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Review: The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska John W. DeCamp

March 6, 2021

Here's my editorial on this book. No review. :-)

Well of course this book is shocking, disturbing and appalling. I'm upset, illogically furious, helplessly traumatized.

Daintily embedded in our postmodern clout, the reader can derive anything from it and it will be okay. Although the facts can scream to heaven and back, the outcome for the reader can be very different, depending on the personal background and ideas.

It just makes one think about the little people on the ground, the FBI agents, police officers, bodyguards, and then the victims, who do not stand a chance against the mighty and who can be easily 'removed' either by carefully selected grand juries, threats, intimidation, bribes, corrupt prosecutors withholding information, and many other things. Most often than not they have to choose between silence and the safety of themselves or their families. This was not the case with the author of this book. He decided to write a very dark chapter in history, come what may. For heaven's sake, he deserves five stars for that alone.

These events mostly played out in the 1980s, but the entire pattern of allegations, the people involved, the similarity of the stories of all the victims, not only then, but even as recent as the Jeffrey Epstein criminal case, not even mentioning Harvey Weinstein, present a very big fire, with smoke columns bursting out all over the planet. It's like a volcano being covered up again and again and again. What about the big uproar in Britain when the rot in the BBC was exposed and another sex scandal with under-age children saw the light.

My interest in this book started when I listened to an interview with a Dutch banker, who left the world of big money and politics and decided to expose the world he left behind. The behavioral patterns of all involved in the upper echelons of societies, corresponds once again with the evidence provided by the victims in this book. The same people involved. The same cover-ups, the same outcomes. The ex-banker is not connected to this book at all. It was just a coincidence to discover the book while following his story. The fact that child trafficking and sexual abuse surfaced in both experiences, was probably fate.

So yes, I want to puke. The thousands of children all over the world who are being ripped from their lives just destroy one's heart and soul. The most upsetting is how orphanages are being targeted for this diabolical, sick sycophant elite class.

As you know, I want to listen to people's stories. I want to read them too. This was one of those moments. Everyone should read it. Let me be honest here. I'm angry with the broken, corrupt legal systems of this world, fed-up with the corrupt pay-to-play media whores, and beyond furious with those who abuse the legal systems and little people to protect themselves and get away with it. I want to be a judge, get hold of these vile, ugly, sick perpetrators and turn them into eunuch slaves the sadistic way! Better yet, tie them to ant hills, throw syrup over them and watch them die slowly in the hot unrelenting sun.

You think that's cruel. I don't. Because what they did to innocent children's spirit and soul is much much worse.

Another book
The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse Betrayal by Nick Bryant

Interview with John W. DeCamp

Ex FBI Chief who started the investigation(just be patient until he start talking himself)

PS. I just saw this update on the Dutch banker, Ronald Bernardt, on Youtube. He was found dead.


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