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"The mutual interests of Russia and America are very real and they're long term. The US needs to break out of its dependency on the UK--the vestige of the British Empire"

Neocon/Globalist Dream Crumbling - Meaning In History:

 I spent hours doing a summary-cum-transcript of a discussion between Tom Luongo and Alex Krainer: Alex Krainer and the First Casualty in the New War for Oil. I use a lot of their words, but also summarize and clarify. Still there are areas in which I have reservations or disagreements, but I’ll leave that to readers. One area that I admit that I don’t fully understand what is being said concerns Israeli politics. Obviously, all these regional developments will strongly effect Israel, but Luongo’s remark is brief and, to me, opaque. Still, overall, the discussion ties regional developments, as above, to the Ukraine conflict and the larger civil war in the West between Davos led globalists and non-globalists—it’s all tied together. As you’ll see, the focus shifts to internal US matters as the discussion continues:

L: In my mind it's very clear--the Saudis have jumped ship. They're no longer under US control. They're in the process of becoming a Russian ally. Rosatom is signing nuclear power deals with the Saudis--the Saudis know what's coming. They'll have to become brokers and not just exporters.

K: In that scheme it makes no sense for the Saudis to help the US bring the price of oil down. The Saudis have every reason to cooperate with Russia and China to strengthen their bilateral ties with Iran, because Iran is the new sheriff in town there. There really isn't a very important reason for the Saudis and Iranians to be enemies. Going forward, the Saudis are probably going to be leaning more and more toward the Eurasian integration side and away from the West, which is imploding. Russia and the Saudis share the same interest.

L: The Saudis and the Iranians have been having high level talks behind the scenes almost like the day after Soleimani was killed. That's also the time that Davos started putting the screws to Israel to get Netanyahu out of power to keep the conflict going—and now Davos’ choice, Bennett, is on his way out. The Saudis and the Emirates and the whole Arabian peninsula have the same future ahead of them, which is to get on board with Eurasian integration, or try to hold out as Britain's bitches. They're setting up Dubai to be the new New York. Russia and Iran have just opened up bilateral currency trading. The Europeans and their oil sanctions--they're whistling past their own graveyard. The reality is that everything is changing. The Russians are now setting up their own oil shipping insurance. They'll take huge business from Lloyd's of London.

K: There aren't many ways for the West to derail Eurasian integration. The West has no cards left.

L: This is part of the reason why I believe that the Fed and the New York banks are off the dollar reservation and that they're actually the ones trying to liquidate Europe. You can see it in the way JPMorgan and Goldman and even Citigroup and Wells Fargo--not Morgan Stanley or BofA or New York Mellon, they're all Davos--but it's very clear to me that there's a major incentive for the American commercial banking system to split with what's going on.

The problem is that corruption in the US is so endemic that it'll take a decade to turn the ship around. But if you can get rid of the Biden junta--neutralize it for the next two and a half years--the markets will welcome the US setting a more sustainable fiscal policy. Hell, the Russians will be ecstatic! The long term play for Russia is to not become a Chinese satellite.

K: The mutual interests of Russia and America are very real and they're long term. The US needs to break out of its dependency on the UK--the vestige of the British Empire.

L: We need to break the stranglehold of the City of London and the Amsterdam-Rotterdam banking network. America has to finally declare independence. If that happens America and Russia can work out a logical relationship.

I’ve been talking with an Italian blogger, saying, You've got the Fed on one side and the Russians on the other. The Russians are destroying the Europeans on the energy front. Meanwhile the Fed is raising interest rates, forcing European debt to fall in price and rise in yield. And forcing the ECB to finally give up negative interest rates. Europe is like a rag doll caught between Russian and America. Are America and Russia coordinated? The Italian says, Absolutely they're coordinated. Putin and the Fed are actually coordinating policy to attack Davos.

It's like sitting at a big game of Risk and going, Yeah, I see what you're doing over there. The incentives are there, without actually speaking. You can't give your game away, but the confluence of interests is real.

K: Guys like JPMorgan know, if Davos prevails they're done. They won't exist much longer.

L: Take it a step further. Blackrock is obviously in charge of the current WH. Who was in charge of the Trump WH? Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Mostly Goldman Sachs, but also a lot of JPMorgan guys in there. Who has been surprisingly on "our" side during "all of this" recently? I have to trade WITH Goldman now.

It's a weird thing that's going on here. When you think about four years of the Trump administration--Mnuchin was the Treasury Secretary for the ENTIRE Trump administration. There were a lot of high level talks between the Trump administration and the Russians. Multiple meetings.

K: Yeah, and did you know that the Russian top military brass and a group of American generals who had weekly conference calls? Throughout the war in Syria? I'm pretty sure that those talks are continuing in some way, maybe not on the official level. On the official level you have people like Antony Blinken who brags about pressing MBS on LGBT issues--I mean, what planet are you living on, man?

L: Blinken is in league with Davos and their goal is to engineer a dollar crisis. The Fed turned around and said: No. We're pulling the plug on the Eurodollar market.

K: I agree but I think it goes further. I think Davos actually wants to break up the US. They're pushing agendas that lead to partitioning the US. That would be a tragic mistake. I'd like people to picture where Russia was in the year 2000 when Putin became president. The most corrupt country on earth with a completely broken economy. Today, Russia is what Davos would call a worthy adversary. It's a global superpower--in just 22 years.

The US has much greater dynamism. Once this crisis blows over ... I think the Trump administration may have made a calculated step of vacating the WH in spite of the fraud, because this crisis was a mathematical certainty. It would either be a deflationary debt spiral with a depression or a hyper inflationary crisis. Maybe they decided--Let's have it on Biden's watch, on the Dems' watch because then we're gonna sweep them out. The reason I want to say this is because I believe Americans have a lot to look forward to. At the end of this crisis will come REAL independence and a reestablishment of the republic and a spectacular renaissance and rise in prosperity.

L: ... We have to give up Empire. I think Americans are ready to do that.

K: The Empire is the parasite on the US. The American people get no benefit from empire, only costs. The benefits accrue to Wall St. and the City of London. The American people pay in blood and treasure and get no benefit.

L: The only way to defeat the Left that wants to break the US up is to take away their wealth, bankrupt them, and that's why it's necessary to break the ECB.

I think the Saudis understand that.

K: The Saudis indubitably understand it, the Iranians understand it, the Indians understand it, the Chinese understand it, and the Russians understand it.

L: The Pakistani people, Imran Khan, understand it, and Pakistan is so important in this.

Guess who's meeting this morning? Putin is meeting with Iran and Erdogan--IN TEHRAN. Do we need to know any more?

K: And they just inaugurated the new trade route that goes from Mumbai up to St. Petersburg. It completely replaces the Suez Canal, Suez loses strategic value. The transit time is going to be reduced from 46 days to 26 or 29 and the cost will fall by about 30%. That's massive.

L: I think Davos overplayed their hand with Covid and got the Indians on board with the trade route.

K: Once the US pulled out of Afghanistan the individual regional states can come to terms on the merit of the case, rather than worrying about how NATO will react.

L: Which is why not only Iran and Argentina but also Egypt is joining BRICS. The Danube river, once Russia controls Odessa, will allow former Warsaw Pact countries to leave the EU. The Danube route from Eastern and Central Europe will allow those countries to cross the Black Sea to the North-South corridor [Russia-Iran-India] or exit to the Mediterranean, where Russia already has a port at Tartus [Syria], and on to Suez. The Russians are going to take Odessa--it's more important than Kharkov. Odessa allows the Eastern Europeans to leave the EU and Russia will protect their trade.

K: From the day the Russian intervention in Ukraine started, it was clear the West had lost. If this had been a tennis game it would have been 6-0, 6-0.

L: But remember, if America falls then everything will be bad. America is not the Great Satan. There are aspects of America, of its government, that need to be gone. But Davos wouldn't be seeking to break up the US if doing that wouldn't work to their advantage.

K: The US has been infiltrated since about the beginning of the 20th century and its legitimate institutions have been subverted to the interests of the British Empire, which simply used the US for its military power and wealth. But the US still has healthy republican foundations that can be resurrected, but it has to remain a union. It must not allow itself to be broken up.

This is my point about the just ended SCOTUS term. Healthy republican foundations, which the SCOTUS is attempting—to the extent that it can do so as an institution—to nurture and strengthen.

L: The key for the Fed to establish US independence is to break the Eurodollar market by destroying LIBOR as the global benchmark for pricing debt. Once that happens and the Chinese give up the peg to the Hong Kong dollar, then the Fed can let the price of gold to go up. But first you have to destroy the ability to create "soft dollars" to buy influence. Then we can return to some sort of hard currency system.

Finally, I highly recommend this very long but fascinating video that covers similar issues and more—there’s just so much going on:



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