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"[A] majority of Americans, for excellent reasons, believe that high gas prices are part of the plan for the Green New Deal. A feature, not a bug"

 Mark Wauck from Meaning In History ( said:

[A] majority of Americans, for excellent reasons, believe that high gas prices are part of the plan for the Green New Deal. A feature, not a bug.

Do the Dems have any other plan? The evidence is that their only other plan is to systematically attack the constitutional order of the country—and I mean that very literally. Their plan appears to be to incite the assassination of SCOTUS justices—and their children.

Or, failing that, to launch their own insurrection—a real insurrection. The current buzz is that they will blockade the streets around the SCOTUS to prevent the Court from carrying on its constitutional business. Ring any bells? Who thinks that will play well across the fruited plain? But, increasingly, reality doesn’t seem to factor into Dem calculations. Killing people, death and dismemberment, seems to have taken hold of their minds—as witness another scheme to dismember our constitutional order.

Democrat Senators Unveil a Dangerously Asinine Plan to Subvert the Coming Abortion Ruling

These absolute lunatics want Joe Biden to sign an executive order authorizing the use of federal buildings to perform abortions, not just in states where abortion is permitted, which is bad enough, but as a way to perform abortions in states that choose to outlaw most or all abortions.

Doing that would be outright dangerous. Do you want mass unrest? Because you get it by having the federal government, by decree of a single man, entering into red states to kill babies with taxpayer dollars. There’s a reason the Hyde Amendment exists, and it’s to diffuse stuff like this. Democrats don’t care, though. They are all in on hacking up kids in the womb, and they are obviously willing to do just about anything to ensure the practice continues.

It is hard for me to even write articles like this because the amount of murderous evil being perpetrated is almost too much to discuss without losing it. It’s impossible to conceive how anyone could be so obsessed with killing unborn babies that they’d actually propose illegally weaponizing the federal government and its agencies to override the will of the people in the states.

Besides, state laws are still laws. The federal government can not simply enter into a state and do whatever it wants contrary to the laws in those states. That includes killing people, unborn or otherwise. An executive order does not grant the power to ignore the Supreme Court and override laws that protect life. Any federal employees that try to follow such an order could be and should be arrested and charged.

Democrats are tearing this country apart. Something has to give because this kind of “anything goes to make sure I get what I want” attitude is destructive and treacherous.

And Bluto Barr’s slow rolling attempt to rehabilitate himself continues.


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