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"Dem party has clearly been taken over by an extreme faction that views most of the populace of America as enemies and does not shrink from violent rhetoric—including condoning actual violence"

Mark Wauck from Meaning In History (

 The Dem party has clearly been taken over by an extreme faction that views most of the populace of America as enemies and does not shrink from violent rhetoric—including condoning actual violence. Obviously the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise (and others), the widespread Antifa and BLM violence (condoned and encouraged by Dems), the false claim that Trump was a Russian agent, the purge of normal Americans from the military, are all typical revolutionary preliminaries.

We have now moved to a new stage, with threats of violence being directed at the judiciary, the constitutional third branch of government. However, in the background—largely unmentioned by the media—is a wave of firebombings directed at pro-life offices and churches. My working assumption is that all the talk of “white supremacist” movements is largely a cover for hatred and violence against Christians.

Once again we see that the Dem party refuses to condemn this new form of violence, directed against a majority of the populace, if you consider polling results. For example:

Pelosi pressed on whether Dem rhetoric fueling violence against churches, pro-life clinics

First note that Pelosi is obviously blaming the victims of the attacks for the violence:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was pressed on Thursday whether Democrats' rhetoric about the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade. is fueling violence against churches and pro-life clinics.

Pelosi was asked by reporters at her daily press conference whether she believes the rhetoric coming from the blue party is what is driving the attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and churches plaguing the country.

The speaker — a Catholic who was denied communion by the San Francisco archbishop for her abortion views — did not condemn the attacks, instead saying the politicization of the abortion issue "is uniquely American."

Matt Whitlock offers one obvious response directed at the reasons that abortion is so “politicized”—by most world standards, American law with regard to abortion is remarkable barbarous and extreme. As is the rhetoric employed by proponents—and I use that word advisedly—of abortion:

The drive of a radical minority to suppress dissent from its positions and to drive the majority of the population from all positions of responsibility in societal institutions and professions, certainly appears to be a revolutionary goal. Not long ago Zhou/Brandon “joked” on TV about jailing his political opponents—with no outrage apparent from the MSM. When the rhetoric is coupled with the deployment of actual violence against dissenters, with different standards of criminal justice applied to discrete political groupings, we have arguably moved into an active and developing pre-revolutionary situation. November 2022 is a time period to watch.



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