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The China Syndrome

The China Syndrome


Polish friends have long reiterated how the Communists wear a population down not just through force, fear and propaganda but with minutiae. Endless arbitrary changes to rules and regulations that govern daily life simply tire people out. As fatigue sets in, hearts and minds become ever more lethargic, docile and pliable.

Though sobering and educational, this first-hand knowledge of oppression was too far removed from workaday Western life to really hit home. Seeing, however,is believing. The East European experience has become far more comprehensible now that our putative democracies have made this debilitating "strategy of tension" their own. While ruthlessly applying the same coercive methods at the service of vested interests high and low, they too have exhausted everyone with minutiae: ever-shifting policies and measures, most of them baseless and futile, which confuse, infuriate and further divide and demoralise the electorate.

The Communistic parallels are striking for the simple reason that China is the inspiration and template for the global sanitary dictatorship, and the interrelated "social credit system" by which the pseudo-elites wish to assume total technocratic control.

Psychopaths of the world unite!

A joint creation of the Chinese Communists and their Deep State comrades which should be designated ChiComDS-19, the Wuhan virus itself merely accelerated this cherished goal of the money powers, whose love affair with totalising regimes, left or right, never flags. The Rockefellers for one have always touted the need for global governance (under their direction, of course).

Typically, the late David Rockefeller once exalted China in the New York Times ("From a China Traveler," 10 August 1973, p. 31).

After a 10-day Cook's tour arranged for him with "remarkable thoughtfulness" by his "hosts," Rockefeller returned home to variously laud every aspect of Chinese life, from "the sense of national harmony" and "loud patriotic music" to "a very real and pervasive dedication to Chairman Mao and Maoist principles." He gushed that "Streets and homes are spotlessly clean, and medical care greatly improved. Crime, drug addiction, prostitution and venereal disease have been virtually eliminated. Doors are routinely left unlocked."

It is a measure of the psychopathy of the Western elites he personifies that Rockefeller marvels at it all in full knowledge that the trip was "choreographed precisely by our hosts." While conceding that "We saw what they wanted us to," he dismisses the deception of his psychopathic brethren as easily as he waves away the fact that "The universities are rigorously politicised, with little room for inquiry unrelated to Chairman Mao's thought," and that "Freedom to travel or change jobs is restricted."

Neither the choreographed illusion nor the brutal facts mattered one jot. Before the torture, enslavement and genocide for which his "hosts" are synonymous, all he could muster was a passing comment that "a stiff price has been paid in terms of cultural and intellectual constraint." Apart from that unfortunate hiccup, he assured his equally self-deluded NYT readership that "Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose."

Rockefeller lives!

Nearly thirty years later, in a telling 15 January 2022 podcast, the pitiless spirit of Rockefeller was channelled by Chamath Palihapitiya, who declared that "nobody cares about what's happening to the Uyghurs."

A venture capitalist who counts minority ownership of an American basketball franchise among his affluent 'toys,' Palihapitiya is unmoved by the ethnic cleansing of the Uyghurs, a religious minority in Northwest China whose organs are also being harvested by the Chinese Communist Party. "Nobody cares about what's happening to the Uyghurs. OK?" he snapped. "You bring it up because you care and I think it's nice that you care. The rest of us don't care."

(A poster-boy for bleeding heart-liberal duplicity, ensuing outrage dictated that, suddenly, he did care after all. Coercive-compassion?)

Palihapitiya is hardly an outlier.

Consider the mindset of Peter Walker, a former senior partner of consulting firm McKinsey & Co., a group that works with Chinese state-owned companies. On 1 November 2019 he gushed:

"What I discovered in China was the people were happy, they were proud, they were energised. The government officials I met genuinely wanted to do the right thing by the people."

Reminded by Fox News commentatorTucker Carlson that the Chinese response to Wuhan was to lock people in their homes and leave them to die, snatch people off the street and bundle them into police vans never to be seen again, etc., etc., Walker's admiration only heightened:

"I think the harsh action that they took, given the scale of China and the number of big cities, was exactly what they needed to do in order to prevent the outbreak from going any further."

Noting that Wuhan is roughly the size of the New York metro area, and that New York lost more people to the virus than the Chinese at least publicly admit to having lost, Carlson then asked if New York authorities would also deserve praise if they locked New Yorkers in their homes until they starved to death. Walker dodged the question, forcing no-nonsense Carlson to ask again until Walker finally proffered: "Those specific actions I think were overly harsh, were insensitive." In other words, not unspeakable and homicidal but mere government overreach.

On his website, Mr Walker rationalised that "In the US, human rights are inalienable and absolute; human rights in China are relativist and weighed against other societal needs.... Including food, shelter, borders, stability, and safety."

Sounding like a Rockefeller puppet in a Splitting Image sketch, he then offered as  an example, "the treatment of the Uyghurs. China would point to dramatic improvements in the Uyghurs' quality of life... in terms of literacy, prosperity and longevity as well as a sharp reduction in Islamic terrorist incidents to the benefit of all Chinese."

Referencing those comments, Carlson pondered: "That's what China got out of putting a million people in concentration camps. Do you think that was a fair trade off? It sounds like you do."

Walker bristled:

"No, actually I don't. I understand that from the government's point of view, clamping down on Islamic terrorism was a high priority. And one of the things when you spend a lot of time in China as I have, is, they are fanatics about stability. Do I agree that locking down a million people in internment camps is a smart way to deal with Islamic terrorism? Absolutely not."

"Well good," acknowledged Carlson. "But may I ask: why would you note that their literacy had increased? I guess the obvious question is, who cares about your literacy if you're in a concentration camp?"


Walker quickly changed tack, underlining "the huge disconnect" between Chinese collectivism and US individualism, the US view of the sanctity of every life as opposed to China locking up a million people in a region of 80 million, which, he explained, they view as interning a mere 1% for the betterment of 99%.

He then extolled Confucian "values" that prioritise family and country over the individual, and said the Chinese always look at "getting the maximum number of people out of poverty, education, whatever it is."

"Oh, I bet they do. I bet they do," nodded marvellous Tucker, signally unimpressed.

"That's a pretty handy way to excuse putting a million people in a concentration camp," he pointed out before delivering this coup de grâce:

"Listening to you, it seems like a pure apology for fascist behaviour. Let me ask you the obvious question, because I don't think anyone would do this for free. How much money have you made over the course of your career with McKinsey, in China? If you could just put a rough estimate out there, it might be helpful to understand this. Just ballpark."

"Look, I probably spent a quarter of my time in China, over the course of a dozen years, something like that," conceded Walker.

Carlson went on:

"I guess the point I'm making is, this country, in part at the urging of McKinsey, is so economically tied to China, that you've got to wonder if the values you describe, which are repulsive — I think most Westerners would agree with that; exterminating individuals for the sake of the group — I wonder if that's in fact hurting our country. I mean, why would you want to be aligned to government that grotesque? Is that a fair question, do you think?"

Exposed and exasperated by Tucker's integrity, Mr. Walker came clean.

"Well look," he blurted out, "I'm a real pragmatist."

The problem with pragmatism

You bet!

And there's the rub.

The bottomless Chinese money-pit makes for professional pragmatists, even and especially Vatican ones, as China's fake largesse turns amorality into a very lucrative business. A Chinese strategy of "soft power," it compromises and corrupts everything it touches. Not least the World Health Organisation and those countries foolish enough to hook up with the Belt-and-Road express — China's imperialistic infrastructure and investment juggernaut stretching from East Asia to Europe.

Italy for one suffered for its snatching at Chinese cash when ChiComDS-19 flew direct from Wuhan to its northern airports, courtesy of Xi Jinping and the 100,000 Chinese workers they invited (and Xi directed) to work there. This influx inevitably triggered a viral crisis among the elderly and generally unhealthy population of heavily polluted northern Italy, killing many. Then, as an added thank-you for being the only G7 member to jump aboard Belt-and-Road, Italy was rewarded with a "donation" of Chinese medical supplies, which magnanimity turned out to be a multi-million dollar sale. Worse still, what Italy received and paid for was its own equipment — genuinely donated to China at the height of its Wuhan crisis!

Before such cold-blooded opportunism, grabbing Chinese carrots is suicidal enough. The self-harm beggars belief. After all, how difficult can it be to comprehend the myriad long-term dangers of lucrative short-term gains offered by a death cult of Communist psychopaths who not only traffick in organs they plunder from the living (dwarfing in nature and scale even Planned Parenthood's wickedness), but also preach and practice a strategy of total war, beyond any and all moral and ethical limits, into the bargain? Calculating the tragic denouement is not rocket science.

But it all goes far beyond the Big Sticks of economic dependency and Chinese colonisation by stealth. Ultimately, it effects the deeper moral malaise that cyclically rots and destroys nations and entire civilisation from within.

As with Western Deep State actors forever profiting from the misery and death of others, mendacity, cynicism and cruelty constitute the DNA of the Chinese Communist Party. Before the global mayhem triggered by Xi censoring information about the virus, spreading it abroad via international flights, 'disappearing' Wuhan truth-tellers etc. etc., journalist Daniel Flynn truly observed:

Communists, ever believers in ends justifying means, do that. They lie. They do that not in moments of human failing but always and everywhere as anideological commitment. And people who do business with them... end up compromising their values, too. ... Morality is more contagious than any virus.

Indeed. And yet the amoral infection is already so deep and pervasive that even the ChiComDS-19 catastrophe is unlikely to wean Belt-and-Road junkies off their Chinese addiction. If Iran's initial fury with its Chinese ally-cum-sugar daddy over the heavy viral toll on its elderly citizens was pure political theatre (one dictatorship posturing with another), the West has too many self-serving fingers in the lucrative pie to bother with high-sounding appeals to airy-fairy notions about a "common good."

What is that? they ask; after the fashion of Pontius Pilate, the patron saint of pragmatists who stood face to face with the Source and Summit of that Good. And since the Supreme Good's Vicar on earth now doubles as Communist-appeaser-in-chief, they can pose their rhetorical question with even greater cynicism.

Of course, Belt-and-Road is only part of it.

Effectively describing the elites of every continent, Congressman Michael Waltz recently lamented that American business and mainstream media leaders are "totally drunk on Chinese dollars and are willing to compromise our values," pointing out that China has "deliberately cornered the market on our pharmaceuticals, computer chips, and rare earth minerals. They've done it deliberately," he warned, "and they're threatening already to choke off those supply chains if we don't see the world the way they want to."

All the while, he added, President Xi Jinping, "is openly talking about replacing the American dream with the China dream and being the new dominant world power. The sad irony of it always is that it is American companies that are funding it." [Newsmax, 8/2/22]

Ideological turn

Congressman Waltz also took aim at the grotesque hypocrisy of American companies that "like to preach social justice" in the United States but turn "a blind eye to millions of people in concentration camps and the modern-day slavery that's used to make their products."

But whereas the human misery and corpses piled high were once obscured by dollar signs alone, from their Olympian vantage point of wealth, privilege and power the godless now see an atheistic creed to be admired and a methodology of ends justifying means to be emulated, as their venality and amorality coalesce into an ideological mindset.

Sadly, these Rockefeller clones now populate the globalist food chain from top to bottom. Less and less shy about proclaiming their alien outlook, it often bursts forth in declarations by the most unlikely apparatchiks. Barack Obama's White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn, comes to mind.

Obama himself was mentored in his youth by card-carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis, then cultivated by hard left socialist organisations before launching his political career in the living room of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a murderous Marxist (see "The Obama Transition," CO, June/July 2009).

Little wonder, then, that even the lowly Dunn once boasted that one of her favourite political philosophers was Mao Tse-tung. Such breathtaking idiocy recalls the razor-sharp title of Daniel Flynn's 2004 work, Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Stupid.

Dunn's admission, Obama's pedigree and Flynn's book title also call to mind a local comrade of note: one Susan Michie.

A 40-year member of the British Communist Party whose first husband was a key adviser to former Labour leader and doctrinaire Marxist Jeremy Corbyn, Professor Michie doubles as a senior member and spokesman for SAGE; the scientific advisory group behind destructive Covid policies.

In a scathing letter of 22 August 2021, signed by more than 130 UK medical professionals and sent to the Prime Minister and other government officials, SAGE was among the government bodies specifically accused of causing "massive, permanent and unnecessary harm" to the country — economic and human devastation that confirms two hallmarks of Communism.

Firstly, that sacred socialist ends justify all means of advancing the revolution, as inhumane Covid measures surely have.

Second, that "collateral damage" to the hapless proletariat never impacts higher-ups like champagne socialist Michie; a wealthy descendant of aristocracy, who, a few years back, sold a family-owned Picasso to the Saudi Royals for £50 million.

The same treacherous Red Thread runs through the key institutions of most nations.

As researchers such as Diane West and Peter Schweizer have thoroughly documented, the entire Washington establishment is littered with ideological Marxists and self-serving fellow travellers. Schweizer, a regular best-selling author, says that his latest work, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win (Jan. 2022)is the scariest investigation he has ever conducted in his 25-years as an investigative journalist.

Billed as exposing "the nexus of power between the Chinese government and the American elites who do its bidding," the publicity blurb explains that after a year spent "scouring a massive trove of global corporate records and legal filings to expose the hidden transactions China’s enablers hoped would never see the light of day, Schweizer and his team of forensic investigators lay bare the bad actors at both ends of the political spectrum who are eager to help the Chinese dictatorship in its quest for global hegemony. Presidential families, Silicon Valley gurus, Wall Street high rollers, Ivy League universities, even professional athletes—all willing to sacrifice American strength and security on the altar of personal enrichment."

The likes of Bill and Hilary started selling out for filthy lucre decades ago. Chinese campaign donor Johnny Chung famously stated that the Clinton White House was "like a subway. You have to put in coins to open the gates."

Personified nowadays by "Beijing Joe" and the Biden Crime Family, the venality, as noted earlier, is no longer the worst of it.

In detailing "the secret deals wealthy Americans have cut to help China build its military, technological, and economic might," Schweizer reveals the ideological progression of the Rockefeller-effect: how nowadays very many of these elites also "quietly believe the Chinese dictatorial regime is superior to American democracy."

Useful Roman idiots

And not only the secular elites. Today, even the reigning pontiff and his Vatican entourage are channelling David Rockefeller.

Apparently treated to the same choreographed tour as the trillionaire, Argentinian Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, returned from a 2018 trip to Beijing to inform the world he had discovered "an extraordinary China" with an exceptional work ethic.

"You don’t have shantytowns, you don’t have drugs, young people do not take drugs. There is like a positive national consciousness, they want to show that they have changed, and now they accept private property." The Chinese, he insisted, "look for the common good and subordinate other things to the general welfare." "The Chinese," he concluded, "are the ones implementing Catholic social teaching best."

Inverting Catholic social doctrine throughout his interview with Vatican Insider [2/2/18], the diabolically disoriented prelate went on to praise Beijing's "moral leadership," insisting China defends "the dignity of the person" better than other countries.

Whereas western neo-liberal thought has "liquidated the concept of the common good," he explained, "the Chinese, on the contrary, propose work and the common good," displaying "a moral quality that you don’t find in many places."

Organ donation "has increased enormously," he enthused by way of example, studiously skipping the 'donors': political 'dissidents' who are frequently murdered and their transplantable organs harvested for Party sycophants.

Beyond parody even by Bergoglian standards, the Archbishop's canonisation of the demonic ChiComs betrays the same signs of mental illness so often flagged by his papal superior.

John Paul II's biographer George Weigel for one is in no doubt.

Turning "a blind eye to repression and persecution in order to indulge" socialist "fantasies," he wrote in reaction to Sorondo's comments, "requires something approaching a psychotic detachment from reality." Moreover, he added, they "inevitably implicate the pope he serves, and cast doubt not only on the prudence of the Vatican’s current attempts at a démarche with [China]...but on the integrity of the Holy See."

The Dictator Pope is not for turning, however. China's totalitarian temper suits his own. And so, thanks to his lead — at once immoral, cruel, and venal (through acquiescence in the persecution of Catholics involving reportedly massive Chinese kickbacks, to service Vatican debt and who knows what else) — the Church is paying the same stiff price as everyone else with a snout in China's money trough.

Catholic anchor

It is difficult for the normal and decent to comprehend this bewildering admiration and promotion of totalitarian control and the disdain for human life it engenders. Its myriad manifestations on the flimsy pretext of Covid (—the sudden eager transition of police into brutal Brownshirts, to cite just one shocking example) has finally alerted many to dark agendas they had never imagined, never mind pondered. But they should also understand its less obvious trickle-down effect on Western electorates.

Certainly, disinterest in the recent Winter Olympics hosted by China was a sign of hope. Doubtless Francis, Sorondo and the entire curia were glued to their TV for the duration (— did they cadge a Sky Sports package from their buddy Xi, the "great moral leader"? I think we should be told.) Outside the Vatican City bubble, however, viewer-ratings tanked. After all, if serial murderer Ted Bundy hosted a barbeque, then how many neighbours might attend? Happily, very many did not care to watch a Winter Olympics hosted by homicidal ChiComs.

So, you still can't fool all the people all of the time. Deo gratias. And yet... While Chamath Palihapitiya generalises he does not wildly exaggerate when he says "the rest of us don't care" about Communist atrocities.

Polls regularly reveal the broad swathe of dumbed-down, brainwashed Western youth who favour socialist and communist governance, or at very least do not view it unfavourably. Corporate executives like Peter Walker and Palihapitiya speak not just on behalf of the amoral corporate world, it seems, but for pragmatic Western electorates long cut adrift from Christ and His Church.

Alas, as the useful-idiocy of Archbishop Sorondo and the ensuing article confirm, the masses are unlikely to be thrown a moral, doctrinal or liturgical anchor by a Vatican that has made common cause with China in particular and Marxism in general. Under this heretical, hyper-political pontiff, the proper relations of Church and State are being muddied as Catholic social teachings are inverted and trashed along with everything else.

We do well, therefore, to set forth the truth of the Church's authority and role vis-à-vis the State as willed by God (all human efforts to spoil that sublime complementary balance notwithstanding). To that end, we commence in this edition a series which will enlighten and affirm the reader amid the current confusion and extreme polarisation within and without. Not least in providing Catholic context and meaning to shorthand socio-political terms like "patriotism," "individualism" "nationalism" and the like, so often understood in a secular light.

Although comprising Catholic study papers delivered during a conference held in 1935, the topicality and relevance of their content is striking. Even more so in light of the rise of Nazi Germany at that time; a totalitarian menace mirrored today in the rising surveillance state of the Chinese Communist-Deep State Capitalist alliance, and its global web of unaccountable technocrats led by Klaus Schwab, the son of a Nazi-engineer no less. The shameless disregard with which the coercive gene-therapy experiment masquerading as mass 'vaccination' is shredding the Nuremberg Code and other protective post-war moral and ethical Agreements not only justifies the totalitarian parallel, its underscores the dogged intent.

Perfect diabolic storm

Don't be fooled. The implacable quest for technocratic hegemony rolls on.

The most welcome relief provided by the current lifting of many Covid restrictions in some nations, including the UK, must be viewed in a realistic light: not as a victory but a lull — a respite that we hope will lead on to ever greater exposure and total expulsion of the underlying evil. For without that final and definitive resolution we will remain forever on tenterhooks, awaiting further lockdowns and next-level technocratic tyranny amid intermittent periods of calm; not unlike that experienced by the German people during the 1930s, as the storm clouds gathered.

Caution is especially necessary given the continued jabbing of zero-risk British children, and the deepening vax-controls still ruining lives and livelihoods across the Channel and elsewhere.

Even as we count our local blessings, the plight of the peoples of Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and other sorely oppressed countries and American states should give us pause. For these citizens, Yuri Bezmenov's blunt depiction of a Marxist takeover remains palpable. "If you're not scared by now," said the ex-KGB propagandist, describing the demoralisation phase of that process, "nothing can scare you."

There are burgeoning signs that "humanity is withdrawing its consent from government tyrants all over the world," as some reasonably claim. It is also true that when faced with a galvanised populace the elites often retreat with surprising speed. But, only to bide their time. They have far too much invested in a globally centralised transhuman future to change direction.

Like David Rockefeller, prominent central banker Paul Warburg was never shy of grandiose proclamations. He once declared on behalf of his brethren: "We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by consent or conquest." More precisely, to be a slave, or not to be a slave: that is his (purely rhetorical) question.

Having spent so much time, effort and money turning science-fiction into Frankenstein-fact, the one certainty in an uncertain world is that the Rockefellers, Warburgs, J.P. Morgans, will intensify their efforts to bring their dystopian Prison Planet to fruition.

While we pray, hope and work always for deliverance from these megalomaniacs, sooner or later we must expect them to launch further false flags attacks of equal or even greater magnitude and inhumanity than ChiComDS-19 — viral, financial, environmental, cyber, military... whatever facilitates, or distracts from, their darks deeds.

In his 1973 paean to China, David Rockefeller gave advanced notice of this unyielding pursuit of total control. Looking back from our vantage point of the Covid coup, two of his warnings stand out.

Firstly, his statement of admiration that "Enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly from the singleness of ideology and purpose."

And secondly, against all humanity and sanity, his declaration that "The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership, is one of the most important and successful in human history."

The chilling conclusion to his China travelogue, this maniacal assertion assumes even greater significance before the global expansion of said "social experiment" through a virus manufactured in his favourite nation in cahoots with his favourite industry; which nexus — between the Chinese political template and the eugenic movement equally beloved by the Family from Hell — constitutes the perfect diabolic storm. For, it was the Rockefellers who founded the pharmaceutical cartel over a century ago, imbuing the Big Pharma syndicate with the eugenic spirit now manifest in a coercive gene-therapy experiment being perpetrated on the entire human race.

The UN building in New York – built on Rockefeller land and fronted by this statue:
a man wielding a hammer and holding a sickle-shaped sword, as if to underline the
family’s public admiration for the total power and control afforded by Communism.
The brutal figure is even more ominous now that China controls UN agencies like the WHO. 



None of this is to lose sight of the constant stream of good news, reported outside fearmongering mainstream outlets, which tells us everything is still to play for!

As Melissa MacKenzie conveys in her spirited summary of the American landscape, a time of electoral reckoning draws nigh for the Covid enablers in America as everywhere. Unfortunately for the Davos crew, even as their weaponised press continues to dismiss and demonise the popular mass resistance being mounted worldwide against crushing 'vaccine' mandates and passports, alternative media continues to counter the orchestrated blackout. Its reportage of the 'dissident' Canadian truckers and their brave stand throughout the country could not be more important.

The truckers have shown up the fear of the establishment, galvanising opposition to bought-and-paid-for PM Justin Trudeau (who sought to characterise them as swastika flag wavers, even as his state media labelled them Russian agents!). In the process, they have pressured the provincial governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Prince Edward Island, among others, into lifting their local mandates.

To cite just one of many other huge freedom protests: on 12 February Australians descended on Canberra en masse. Well over a million vehicles entered the city and surrounds in the week leading up, far exceeding normal traffic. If just a third of the vehicles carried 2-3 protestors, then the numbers dwarfed the entire population of the small city! The Federal Police Commissioner himself admitted it was the biggest protest he'd ever witnessed. And yet, as Reignite Democracy Australia noted in the aftermath: "The disgraceful Australian media performed its now familiar job of lying and distorting. Newspaper reports said that there were only 10-20,000 people there; one outlet even said only 4,000. A glance at the aerial shots indicates how dishonest that is." 

Truth is power!

The fate of the West hinges on this battle for objective, factual reportage.

It is a fearful state of affairs.

Yet if the times are scary, as Bezmenov forewarned, the spine-stiffening answer to the problem of intimidation and lies is always within our grasp: to insist upon the truth.

And since the Covid Stasi will only stop when we stop them, let each within their own sphere of influence, great or small, continue to expose this naked totalitarian coup, until the number of righteous truth-tellers becomes overwhelming. Praying always that, as in Catholic Poland, the Holy Spiritwill bless and guide this righteous resistance unto the collapse of the socialist New World Disorder long cherished and relentlessly pursued.

Pray, too, that the Dictator Pope and his rebellious Modernist cohorts will repent, or depart. For, afflicted with the China Syndrome and drawn to its warped utopian vision like prideful moths to a revolutionary flame, they imperil both Church and State; their thunderous "Non serviam!" echoing the cry of the Luciferian elites, who would dethrone God, and enslave us all.

Faith! Freedom!


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