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"Western globalist Rules-Based Order—are emphatically not the values of the traditional conservative culture of the Christian West, which gave rise to international law. Those European values are revolutionary values aimed at the transitioning of the entire world into the WEF vision of a “transhumanist” society"

Mark Wauck from Meaning In History ( 

The European values—the values of the entire Western globalist Rules-Based Order—are emphatically not the values of the traditional conservative culture of the Christian West, which gave rise to international law. Those European values are revolutionary values aimed at the transitioning of the entire world into the WEF vision of a “transhumanist” society. The crisis of the liberal West is now seen to be a crisis of the secularized West, devoid of the spiritual principles of traditional society that Russia (Neo-Orthodoxy) and China (Neo-Confucianism) are attempting to reinstill in their societies. Again we see that the secularization of Western society that was supposed to empower the individual has, instead, deprived individuals of all self value and placed individuals under the heel of the ruling oligarchy, who have strip mined the economy and the national patrimony.

This is the basis for Putin’s rebuke of the globalist elites of the West:

And last week Putin told Scholtz and Macron that the crises (including food shortages) that they faced, stemmed from their own erroneous economic structures and policies. Putin might have quoted List’s amorphism:

The tree which bears the fruit is of greater value than the fruit itself… The prosperity of a nation is not… greater in the proportion in which it has amassed more wealth (i.e., values of exchange), but in the proportion in which it has more developed its powers of production.

Messrs Scholtz and Macron probably did not like the message one bit. They can see the pivot being yanked out from western neoliberal hegemony.

None of this is to lionize current day Russia or China (or India, for that matter, which is on a similar trajectory). The real point is that the West’s war on Russia is a war against tradition and a war to extend the revolutionary ideology “transhumanism” throughout the world. Putin, imperfectly no doubt, is attempting to recover Russia’s spiritual strength, which he sees as the basis for a return to Russian Greatness. That recovery of the spiritual dimension of human nature in its relation to the Creator is precisely what Neoliberalism so fears. It is also what it feared and detested in Trump’s effort to recover true American Greatness, which was not simply the America of the Big Stick but the America that valued the true human dignity that only comes from a right ordering of each individual to God.


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