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Is the Pope Catholic?

Dear Editor,

That used to be the rhetorical response to an absurd question -- used to be. Things have changed. I expect Rod Serling any moment ...Yes, kiddies, we've entered The Twilight Zone!

Following a torrent of papal pronouncements that have turned the Catholic world on its head, Jorge Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, has now absolutely "crossed the Rubicon." The post synodal exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, leaves no doubt as to his seditious progressivism and narcissistic resolve to corrupt Catholic theology, to abandon its moral teachings, and to destroy the Church.

Amoris Laetitia is translated "The Joy of Love," but also "The Joy of Sex."

As any student of classical Latin will attest, amor or amoris is about sex. Both are frequently used to indicate hetero-sex, sodomy, and lust; but also homosexual passions. Joined with laetitia, a more physical "joy" (excitement, enthusiasm) the term conjures debauched imagery. So, while not commonly used to denote homosexual acts, there exists sufficient double entendre to make the expression suspect. Promulgating this in a way that advances secular humanism can only be seen as demonic, and thus subversive to the Catholic Faith.

Considering that Bergoglio made known his deference towards homosexual unions, his recent advocacy that legislatures legitimize same-sex "marriage," and his unyielding insistence that divorced, civilly remarried Catholics be readmitted to the sacrament of Holy Eucharist, it is no stretch to place Amoris Laetitia in the context of its nefarious double entendre. In this context Francis has put forth a document whose title more accurately reads "The Joy of Sodomy." Will Catholics now admit that something is horribly wrong with this papacy? Is the Pope Catholic?

Let THIS sink in: Francis has put forth an exhortation ghostwritten by the notorious homosexual, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez (author of Heal Me with Your Mouth: the Art of Kissing) -- the same chap who ghostwrote Bergoglio's rambling piece of pantheistic pagan excrement, Laudato Si.

Multiplying scandal, Bergoglio insists Catholics "accept" homosexual "love" -- acts of sodomy. Demands for approval will follow, and next the new "sacrament of mercy"... His sycophants will oblige participation of you and your children. Get the picture? Is the Pope Catholic?

Francis has declared a "Year of Mercy," but his theology is not mercy; rather it is sanctioned permissiveness -- indifference. Indifference to mortal sin makes one culpable in that sin.

God's mercy is infinite, yet we need understand that true mercy is "the grief one feels at the distress of evils experienced by another, both undeserved and deserved." Think of how you feel as a loving parent when your child follows a wrong path -- heartbreak. This is what God feels, but infinitely so. If one is not repulsed by evil, but rather wills that it continue, or refuses to acknowledge the offense, or indulges in such while demanding others not grieve but rather approve and rejoice, then that person renders himself unqualified to receive God's mercy.

If you have no sorrow for your sin, nor have the intention of avoiding it, then God cannot extend mercy, because He holds free will sacred. To not grieve the sins of another, but rather overlook, approve or rejoice in them, is to oppose charity -- indifference. To portray indifference as mercy is diabolical.

Divine Law is God explicitly stating what we must and must not do, so not to break His Heart. Desiring to not cause God heartbreak is to possess a filial Fear of the Lord. Therefore, be not ashamed when Pope Francis scornfully calls faithful Catholics, "Lovers of the Law." Contempt for the Law of God is indifference to Christ. Sinning fearlessly without regret, because "Christ has to forgive me," is to presume upon God's Mercy -- and yet we have Francis propagating this attitude throughout the Body of Christ. Is this true mercy? Is the Pope Catholic?

Offering mercy in the absence of repentance is a cruel joke that serves only to embolden the soul on its path to damnation. Yet the Vicar of Christ is confirming people in their mortal sins and rejection of the Church! If we are willing to abandon souls to hell because a pope advocates permissiveness as mercy, indifference as charity, and directs us to do the same, then do we love one another as God loves us? Is the Pope Catholic?

Notwithstanding the Masonic philosophy fixed in the American psyche, the First Amendment must be subject to Natural and Divine Law. Presently we witness the predictable result of inverting that order -- the demand that we surrender our children to the sodomites...

... Bruce C. Desautels

Stratton, Neb.




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