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Fr. Kramer: "The Invisible But Real War Against You"

The Mystery of Iniquity

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu declared as the basic foundational
principle of his doctrine on warfare: “All warfare is based on deception.”
More important than battlefield strategy, military tactics, logistical
preparation and armaments is the successful employment of the doctrine
of deception — and that is achieved by invisibility. When invisibility is
achieved a vast army can attack and engage in battle and the enemy
will not even know it is being attacked until it is too late to do anything
but surrender or be slaughtered — thus victory is achieved against the
enemy, as Sun Tzu says, like “boulders rolling down a mountain and
smashing into the shells of eggs.” We are the eggs.
A relentless war for global dominance is being waged at present
and has been waged on a global scale since the Eighteenth Century,
and is now approaching its climax — but the greater part of humanity
seems to be unaware of it and unaware of the mortal threat it poses for
them. Many who are aware of it have a deeply flawed understanding
of its nature, like those in the last century who were influenced by the
Nazis to believe that the evil power that threatened to dominate the
world and which needed to be fought against at whatever cost and
defeated was the Jews — or like those in the last two centuries who
believed it was Bolshevism, the British Empire, Fascism, Capitalism,
or American Imperialism. Those who are aware of it generally have a
flawed understanding of it because their own understanding has been
formed under the biased influence of media and an educational system
that has itself been tainted by ideology.
The lure and danger of the ideologies is that they are never totally
false or totally evil — they are all a caricature of the truth that has
been manufactured by interests that seek to present a counterfeit image
of reality so that their own offered solutions will be favorably viewed
and accepted by the general public. The counterfeit image serves the
dual purpose to offer an intelligible explanation to account for the
unfolding events in the world that is easy to grasp while at the same
time concealing the true motives, objectives and identity of its sectarian
The predatory ideological leaders of the great and destructive

xiv the M ystery Of iniqUity
political movements could not have been so extraordinarily dangerous
and inflict such immense damage as they did were it not for the fact
that before they became perpetrators they first became victims of the
ideologies that consumed them — ideologies that were spawned by
their masters and spoon-fed to them (or their mentors) in the lodges
and meeting places of the secret societies which provided them with
covert support during their rise to power.
The ideologues always swear eternal enmity towards the exponents
of rival ideologies, but the ideologies are in reality much more closely
related than their exponents generally care to advertise or even admit.
“Communism, Fascism, Nazism...”, Zbigniew Brzezinski explains, are
“generically related, historically linked and politically quite similar.” 1
After entering into the non-aggression pact with Stalin in 1939 with the
Treaty of Non-Aggression (Aug. 23, 1939), Hitler, under fire from the
rank and file members of the Nazi Party, saw fit to defend that move
by declaring in a meeting with the Gauleiter that “Communism and
National Socialism are essentially the same thing.” 2 It was therefore
no exaggeration on the part of Brzezinski when he wrote, describing
the war between Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Russia
as “a fratricidal war between two strands of a common faith.” 3 The
other ideologies mentioned above, Fascism, and British and American
Imperialism (which have merged into an Anglo-Saxon neo-Fascism
embodied in the Anglo-American Neo-Empire 4 ), are also no less closely
1 Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Failure, London, 1990, p. 7.
2 The quotation was made in a 1971 lecture (which I attended) in Texas of Prof. Percy L.
Greaves Jr., who was in possession of copious historical files at that time. Greaves was
the chief of the minority staff of the 1945-46 joint congressional investigation of the Pearl
Harbor attack and lived through the period of the lead-up to WWII in France.
3 The Grand Failure, p. 7.
4 Christopher Story explains that the United States, “like the covert continuing Soviet
Union, is also inherently and historically a revolutionary power. And has adopted an
arrogant expansionist mentality and an agenda of global revolution which is becoming
almost as much of a threat to world peace as the USSR’s overtly predatory global behavior
under Leonid Brezhnev.” (Christopher Story in Soviet Analyst, July-August, 2002.)
This is the Americanism that is the ideology behind the expansionist and militaristic
policies of American Imperialism. Most Americans (as John Pilger explains in his lecture,
Invisible Government) and those heavily influenced by American media and culture are,
thanks to the ‘perception management’ practiced against the public by the controlled
corporate media, unaware of its existence and its malevolent objectives. The Anti-
Americanism that is prevalent in Latin-America, the Asian and Islamic countries etc., and
to a lesser extent in Europe is directed against this predatory entity and the ideology
that supports it. It is not essentially a racial hatred of white Americans, of Americans in
general or of American culture, but it often leads to that due to the excesses of American
political and economic domination and oppression of other nations and the military
aggression against other nations that has outstripped the oppression and predations of
the former Soviets and the British Empire before them.
John Pilger observes, “During my lifetime, America has been constantly waging war
against much of humanity: impoverished people mostly, in stricken places.” (2001)
[in Wikipedia] This has not changed under Obama, as is so aptly expressed again by
John Pilger: “No one knew what the new brand actually stood for. So accomplished was
xvfOreWOrd : the invisiBLe BUt reaL W ar
related to the others — they are all sharing a common parentage, they
are all pseudo-messianic, and they are all the offspring and fruit of
the same evil tree. That evil tree is a multi-headed hydra — a beast
that wears a thousand masks. It dares to falsely present itself as Jewish
(Apoc. 2:9) but was, in fact, germinated from the seed of the most
ancient adversaries of Judaism and the Jewish people (1 Kings 18;
Esther; Judith; 1 & 2 Machabees), infiltrated into the ancient Jewish
community (Ezekiel 7, 8) and is symbolically represented in Genesis by
the image of the Tower of Babel.
B) Who is the Enemy?
If we want to grasp the true nature of the struggle we must know the
answer to the question: “Who is the enemy?” We will find the answer
to that question repeatedly provided in both Testaments of Sacred
Scripture. The struggle itself was spoken of by Our Divine Savior in His
discourses on the end times, and it is revealed and prophetically foretold
in the many eschatological texts of Sacred Scripture. The enemy is the
“Mystery of Iniquity” (2 Thess. 2:7) which operates in modern times
in the sect of Freemasonry. As an organized geo-political entity it is
referred to in both Testaments as ‘Babylon’. (Isaiah 21:9; Apoc. 14:8;
16:9; 17:5-6; 18:2, 9-10, 21) If we want to know how to defeat this
enemy, we will find the answer in the Secret of Fatima.
Only a few months ago I spoke with an archbishop in the Vatican
who thought there was no serious reason for concern about the
possibility of another world war. According to his mind there is some
legitimate concern about terrorism, and he even mentioned Al-Qaeda,
but he saw no major geopolitical developments threatening world
peace. I replied by saying it is interesting that he mentioned Al-Qaeda,
because that organization was created by the CIA with the help of other
State intelligence agencies. The archbishop was absolutely incredulous
— it was as though I had said that Vladimir Putin was a space alien
whose armed forces are poised to attack the earth from the dark side
of the moon.
The archbishop’s reaction was a conditioned response, like the
conditioned response of Pavlov’s dogs trained by ‘perception
management’ not to see the hostile action and presence of the enemy
which operates in plain view. He and many others like him have been
the advertising (a record $75m was spent on television commercials alone) that many
Americans actually believed Obama shared their opposition to Bush’s wars. In fact, he had
repeatedly backed Bush’s warmongering and its congressional funding. Many Americans
also believed he was the heir to Martin Luther King’s legacy of anti-colonialism. Yet if
Obama had a theme at all, apart from the vacuous ‘Change you can believe in,’ it was the
renewal of America as a dominant, avaricious bully. ‘We will be the most powerful,’ he
often declared.” (2009)
If the reader needs more convincing about the imperialistic nature of Americanism
then he should read: Rebuilding America’s Defenses by the Project for the New American
Century, and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s (one of Obama’s mentors) The Grand Chessboard.
xvi the M ystery Of iniqUity
rendered sightless like the natives of Tierra del Fuego in South America
who had never seen large warships before, and so could not perceive
the presence nor grasp the danger of the Spanish warships poised to
attack in the waters right before their eyes.
If we are to regain our sight we must not allow government and
media to do our thinking for us, but must employ our own intellectual
powers to analyze the facts and realities that are plainly in our view.
If we can refrain from conditioned reflex judgments, examine the
evidence and subject everything to critical analysis it will not take long
before we grasp the absurdity of the conclusions we are constantly
being induced to accept and come to the understanding that there is
indeed a global war being waged, but it is not a ‘War Against Terror’
being waged against shadowy terrorist groups supported by militant
Islamic or Communist regimes, but against us — against all of us — in
order to set up a global government — a perverse and genocidal anti-
Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-God police state. 5
C) What We Need to Do to See
Before It Is Too Late
The first step we must take in order to come to the right understanding
of the real nature of the present global crisis is to put aside our pre-
conceptions and re-think the problem. As always, to solve a difficult
question one must be willing to rethink a problem, no matter how
firmly held one’s convictions may be. This was one of the most valuable
lessons I learned as a Philosophy student in the Angelicum, when our
professor, the renowned Dominican scholar Klemens Vansteenkiste,
O.P., explained in class that St. Thomas Aquinas always rethought a
problem whenever it was put to him anew no matter how many times
he had expounded on it before.
Most people are unwilling to do this, and as a result their mind
becomes the prisoner of their own convictions — convictions that are
not the fruit of analysis based on solid evidence but the uncritical result
of ideas that have been spawned by a nurtured habit of mind which
disposes one to accept premises that are based on partial evidence that
has been carefully pre-selected and spoon-fed to them and therefore
not firmly supported by established factual evidence.
We must re-train ourselves to break this habit of mind and insist
on making a thorough examination of the evidence ourselves — that
means researching and investigating rather than relying on the pre-
selected evidence that is presented to us by government and media,
both of which are effectively under the control of the ruling financial
elite. 6 Judgment must once again be objective — based entirely and
5 John Pilger, “There is no War on Terrorism; it is The Great Game speeded up. The
difference is the rampant nature of the superpower, ensuring infinite dangers for us all.”
(2002), cf. Wikipedia under ‘John Pilger’.
6 See Appendix III for more on this issue.
xviifOreWOrd : the invisiBLe BUt reaL W ar
exclusively on rational analysis of evidence, and not subjected to the
influence of political, social or financial pressure.
Objectivity requires that we give a fair hearing to an argument and
the evidence that supports it and judge on the basis of the evidence
alone. Truth is knowledge of reality based on premises that are a)
infallibly revealed, b) self-evident, or 3) rigorously demonstrated. If we
rely on a habit of mind that uncritically accepts premises offered by
media, government, educational institutions or other biased sources;
or allow social pressure or financial considerations to unduly influence
our thinking, we will most assuredly not arrive at the objective truth
about those things that matter the most for the human race.
Those who would dismiss an argument out of a contempt that they
have been conditioned to hold for an idea or the person advancing it
are prisoners of their own biased mindset and are incapable of critical
judgment that leads to the attainment of objective truth.
Whether for vanity or self-interest, but always in order to remain
within the safe parameters of socially acceptable norms, the tendency for
‘normal’ people is to uncritically reject out of hand the convictions and
arguments of those whom ‘society’ has been conditioned to designate to
be outside of the normal range. One’s career, reputation and standing
in the community are usually at stake and that is for most people far
more important than determining the answer to the question, “Quid est
veritas?” [“What is truth?”] For such people, living a lie is the acceptable
price willingly or grudgingly paid to avoid undesirable consequences
that may negatively impact their lives. For such people who seem not
to grasp that gradually their own Catholic Faith and conservative social
beliefs are ever increasingly being judged to be outside of the normal


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