was still living. She was still having visions of Our Lady. Did you know that you could have written to to her. That she would have written back to you. (Dead now)

Lets see what you know about Fatima. What you never knew. What you have forgotten. What never dawned on you when you studied Fatima.

Go back into history with me - all the way to 1884. In 1884 Pope Leo the 13th had a vision while saying Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. He saw Satan and Christ talking.

Satan said, "I can destroy your Church. - But I need more time and more power over those who are willing to give themselves over to me."

Christ said, "How much time?"

"100 years"

Christ said, "You have it."

As many of you know this frightened St. Leo so much that he order the prayer to St. Michael said in all the Masses throughout the world. That was October 13th, 1884

Pope Leo 13th then Consecrated the whole world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

He then created the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

What happened during those 100 years after POPE LEO’s vision of Aug 15th, 1884...

Cardinal Ratzinger read the Secret of Fatima, and made this statement about it on November 11th, 1984:

"The things contained in this ‘Third Secret’ correspond to what has been announced in Scripture and has been said again and again in many other Marian apparitions."

By 1981 - 73% of the world was Communist

170 million had died since Fatima[1917]

50 million in world war II

115 million under Stalin and Mao

1 million in Afghanistan

1 million in Cambodia

1 million in Vietnam

On May 13th 1981 ( the feast of Fatima) the Pope was Shot...

And on March 25, 1984 Pope John Paul and the bishops throughout the world consecrated Russia and the world to the IHM. Even Russian Orthodox Bishops entered in. A few years later Lucia said, Our Lady has accepted the 1984 consecration and She will keep Her promise."

This was exactly 100 years after the Vision of Pope Leo XIII. When Satan was granted 100 years to try and destroy God’s Church.

What happened after the Consecration on March 25th

Well, two months later, on the Feast of Fatima, May 13, an explosion in Sever-o-mor-ski destroyed 80% of Russia’s missals making them no longer a superpower. America did not know the extent of this explosion.

Again there was another strange happening on Dec 13. An explosion in Siberia destroyed Russia’s largest ammunition base

On Dec 19 Marshal Ustinov, the Minister of Defense died or was killed

Three days later Marshal Sodolov, the 2ed Minister of Defense died

All in 9 months

In March of 1985 (one Year after consecration) President Chernenko died and Mikhial Gorbachev was made President. He was the First Baptized Christian President although still a communist. He instituted glassnoss and perestroika (freedom of the press and freedom of religion) This was the downfall of communism. 15 republics were freed from communism, and the Warsaw pact ended

In 1989 Lucia said publicly that the Consecration was completed and that "God will keep His Word". That year on Nov 9th the Berlin Wall came down and Gorbachev meet Pope at the Vatican and promised religious freedom

The following year on the Feast of Fatima, May 13th, freedom of religion was made the law of Russia. And on the feast of the miracle of Fatima, Oct 13, Gorbachev received the Nobel Peace Prize

Two months later Gorbachev meet Pope in Vatican for 2ed time. In this meeting the Pope told him that he knew it was he that ordered the hit on the Pope. Gorbachev asked his forgiveness. (It is this story that Lucia was asked to keep silent about and nothing else.)

In 1991 (March 15) diplomatic relations with the Vatican and Russia were opened and so were Latin-rite churches for the first time.

May 1, 1991 was the 100 anniversary of Rerum Novarum, the encyclical "On the Condition of Human Labor by Pope Leo XII, and the Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker, and the end of May Day as a communist holiday.

On May 13, 1991 Pope John Paul II went to Fatima to thank Our Lady for all the countries that were freed, for saving his life, and for the end of the communist threat to the world.

But on Aug 19, 1991 the communists attempted to overthrow Gorbachev. They picked the wrong day for it was the 74th anniversary of the Aug appearance at Fatima. On Aug 22 the attempt failed and the communists were defeated. This was the feast of the Queenship of Mary.

Two months later, on Oct 13 (another feast of Fatima) the first pilgrims of Russia went to Fatima. It was Televised in 150 stations in Russia and 350 Radio stations in Russia, and again on Nov 7th it was televised again.

Dec 8th was the start of the Commonwealth of republics, The end of the USSR

12 days later Yeltsin met with the Pope in Rome

And 13 days after that (on Dec 25th, 1991) the Communist Flag came down for last time over Russia

Gorbachev resigned and sent a letter to Pope John Paul II

15 republics were freed from communism.

On Dec 30th, 1991 Lucia wrote that the world will recognize that the defeat of Communism was by Mary

In 1992 another attempt was made to overthrow the government and Yelson stood against the entire communist army and no one died.

On March 14, 1992 Pravda ended

Then on Christmas day, 1992 Communism was declared illegal in Russia

By 1996, Starting with People Power and Rosary in the Philippines, 87 dictatorships fell throughout the world.

From March 25, 1884 until March 25, 1984 is exactly 100 years. In 1884 Pope Saint Leo XII saw Christ give Satan power for 100 years. In 1984 Pope John Paul II Consecrated Russia and the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Communism fell, 87 other dictators fell.


Lets reconsider Fatima. Go back to December 10, 1925

Lucia, the eldest of the three children and now Sister Lucia of St. Dorothy, was kneeling in prayer in the convent chapel when the Virgin Mary and Christ Child appeared to her. The Christ Child said to Lucia:

"Have pity on the heart of your Most Holy Mother, which is covered with thorns that ungrateful men drive into it every instant, while there is no one who does an act of reparation to withdraw them from Her."

Lucia saw the crown of thorns around the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Then Our Lady spoke to her, saying:

"Look, my daughter, at my Heart encircled with thorns, with which ungrateful men wound it every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude. Give me consolation, you, at least; and announce for me that I promise to assist at the hour of death, with the graces necessary for salvation, all who on the first Saturday of five consecutive months, go to confession, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for fifteen minutes meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, WITH THE INTENTION OF MAKING REPARATION TO ME."

Now I would like to ask some questions. What is the reason you made the Five First Saturdays? How can we blaspheme against the Mother of God? How can we shown Her ingratitude. Have we been ungrateful toward Her?

How might I have sinned against my Mother by putting thorns into Her Immaculate Heart?

At first, you might think that any sin is a sin against Her Son and, therefore, very painful to Her. However, this does not hold true against the two words, "Blaspheme and Ingratitude". With some pride we Catholics say we are not like Protestants who totally disregard the Mother of God and thus assume we are not guilty of sins against Her. But She cannot be speaking to or about Protestants. Her words would be useless to their deaf ears. She is speaking to Catholics, who think by honoring Her, they are incapable of sinning against Her.

After painful reflection, I believe there are many ways in which I have sinned against Mary. I was one of the ungrateful men who placed thorns into Her Immaculate Heart.

I Placed these thorns by my failure to defend Her against the attacks of those who don't understand Her place in the master plan of God.

I placed thorns into the Immaculate Heart of Mary by my failure to learn all that can be learned about Her.

I placed thorns into Her Heart by my failure to understand the relationship of the Holy Spirit to Mary as is revealed in Holy Scripture and logic.

I failed to learn that it is Our Lady that the Holy Spirit is speaking about in Chapter 12 of Apocalypse.

I had failed to understand how to read Holy Scriptures and therefore did not know the extent of the relationship of the Holy Spirit to Mary; and how that relationship mirrors the perfection of the relationship of Christ to his Church.

From the saints I learned that Chapter 21 of Apocalypse "the Heavenly Jerusalem coming down out of heaven is the bride of the Holy Spirit, Mary; and it is also the bride of Christ, the Church. It is the Holy Spirit speaking of Mary and I is Christ speaking of His Church.

From the saints I learned that Psalm 44 is the Holy Spirit speaking of his spouse, Mary; and it is Christ speaking of his spouse, the Church.

I learned that the Song of Song (Canticle of Canticles) is the Holy Spirit singing of His Bride, Mary; and it is Christ singing of his bride, the Church.

I learned that it would be Mary who would crush the head of Satan from Genesis 3:15 and that I am one of Her children if I keep the commandments of Her Son from Apocalypse 12:17.

I learned that it was Mary and the Christ child seen in a vision by the angles as a test before the world was created in Apocalypse 12 and that Satan and his followers were cast out of heaven for not accepting Her in Apocalypse 12:9 and that there has been a battle between Satan and Mary every since in Apocalypse 12:17.

I learned from St. Maximillian Kolbe that, "What God has put together let no man put asunder", and God has put together the Holy Spirit and Mary so completely as to become one body.

God has put together Christ and the Church so completely as to become one body.

The Holy Spirit dwells in Mary so fully that you cannot find Him without Her help. From Kolbe and Catherine Laboure (the Miraculous Medal) I now see how all grace, all the gifts of the Holy Spirit come through Mary and in no other way.

I knew everything about the Bible and could quote from every chapter; and yet I knew nothing.

I know now that God first thought of a perfect creation, Mary; and that all other creations put together would not equal Her perfection because She would become the first Child of the Father, the bride of the Holy Spirit and the Mother from whom God would enter the world.

Today I can defend my Mother against the attacks from liberal Catholics, Protestants, Moslems, and atheists; and to not do so is to sin against my Mother.

Even to not know how to is to sin against the Spirit of Truth, Her Spouse.

How many times have I sinned against Mary by my ingratitude.

Every grace that ever came to me - came from Her Hands, and I failed to thank Her.

Every time Satan attacked me, She defended me, and I failed to thank Her.

How many times thought out history has She appeased the wrath of God and saved mankind from chastisement and I have failed to thank her.

Even now, She converted Russia and overthrew communism in more than forty countries, and how many of us have thanked Her.

How many of us have written to Lucia of Fatima and said, "Thank our Lady of Fatima for me, for the conversion of Russia."

In 1943 Christ appeared to Lucia and said,

"I want all my children to recognize that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the reason for the conversion of Russia."

Have we recognized this? Or are we guilty of ingratitude.

When Mary offered the Five First Saturdays, it was a promise and a

prophesy. A promise to assist us at the hour of our death, and a prophesy that

millions of Catholics would blaspheme the Holy Mother of God.

What greater blaspheme can there be than to pray to and honor a false Mary?

What greater blaspheme can there be than to pray rosaries to Satan disguised as Mary. Someday there will be an anti-Christ pretending to be Christ. Good Catholics will pray to him.

These prayers will be from the heart and from a clear conscience, but they will receive no grace from them and their conscience will not save them from the wrath of God (Veritatis Splendor).

In the same way these rosaries to false Mary's will not produce grace and will not save them from the wrath of God, who sees the blaspheme against His Mother by people attributing to Mary the words of demons , psychotics, and frauds.

To believe that the loving sweet Mother of God could say of us, "my cohort"

(which means evil spirits of darkness or a Roman division of warriors) is


To believe that Our Sweet Mother could say that Pope Paul VI, who wrote Humani Vite , Marialis Cultus, and Signum Magnum, was a false Pope is to

blaspheme Our Mother.

To believe that Our Sweet Mother could say that all religions are equal in the eyes of God or even that all religions are God's religions is to blaspheme Our Lady.

To believe that the most obedient human in history could advocate disobedience to a bishop is the greatest of all blasphemies against our Sweet Mother.

Christ said to Lucia in 1925, " Have compassion on the heart of your Most

Holy Mother, which is covered with thorns that ungrateful men drive into it every instant, ----"

Make absolutely sure it is not you who are driving thorns into the Immaculate Heart of Mary, For God cannot forgive an unrepentent sin against the bride of Truth.

If you have made the Five First Saturdays and have offered them up for sins against Mary, do them again and again and again, for eight out of ten Catholics in the world today are blaspheming against Mary by following false


Write to:

Convento De Santa Terresa

3000 Coimbra, Portugal

and say, "Thank My Mother for me, for the conversion of Russia and of the other countries throughout the world. Thank My Mother for me, for ending the rain of Satan. Thank My Mother for me, for all the graces the world has received through Her hands. Ask My Mother to forgive me for following and believing in false, un-approved apparitions claiming to be My Mother.



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