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Crony Capitalism The Fascist-Communist Corporate Model

Instead of opposing a "Great Reset" intended to destroy private

ownership for all but the globalist pseudo-elites, Francis makes

common cause with them: hiring the Belial of godless Socialism

to overturn the Beelzebub of rapacious Corporatism. Thereby, as

ever, he spurns and upends the perennial teachings of the Church.

Crony Capitalism

The Fascist-Communist Corporate Model

It was a kind of crony capitalism. For all the Nazi talk of

“workers" and “volk" the regime quickly fell into bed with

captains of German industry.
- Niko Vasileas
Both Leo XIII and John Paul II rejected Socialism and Crony

Capitalism. Journalist Harlan Kirgan explains:

Pope Leo XIII condemned socialism in his 1891 encyclical

Rerum Novarum
, (the Spirit of Revolutionary Change) as he said
“Socialism is against natural justice, liberty and common sense, as

it transfers the possessions of individuals to the community—this

strikes against the rights of man to possess property as his own.”

For further clarification, consider that God’s Ten Commandments

given to Moses includes “thou shall not steal”—which

presupposes man’s private property rights. One hundred thirty

years later we see that Pope Leo’s predictions were right on point.

Surprisingly, democratic socialism is being promoted today

in America’s universities and Democratic Party. How is it

that so many of America’s intellectuals and youth have either

forgotten, or were not taught, about socialism’s failures and

capitalism’s successes? You don’t even need to study history;

Venezuela is disintegrating today before our very eyes.

In 1991, Saint Pope John Paul II’s encyclical
Centesimus Annus
promoted “Capitalism rightly understood” as the preferred

economic system as it allows man the freedom to produce

the wealth necessary to improve the world and take care of

the poor, just as God intended. Unfortunately, capitalism was

hijacked by our political leaders and converted into crony

capitalism as the allure of power and money was too powerful

to resist. Over the last 20 years this has led to significant “income

inequality” and poverty is now a concern for the middle class.

[, 20/11/20]
Unfortunately, Francis supports that Socialism which Pope Leo

XIII declared "against natural justice, liberty and common sense."

Jose Azel, a senior scholar at the University of Miami, in the

respected international relations quarterly journal
World Affairs
wrote a review of a book penned by Francis in 1998 while he was

Archbishop of Buenos Aires. In the article, in his own translation

of the book, Azel quotes the current pontiff as saying:

[N]eoliberal capitalism is a model that subordinates human

beings and conditions development to pure market forces...

thus humanity attends a cruel spectacle that crystallises the

enrichment of the few at the expense of the impoverishment

of the many.

Moreover, Francis's book,
Dialogos entre Juan Pablo II Y Fidel
presents evidence that he is pro-Fidel Castro, anti-
Capitalism and by inference Anti-American because the United

States is the driving force behind the global free market system. He

wrote on page 23 that there apparently
could be a "convergence"
of "premises" between Communism and Catholicism:

Fidel Castro offered a... convergence or points of connection

between Catholicism and the premises (los postulados) of the

[Cuban Communist] Revolution.

Later in his book, he states that there
cannot be a
convergence of premises between Free Market Capitalism

and Catholicism:

You cannot hold the premises (los postulados) of

"neoliberalismo" (Capitalism) and be considered a Christian.

The failures of Marxism and Collectivism don't authorise

the Capitalist system (al sistema capitalista)... we find in

"neoliberalismo" (Capitalism) the opposite of the Gospel...

because it empties man of the economic progressivism or

economic progress (los progresos economicos).
Apparently, Francis also supports the Hitlerian Crony Capitalism

of leftist, anti-"neoliberal" Argentinians like the Kirchners.

In 2012, the
Wall Street Journal noted:
Jorge Luis Borges used to say that the Argentine people

suffered under "too many messiahs." Their current president,

Cristina Kirchner, certainly preaches like one. At U.N. meetings

she berates America and Europe...

Dialogos entre Juan Pablo II Y Fidel Castro, By Jorge Bergoglio, Copyright -
Ciudad Argentina, pp. 48-49. Translation by Fred Martinez.
... Mrs. Kirchner is the widow of former President Néstor

Kirchner and succeeded him as president in 2007. Under the

Kirchners, a global commodities boom provided tailwind for

an Argentine economy geared toward food production. Amid

the boom, the Kirchners denounced corrupt "neoliberalism,"

promising to "free the people" through revitalised government.

So while Peru and Colombia deepened structural reforms,

Argentina expanded bureaucracy and eschewed liberalisation.

This led to decreased independence for institutions like the

national statistics agency, Indec, which has lied about inflation

so blatantly that
The Economist magazine now refuses to print
its cooked numbers. ...

... Back in the 1960s, situationist philosopher Guy Débord

coined the phrase "the society of the spectacle" to describe

the farce of Soviet bureaucrats pretending to defend the

proletariat while benefiting only themselves. ... Argentina

needs less televised lecturing and more action to address the

crony capitalism that pervades its government. Like other false

prophets, the Kirchner government has come to represent the

very evil it purported to fight. Argentina deserves better. ["A

Lesson in Crony Capitalism,"
WSJ, 9/8/12]
Sobering lesson

Most people don't realise that the foundations of Hitler's

totalitarianism were Big Business and Big Pharma. According

to journalist Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, "history may give us some

greater perspective on how corporate money in politics can

prove decisive":

It’s a largely forgotten piece of history, but in 1932 the German

Nazi Party was facing financial ruin. How did the Nazis move

from being broke to being in control of the German government

just a year later? The Nazi Party was bailed out by German

industrialists in early 1933.

The industrialists who led the way were two huge German

firms, I.G. Farben and Krupp. Leaders of both companies were

among the few civilians who were later charged with war

crimes at the Nuremberg Tribunals after World War II. These

trials placed the story of their financial and moral support of

the Nazis into the historical record. Krupp was a huge arms

manufacturer. I.G. Farben was a vast chemical company which
made everything from Bayer aspirin to Zyklon B, the poison

used in the gas chambers.

According to
The Arms of Krupp, the Nazi Party was
essentially bankrupt in late 1932. Joseph Goebbels, who would

later become the Minister of Propaganda, complained, “[w]e

are all very discouraged, particularly in the face of the present

danger that the entire party may collapse....The financial

situation of the Berlin organisation is hopeless. Nothing but

debts and obligations.”

Regardless of the party’s financial problems, Hitler was

named Chancellor in late January 1933. He called for elections

in early March. With less than two weeks left before the vote,

Herman Goering sent telegrams to Germany’s 25 leading

industrialists, inviting them to a secret meeting in Berlin on

February 20, 1933. Attending the gathering were four I.G. Farben

directors and Krupp chief Gustav Krupp. Hitler addressed the

group, saying
“private enterprise cannot be maintained in a
He also told the men that he would eliminate
trade unions and communists. Hitler asked for their financial

support and to back his vision for Germany.

According to Robert Jackson, the former Supreme Court

Justice and chief U.S. prosecutor at Nuremberg, “[T]he

industrialists...became so enthusiastic that they set about

to raise three million Reichsmarks [worth about $30 million

today] to strengthen and confirm the Nazi Party in power.”

[...] In the opening of the tribunal against the directors of

I.G. Farben, prosecutor U.S. Gen. Telford Taylor stated: “The

indictment accuses these men of major responsibility for

visiting upon mankind the most searing and catastrophic war

in human history. It accuses them of wholesale enslavement,

plunder, and murder.”

At the February meeting, the I.G. Farben executives gave

the Nazis 400,000 marks, and a total of 4.5 million marks by

the end of 1933, according to
The Crime and Punishment of I.G.
. This infusion of corporate cash saved the Nazi Party
from financial disaster. The rest, as they say, is history — tragic,

tragic history.

["How Big Business Bailed Out the Nazis," 20/5/16,

Brennan Center for Justice
Bergoglio/Biden nexus

We should not forget that both Francis and Biden are apparently

tied to the slave labour Crony Capitalism of the Chinese model

of economic/political dictatorship. The Chinese-American run

Epoch Times
calls this the "Facist-Communist corporate model."
In a piece about the illegitimate 'vice-president' of America's

illegitimate administration',
The American Conservative revealed:
By 2012, [Kamala] Harris was already a rising Democratic star

and a potential gubernatorial candidate. When she announced

that California would receive by far the largest share of the

$26 billion during the initial announcement of the National

Mortgage Settlement, it signalled her arrival to national politics...

Michael Hiltzik, a business columnist for the
Los Angeles
, called... the duplicity displayed by Harris and the other
state AGs during the settlement negotiations was monumental.

The AGs made common cause with big Wall Street firms that

were selling the shares of the banks short in the pubic equity

markets before each salacious headline appeared in the
York Times
... Kamala Harris and President Obama refused to prosecute

the guilty, but they were happy to use their legal powers to tax

the shareholders of the big banks. The pension funds of public

employee unions and teachers’ unions paid for Kamala Harris’

political career. There is nothing pro-consumer or even mildly

progressive about Kamala Harris. She is the pinup girl of the

corrupt corporate crony capitalist state.

["Kamala Harris: Queen of the Crony Capitalists," 13/10/20]

Writing in 1940, free market economist Ludwig von Mises sought

to untangle the confusion surrounding the twin evils of Fascist

Crony Capitalism and Socialist Communism:

What is wrong with Western civilisation is the accepted habit

of judging political parties merely by asking whether they seem

new and radical enough, not by analysing whether they are

wise or unwise, or whether they are apt to achieve their aims.

Not everything that exists today is reasonable; but this does not

mean that everything that does not exist is sensible.

The usual terminology of political language is stupid. What

is “left” and what is “right”? Why should Hitler be “right” and

Stalin, his temporary friend, be “left”? Who is “reactionary”

and who is “progressive”? Reaction against an unwise policy is
not to be condemned. And progress towards chaos is not to be

commended. Nothing should find acceptance just because it is

new, radical, and fashionable. “Orthodoxy” is not an evil if the

doctrine on which the “orthodox” stand is sound. Who is anti-

labour, those who want to lower labour to the Russian level,

or those who want for labour the capitalistic standard of the

United States? Who is “nationalist,” those who want to bring

their nation under the heel of the Nazis, or those who want to

preserve its independence [as in the United States]?

Pope Leo XIII made an even better point about the opposition

of Socialism (Francis) and Crony Capitalism (Biden) to Catholic

Social Teachings. As explained by Professor Anthony Esolen:

Now one cannot cure sin by sin. Our Lord tells us: one cannot

cast out devils in the name of Beelzebub. But this, Leo sees,

is what some revolutionaries pretend to do: “To remedy these

wrongs the Socialists,
working on the poor man’s envy of the rich,
are striving to do away with private property, and contend that

individual possessions should become the common property

of all, to be administered by the State or by municipal bodies.”

Leo does not condemn Socialism for its practical failure,

although he notes—did he board a time-machine to visit

Russia and Cuba and what used to be
Great Britain?—that
“the workingman himself would be among the first to suffer.”

We must see the relationship aright.
Socialism is not evil
because it fails. It fails, because it is evil. Nor is it justified

because unchecked rapacity is evil
—the antisocial money-
squeezing [ of Crony Capitalism] which Dickens, alike

suspicious of socialists, condemned.
One does not hire Belial
to fight Beelzebub.

At this point, one might expect Leo to launch into economic

analysis, and provide a “solution” to the trouble. But we must

clear away the childishly bad thinking to which we have grown

accustomed—our fetish for numbers.
Man is a moral being
to the core. Man is oriented by his nature toward God, with

every breath he takes. We seek not money. We seek joy.

["Leo XIII Knew Socialism Would Fail Because it was Evil,"

magazine, 10/1/13. Bold emphasis added.]
Thanks to the
Catholic Monitor (11/12/21)


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