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Strange: Mark Millward JANUARY 21, 2023 AT 7:10 PM There are only two Catholic websites that I visit everyday: and I am disappointed that Ann Barnhardt thus far, appears to have forsworn her former desire for truth

There are only two Catholic websites that I visit everyday: and

Ann has laid great store in Canon Law in determining where truth lies in the Munus / Ministerium distinction. If she is to be consistent, she ought to be pursuing the same route of Canon Law and juridical norms in the present interregnum, and be prepared to debate with all who present an at least plausible case.

The editor of FromRome lays out what appear to be unarguable Canon Law and juridical facts in the above review which impress for their precision, anticipation of objections and painstaking elucidation of the hierarchy of right drawn from Canon Law, juridical custom and apostolic right. The editor’s words have the plain ring of truth. I am not a Canon lawyer, just a pew sitter with Myers Briggs personality type ESTJ, someone in other words who is by nature inclined to want to follow truth to its absolute logical conclusions, no matter where they lead.

So, I am disappointed that Ann Barnhardt thus far, appears to have forsworn her former desire for truth and has descended to the level of common, logically fallacious arguments of ad hominem and appeal to ridicule, apparently because she has disagreements with and complaints in regard to, the conduct of the editor of arising from his exploits in Ukraine amongst other matters. I share these concerns, but submit that they are utterly irrelevant to whether what the editor says is true.

It is regrettable that the future of the papacy has become mired in what should be minor controversies between on the one hand a fearless Amazonian warrior who appears to apply her brand of wisdom selectively and an irregular Franciscan brother who fell into the trap of appearing to war-monger because he lost sight of his true calling, which is faithfully manifested in his argumentation presented above.

At this rate we risk the wrath of God because we suffer from the modern, Internet Age disability of being “unable to get over ourselves”.

If what Brother Alexis writes above is not a true interpretation of Canon Law and juridical norms, I want to see and hear those arguments, not ad hominem attacks on his character.

Whilst I doubt that Ann reads this site, I hope that others, who know her may do so, and will communicate the need to engage with Brother Alexis’ arguments head on, rather than damning them by association, which is worse by far than ignoring them.

Let us not, at this vital juncture quake before Goliath, but let us take our sling and pebbles and step forth to battle. We must put aside our differences that God’s will may be done with our aid and not in our despite.


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