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"Pelosi’s Nephew, the Tyrant Ruler of California," Ralph Northam & "The Boy who Raped the Girl saying “I am a Girl Raping a Girl” was Released. To Celebrate, he Raped another Girl"

Today, renowned statistician Dr. William Briggs, who is a consultant and adjunct Professor of Statistics at Cornell University with specialties in medicine and philosophy of science reported on "Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, the tyrant ruler of California":

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, the tyrant ruler of California, decreed—the word is decreed—that if you sell toys to girls and boys you must—the word is must—build an area which is “gender-neutral.

The god Nancy Pelosi’s nephew worships is a jealous god, and will have no other god before him. His god is the Gender god. His god calls upon the higher god Science.

Using his awesome occult powers, the Gender god convinces some men they are ackshually women, and that some women are ackshually men..

...  The Gender god lives in Virginia, too, and is there openly worshiped by officials. The leader of the god’s cult is Ralph Northam.

What is notable is that the god’s power is limited only to clouding men’s minds. The god cannot turn base metal into gold, or transport objects without moving. It can only addle thought. It is not a strong god, but it is strong enough.

It convinced the boy to rape a girl in the old-fashioned way, using the boy’s biological pertinents. Which would have been impossible had the boy ackshually been a girl. The boy, as he raped the girl, was thinking the god’s thoughts: “I am a girl raping a girl.” He did not think “I am a boy raping a girl.” This difference is what makes the rape sacred.

The father of the girl rebelled against the god, and against the cult leaders. He was warned his actions were heresy—official heresy. He was forbidden—the word is forbidden—to speak of the boy’s rape. For, to the cult leaders, the rape was a holy act.

A boy raping a girl would be a crime. But a boy saying “I am a girl” raping a girl is liturgy.

The father, though told of his heresy, rebelled. He interrupted the State’s religious service and told the gathering of his daughter’s rape. Out loud.

The State’s religious police arrested the father. He was accused of “terrorism”, which his actions were. The man tried using fear to prise loose the grip of the officially worshiped Gender god. There is no doubt this is terrorism. The man must be punished to appease the god.

The boy who raped the girl saying “I am a girl raping a girl” was released. To celebrate, he raped another girl. []



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