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The irony: today, Vatican II critics like PiusX support most of Vatican II, while its neo-modernist "defenders" do not. - Rao Francis' Pontificate Is the Worst In History

Francis has created clear fronts between those who are for us and those who are against us, New York historian John Rao told at Italy's Roman Forum (video below).

For Rao, creating this clarity is the only good thing about Francis. Otherwise, he says, this "is the absolute worst pontificate in the history of the Catholic Church - there's nothing to compare it to." Rao calls Francis and his tenure "an absolute disaster".

He explains that previous popes, who were bad because of their moral behaviour, would not have dreamed of "changing" doctrine, while now there are bishops who call this pontificate "the reign of pure arbitrariness".

Francis has done more than anyone else to destroy the authority of Peter and has replaced it with "a personal despotism that has absolutely no limits" while ignoring canon law.

On Traditionis Custodes, Rao notes that in the Archdiocese of New York, as in many other dioceses, there has been no real change. In the US, three dioceses show a special hatred for the Roman Mass: Chicago (Cupich), Washington (Gregory) and St Augustine, Florida (Pohlmeier).

For Rao, it's clear that Francis' attempt to return to the 1970s is failing: "We're never going back to private little living rooms and hotels." Back then, many still thought the bishops would take care of the problems, "today we know better."

Rao calls the Vatican bankrupt and incapable of enforcing obedience. Since Vatican II (1962-65), there has been a history of ignoring what comes out of Rome, "They won't drive us back into the catacombs."

He calls Francis' attempt to reaffirm the Second Vatican Council an absurdity: "What do people support about Vatican II who claim to support Vatican II?" he asks.

The irony: today, Vatican II critics like PiusX support most of Vatican II, while its neo-modernist "defenders" do not.


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